Prabhjyot Singh

Prabhjyot Singh
Member for 4 years
TitleOperations Manager
Job TypeProject Manager
DepartmentCustomer Service
IndustryLegal Services
Size1001-5000 employees


ProductExperienceLevel of Expertise
SAP Ariba Contract Management
4 years
EraCLM (formerly ContractRoom)
2 years
SAP Ariba Procurement
3 years
Cisco UCS Series
Cisco Business Edition 7000
Microsoft Teams
3 years
Azure VPN Gateway
3 years
Zendesk Sell (formerly Base CRM)
SAP CLM (formerly CallidusCloud CLM), discontinued
Onyx CRM
2 years
SAP Extension Suite
2 years
Pigeon Messengr
1 year


Trailblazer- ContractRoom
Pundit- Density Optimized Servers
Pundit- Rack Servers
Pundit- Collaboration
Pundit- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Trailblazer- SAP Contract Lifecycle Management
Pundit- Contract Management
Pundit- Business Process Automation
Pundit- Business Rules Management
Pundit- Chatbot
Pundit- Digital Experience
Pundit- Low-Code Development
Pundit- Mobile App Development
Pundit- Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Pundit- Workflow

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