Team Lead in Information Technology at an Information Technology & Services company with 10,001+ employees

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Job TypeTeam Lead
DepartmentInformation Technology
IndustryInformation Technology & Services
Size10,001+ employees


ProductExperienceLevel of Expertise
5 years
Azure DevOps Server
5 years
JFrog Artifactory
3 years


Pundit- Agile Development
Pundit- Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
Pundit- Application Performance Management (APM)
Pundit- Application Security
Pundit- Build Automation
Pundit- Continuous Delivery
Pundit- DevSecOps
Pundit- Feature Management
Pundit- Observability
Pundit- Code Review
Pundit- Release Management
Pundit- Software Distribution
Pundit- Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
Pundit- Version Control

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