Best Social Media Monitoring Tools79At the most basic level, social monitoring incorporates scanning the web for potential PR crises, identifying industry trends, gathering intelligence on competitors and identifying sales opportunities. But the quantity of data these tools return can be overwhelming. Many tools have filters to help remove noise, and some include sentiment analysis which helps to categorize comments into positive or negative categories, but this is still a somewhat inexact science. Tools are distinguished by the social channels covered and number of languages supported.Keyhole1 Data Intelligence8 Social Media Analytics10 Catch11Amobee Brand Intelligence12 Social Media13 Miner16 Social Listening17

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

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Social Media Monitoring Overview

What are Social Media Monitoring Tools?

Social media monitoring tools listen for brand-relevant conversations across social media. These include brand or competitor mentions, select keywords, and other signals. The results are presented via an alert system, RSS feed, or dashboard. Social media listening tools track customer sentiment and support reputation management initiatives.

Also known as social media listening, social media monitoring is a capability of most broader Social Media Management Suites. SMM suites span listening, publishing, engagement, and analytics. However, many specialist social media monitoring tools are used in tandem with SMM Suites. These specialty monitoring tools may track activity across one site (e.g Instagram), or support multi-measure analytics and tracking not possible using only one tool or suite.

Social Media Monitoring Features & Capabilities

Social media monitoring tools present the following capabilities of customer sentiment analysis and advanced search.

  • Keyword-based concept tracking

  • Competitor tracking & comparison

  • Domain monitoring & alerting

  • Backlink alerts

  • Author tracking and alerting

  • Sentiment analysis (e.g. natural language analysis)

  • Multi-language processing

  • Image detection & analysis

  • Boolean operators for search and query

  • Search filter

  • Segmentation (demographics, geolocation, channel, sentiment, etc)

  • Real-time alerts

  • Customizable alert triggers

  • Alert delivery via email, RSS, etc

  • Customizable reporting, report archiving, historicals

  • Data visualization & dashboard, social command center


Social media monitoring tools may cover a wide range of popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest. Additionally, listening tools may cover blogs (or particular bloggers), discussion boards, or other sites. Channel coverage is an important criteria to evaluate when choosing a social media monitoring tool. Social media monitoring tools are often included as part of SMMS. If they are standalone they may integrate with SMMS, as well as an Analytics tool, or CRM.

Pricing Information

Popular social media marketing tools are cloud services delivered on a subscription basis. Generally, lower tiers support single individuals or small teams with fewer alerts than advanced tiers. Lower tier plans generally track less mentions across fewer monitored sites than higher cost tiers.

Some SMM suite vendors present narrower, monitor focused feature sets at a low cost and expand to cover all Social Media Marketing functionality at higher tiers. Finally, a few vendors provide access to their own or 3rd party intelligence data via API at a cost, to improve analytics validity.

Social Media Monitoring Products

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ThoughtBuzz is a cloud based full stack social business platform that integrates social listening, social media marketing, social intelligence and social CRM. According to the vendor this solution is designed to help users drive a quick ROI with features such as one-click publish, an integrated d...

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Dataminr is an social analytics tool that analyzes the public Twitter stream looking for breaking news and emerging trends.

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score. is a complete social media monitoring suite that empowers businesses to harness the Social media platforms by monitoring, creating and publishing contents and analyzing the data to derive actionable insights. We are a group of social media management practitioners who are passio...

Social Data Intelligence is based on technology acquired with SM2, following its acquisition of Alterian in 2011. Alterian, in turn, had acquired the product from Techrigy in 2009. Social Data Intelligence (formerly SM2) is a listening platform which competes directly with Radian6 and Sysomos. ...

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Bottlenose is a real-time trend detection platform that helps clients capture critical events happening around their brand(s), competitors, industries, and audience and effectively act upon them in real-time to optimize marketing campaigns, mitigate potential threats,enhance consumer engagement, ...

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IBM is a global technology and innovation company headquartered in Armonk, NY. It is one of the largest technology and consulting employers in the world, with approximately 427,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries. IBM offers a wide range of technology and consulting services; a broad ...

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Amobee Brand Intelligence is a social listening tool that aims to help marketers gain a deeper understanding of consumer trends and sentiments through analysis of current and historical content consumption and sentiment from many channels across the web.

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Send Social Media is a solution for managing, monitoring, tracking and measuring marketing efforts. Users can post to over 30+ social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube, SlideShare and more! Users can also manage their entire email marketing campaign...

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Parllay is a brand and audience engagement platform driven by a customized knowledge engine and content management capability.

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Tweriod is a social media monitoring and listening tool that provides users with insights to gain maximum exposure for tweet timing.

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Linkfluence's Radarly is a social intelligence platform designed to help users listen and monitor the online space in a simple, easy to use interface that provides detailed insight into what's being said online. With over 300 million sources, 100 million publications and access to all major socia...

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Notified is an enterprise-level social listening tool.