How To Get More Reviews on TrustRadius

How does the review process work (quality control and timing)?

TrustRadius is committed to ensuring that our content is not only authentic, but of the highest possible value to our readers. We take the following steps:

  1. We authenticate every reviewer. Every reviewer is authenticated via their LinkedIn™ profile. We prohibit vendors from reviewing their own product or a competitor’s. We also validate that the reviewer’s LinkedIn™ credentials are legitimate.
  2. We guide reviewers with a series of questions. We believe that quality insights are best garnered through prompting reviewers with a series of questions. Reviewers can complete different facets of review based upon their time constraints, role and knowledge.
  3. Every review is vetted before publishing. Every submitted review is staged for review by a researcher before publishing. We check the review for comprehensibility, completeness and balance, identifying reviews that are either overly positive or negative without substantiation. We cannot/do not assess the validity of the facts because we can’t possibly have expertise in all the products being reviewed. For incomplete or unbalanced reviews, we ask the reviewer clarifying questions for them to expand their review before publishing. In some cases, we publish a review and prompt a reviewer to expand in a few key areas post publishing. Depending on whether we need to interface with the reviewers it can take from a few minutes to a few days for a review to go from “submitted” to “published”.
  4. A reviewer can update or augment his/her review at any time. In order to ensure that reviews remain relevant, we enable and encourage reviewers to update or add to their review over time. We maintain an audit history of changes.

How do I get more users to write a review on my product?

TrustRadius generates reviews independently of vendors in targeted areas through our own outreach efforts, and through our member community. Vendors are also encouraged to contact their client base to encourage them to write reviews. You can start by asking a few of your clients, but the broader the outreach, the more representative the reviews will be. Many vendors are embracing complete transparency and are contacting 100% of their client base either through email campaigns or by embedding the review process into their client engagement cycle.

Here are some suggested approaches:

  • Email campaigns. Contact us at and we can provide suggested email copy.
  • Promote your reviews in your social channels.
  • Create incentives, raffles, and contests for review submission (but do not tie to the review being positive).
  • Incent your account managers who talk to clients regularly.

Can I comment on reviews about my product?

Absolutely! We encourage you to comment on most reviews about your product. Just make sure to identify yourself as the vendor (i.e. keep a public profile). If the review has negative aspects, we recommend that you maintain a positive tone, graciously accept the feedback, and offer constructive advice. It could be that the user did not implement the product correctly or that there is a mismatch between the use case and the functionality of the product.