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System Monitoring Software Overview

What is System Monitoring Software?

Systems Monitoring Software is an umbrella term that includes individual system monitoring tools. These tools are designed to manage a company’s IT system in a centralized fashion and can be operated remotely. System monitoring software is a core offering of many managed server providers (MSP).

These tools perform a variety of more granular functions that fall under network and application monitoring. System monitoring tools also monitor a range of devices including servers, storage devices, desktop computers, printers, and mobile devices. All of these monitoring activities provide notifications for technicians when there is a network failure or system malfunction. They also are able to generate reports which analyze the system’s performance data.

Additionally, system monitoring software is used for:

  • Taking hardware and software inventory

  • Configuration management

  • Patch management

  • Security management (such as virus and spam filters)

  • Backup and restore capabilities

As such, this category of software includes many discrete sub-categories, each of which has its own lists of products. Products in this category may also overlap with other software categories such as IT Infrastructure Monitoring, Configuration Management, and SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools. Products listed in the system monitoring software category are generally portfolio products that perform a range of functions.

System Monitoring Software Features & Capabilities

Although individual products may have a different range of capabilities, these are some common system monitoring software features:


  • Remote monitoring

  • Network device monitoring

  • Multiple server monitoring

  • Multi-device monitoring

  • Automated alerts and notifications

Management Tasks

  • Patch Management

  • Service configuration management

  • Software and hardware inventory

  • Policy-based automation


  • Performance data reports

  • Customizable reporting

  • Data visualization

  • Risk analysis


  • Data backup and recovery

  • Antivirus and malware management

  • Administrative access control

System Monitoring Software Comparison

When considering different system monitoring tools, consider the following aspects of each product offering.
  1. Specific Features: System monitoring tools include features that cover a wide variety of tasks, including network monitoring and application monitoring. If your organization has specific needs in one of those two areas, closely consider how robust each system monitoring tool is in those areas. For some businesses, it may be ideal to use a fully-featured application monitoring tool or application monitoring tool.

  2. Deployment: System monitoring tools and RMM software can be deployed on-premise, on the cloud, or in a hybrid fashion. RMM software is usually cloud-based, while system monitoring tools can be deployed on-premise. When comparing system monitoring tools, consider what deployment is ideal for your business and what tools can provide that deployment.

  3. Security: System monitoring tools often come with security features like data backup and antivirus management. Not all system monitoring tools offer the same degree of protection. If your IT system contains sensitive data, consider system monitoring options with stronger security features.

Pricing Information

System monitoring, or RMM, software is typically priced on a monthly or annual subscription model, per device being monitored. Plans can start as low as $10 per device per month, and increase to $50 per device per month for enterprise level solutions.

Although most vendors do not disclose prices on their website, quotes are available upon request. Many vendors also offer free trial versions of their products.

System Monitoring Products

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Unitas Atlas

Unitas Atlas is a hybrid cloud and system monitoring solution provided as a standalone service or available as an add-on for customers of Unitas Global's infrastructural services.

HelpSystems Halcyon

Halcyon is remote monitoring and management (RMM) software solutions for MSPs acquired by HelpSystems in 2015. The Halcyon product suite is now supported by and available from HelpSystems.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management (formerly Cedexis)

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management synthetic monitoring (formerly Cedexis) is a real-time tool that tracks and analyzes the health of the underlying system resources. With it the user gains actionable synthetic monitoring data no matter what’s happening within a dynamic infrastructure.…

Eggplant Customer Experience Insight (CXI)

Eggplant Customer Experience Insights (CXI) helps increase engagement, conversions, and revenue by analyzing and optimizing digital experience in production. CXI works by monitoring everything about products' digital experience from user behavior and conversions to performance and…


Netdata is distributed, real-time, performance and health monitoring for systems and applications. It is an optimized monitoring agent that the user installs on all systems and containers, which instantly provides broad insights for health and performance troubleshooting via…

Sematext Synthetics

Sematext Synthetics allows users to monitor availability and performance of a website and APIs by simulating business-critical user journeys. Sematext notifies users when checks fail. They describe their solution as easy to set up with nothing to install, and nothing to maintain,…

Sematext Cloud

The vendor presents Sematext Cloud is an all-in-one observability solution for modern-day software-based companies that provides key insights into front-end and back-end performance. Sematext encompasses infrastructure, real user & synthetic monitoring, transaction tracing and…

Bradmark Surveillance DB

Bradmark Surveillance™ is designed to enable IT operations to effectively collect, manage and oversee simple to complex performance data across the enterprise. The vendor states it provides tangible business value by minimizing unplanned downtime, meeting SLAs, reducing resource…

sendQuick onCloud

sendQuick onCloud is a systems availability monitoring and notification management platform for the cloud. It works with public cloud services to monitor systems, applications, services, and networks and flags up issues only to staff on duty. How does it work? sendQuick onCloud…


CyberFortress headquartered in San Antonio offers insurtech: an ecommerce outage insurance service. It monitors ecommerce websites and alerts users to any downtime detected. Once confirmed the service creates a claim, and it begins making payments within 24 hours via ACH. Payments…


Aporia is a machine learning production monitoring platform to build models optimized to individual's cases and data.