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Best Time Tracking Software include:

Toggl, TSheets, Teamwork Projects, Harvest, Ceridian Dayforce, and Kronos Workforce Ready.

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Time Tracking Software Overview

What is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software applications are used to record and analyze employee, contractor and consultant time spent on jobs and tasks. These applications will often include the capability to generate invoices based on the time spent on client-related activities. Some HR management platforms , workforce management software and project management software products have a robust time tracking component and are therefore included in this category. Some examples are:

At a basic level, they track employee names with dates/times worked, replacing paper timesheets and/or expense reports. Depending on the complexity of the tool - whether it is designed for freelancers, small teams, or large hierarchical organizations - it may track additional parameters. These can include pay rate, location, department, project, etc.

More complex tools may also offer project management features, and/or integrations with third-party software such as:

  • project management

  • professional services automation

  • expense management

  • CRM

  • Payroll

  • accounting systems

Mobile functionality is especially important for tracking employee time at multiple locations, or with remote workers and contractors.

Use Cases Based on Company Size

Time tracking products designed for use by freelancers frequently include timers, notifications, or productivity reports designed to help them manage their time efficiently. These tools also give individuals the ability to create simple invoices and collect payments through the app.

Time tracking products designed for teams usually include reports to help managers understand how employee time is spent, generate accurate project estimates, and allocate resources.

Time tracking products designed for enterprise-size companies usually include policy compliance mechanisms, to enforce company policies about overtime, expenses, etc. They also typically integrate to payroll software for more accurate, automatic project-based payments.

Features & Capabilities

Not all vendors offer the same breadth of features, however, these are some common time tracking software capabilities:

  • Employee time tracking

  • Employee scheduling

  • Employee GPS tracking

  • Employee paid time off (PTO) tracking

  • Automated employee reminders

  • Overtime tracking and alerts

  • Time-per-task analysis

  • Project tracking

  • Reporting

  • Invoice generation

  • Mobile application

  • Integrations (e.g. with payroll, accounting, and HR management software)

  • Labor law compliance

Pricing Information

Most vendors offer a free trial of their product which typically lasts between 14 days and one month. Time tracking solutions are priced on a monthly subscription model, per active user. Prices for plans generally range between $5 and $15 per month per user.

However, larger HR management, workforce management, or project management software suites may be more expensive than time tracking point solutions.

Time Tracking Products

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Deltek TrafficLIVE
10 ratings
8 reviews
Deltek’s TrafficLIVE is a cloud-based agency management software solution. The vendor says that the solution provides unmatched visibility into an agency’s entire business; improves business processes and drives efficiency that sets an agency up for success and increased profitability. TrafficLIVE i…
22 ratings
7 reviews
TimeCamp is cloud based, multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) time tracking and invoicing software.
12 ratings
7 reviews
Easy time tracking software with features like screenshots, activity monitoring, automatic payroll, advanced reports, real time tracking and GPS. Both online and offline tracking capabilities. Also available for Apple, Windows, Linux and iOS. Integrates with 30+ popular tools, like Trello, Asana, Po…
10 ratings
6 reviews
ClickTime is a time tracking platform from the company of the same name in San Francisco, California that may include expense tracking and light project management capabilities via modules and add-ons.
10 ratings
6 reviews
ProofHub is a SaaS based project management software from ProofHub LLC in Walnut, CA. It is an online project management and collaboration tool that comes with integrated Group chat, quick Discussions on projects, Workflows and boards, Project reports, among other features. Document (e.g. Excel, Pow…
17 ratings
6 reviews
Unanet is project management software offered on-premise or in the cloud. Features include resource planning, skills management, budgeting, forecasting, time tracking, expense reporting, billing, revenue recognition, and project status and performance reporting. The company says they have 1,000 cust…
4 ratings
4 reviews
SherpaDesk is a help desk / ticketing platform with time tracking, invoice generation, and business intelligence capabilities.
7 ratings
4 reviews
Clockify offers their free and unlimited time tracking tool for teams and freelancers, used to keep track of employee timesheets and billable hours, project progress, reports, and schedules. Track time using a timer or log hours manually in a timesheet. The vendor states that Clockify is ideal for…
5 ratings
4 reviews
Shiftboard offers a full-service employee scheduling software solution targeted for industries as diverse as hospitality and security to event planning and business services. This solution enables companies to manage employee schedules across job sites, geographies, and different employee types. …
TimeClock Plus
9 ratings
4 reviews
TimeClock Plus is a time tracking and attendance solution from Data Management Incorporated (DMI) in San Angelo, Texas. The Express edition is targeted at small businesses, Standard and Pro at larger businesses, and finally TimeClock Plus OnDemand is a complete cloud-based solution.
8 ratings
4 reviews
Deputy is a web-based workforce manager solution. Deputy is designed to help users simplify their scheduling, timesheets, tasking, employee communication and administrative tasks. It includes various apps and one click payroll integration that aim to make workforce management easier.
16 ratings
4 reviews
From Ascentis, NOVAtime is a set of workforce management solutions that scale with business growth. NOVAtime aims to ensure that businesses are never limited in their workforce management needs. With NOVAtime, businesses have a partner to fulfill timekeeping, payroll, leave management, and employee …
4 ratings
3 reviews
Tracksmart is a time and attendance option from the small Florida company of the same name.
2 ratings
2 reviews
DATABASICS Time aims to put mid-market to enterprise organizations in firm control of employee labor activity. The vendor says employee activity is vital to processes like payroll, HR, cost accounting, project accounting, billing, compliance, and more. Additionally, the vendor says DATABASICS Time l…
2 ratings
2 reviews
Planday is online and mobile employee scheduling software designed to help shift-based businesses plan and communicate shifts, manage absences and leave, simplify hour registration, and streamline their payroll processes. Planday also facilitates simple team communication across the organization via…
5 ratings
2 reviews
Calamari is a workforce management software system offered by Chrobrus.
Replicon TimeAttend
12 ratings
2 reviews
Replicon TimeAttend is a time-tracking solution that is designed to integrate with an organization's existing HR and payroll systems. Some key features include: time and capture approvals, overtime management, absence management, and real-time reporting.
Advanced Time Management Attendance on Demand
4 ratings
2 reviews
Advanced Time Management headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan offers Attendance on Demand, their cloud-based time and attendance option.
2 ratings
2 reviews
TMetric is a free and user-friendly online time tracker designed for freelancers and teams of any size.With TMetric users can: set budgets for their projects; set rates on any task, client, project or team member; create tags and set them to any task; see their workday on a timeline; get detailed ti…
6 ratings
2 reviews
Stratustime is a time tracking and attendance management software platform offered by nettime solutions, a Paychex company (since the 2014 acquisition).
2 ratings
1 reviews
FingerCheck is a web-based time and attendance solution. Some key features include: Data Processing, Flexible Viewing Methods and Time Cards and Payroll Integration.
1 ratings
1 reviews
WaspTime from Wasp Barcode Technologies headquartered in Plano, Texas is a time and attendance solution.
1 ratings
1 reviews
Timeneye is a time tracking and attendance offering from the small software company of the same name.
1 ratings
1 reviews
Zilicus is an enterprise-level project management solution with capabilities such as meeting management, risk management, and collaboration.
Output Time
1 ratings
1 reviews
Output Time is a collaboration tool that bundles Project management, Time tracking, Invoicing, Team Collaboration and Expenses Management etc. It is available as Online and Self-Hosted Project Management versions.