How Gainsight Uses TrustRadius to Accelerate Their Deal Cycles

January 27th, 2016
lauren-olerich-gainsightLauren Olerich is the Director of Demand & Customer Marketing at Gainsight, a customer success SaaS platform for B2B enterprises. She talks about how they are using reviews to accelerate deal cycles and manage requests for references. She also gives us insights into their quarterly goals for reviews and ratings, plus how their sales reps used the reviews in competitive deal cycles as a social proof point.

Why did Gainsight decide to invest in reviews?

We’ve noticed a trend where more and more people are going online to do their own research on software products rather than filling out a “Contact Us” form. They are using sites like Yelp in their personal lives and they are carrying over that behavior at work. Having peer reviews available makes that process frictionless for them, while allowing us to showcase ourselves against the other solutions in our space.

We also wanted to reduce the time it takes to conduct sales references. If a prospect is asking for a reference it can sometimes take a week (or longer!) to organize the perfect reference call and get onto a customer’s calendar. Instead, we can point the prospect to our listing on TrustRadius and they can read 20+ great reviews. It saves us a lot of time and, most importantly, can accelerate deal cycles.

How does your sales team leverage reviews on TrustRadius?

Our sales reps use TrustRadius reviews in competitive deal cycles as a social proof point to showcase Gainsight’s market leadership and how we compare to other Customer Success solutions in our space.

They also use reviews as a supplement for sales references. Some reps still prefer for us to set up reference calls, but others understand that if they go that route, it could take more time. We  encourage them to point prospects to the reviews so they can discover first-hand the value our customers are realizing using Gainsight.

How did you acquire 74 reviews and ratings in just a few months?

We launched the program in May at our annual industry event, Pulse Conference. During the Customer 360 session, we sent an automated email to attendees, requesting them to give us a rating on the spot. We secured more than 35 ratings, and then TrustRadius worked on converting them into full reviews afterwards.

Post conference, we prioritized working with TrustRadius to contact Gainsight customers who were in a “post launch” stage on our platform, were at healthy accounts, and had strong adoption numbers.

Last quarter our ratings goal was 15. We achieved 21 ratings — 10 full reviews and 11 single ratings, which was great. We now have 25 reviews and more than 70 ratings.

The next step for us, in addition to working with TrustRadius on growing the number of reviews and ratings, is to re-engage current reviewers to ask them to expand their reviews, to comment on specific features, and update ratings in areas where our product has improved.

We also plan to leverage the TrustRadius review syndication widget by sharing compelling review snippets, sorted by use case and industry, on our recently redesigned website.

What is the importance of reviews to Gainsight as a company?

Peer reviews are incredibly important. We value our customers and all aspects of feedback that we can get from them is extremely valuable.

For example, we do NPS surveys regularly and everyone in the company looks at the survey responses. We now do the same with reviews. The whole company sees each review when we post new ones on Chatter.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend the TrustRadius review program to your peers?

10. We believe in your approach and that what you’re doing is very valuable to companies. You’ve helped us reach our goals faster by working in tandem with us. In particular, it’s been wonderful to have Patrick Hansen, your Program Director, guiding us through the process, helping us achieve our review goals, and providing recommendations on how to process feedback from the reviews.