How customer voice
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Discover how authentic user reviews power B2B tech marketing

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*This article was updated on July 29, 2019 based on new data from the TrustRadius team* Let me start by explaining…

Funding will expand footprint in Austin headquarters and continue to grow trusted review network  AUSTIN, Texas, July 23, 2019 — TrustRadius,…

New research confirms professionals are more skeptical of information online when it appears in a context with ads. Online ads diminish…

We at TrustRadius are pleased to announce that we’ve been named one of Austin’s Best Places to Work by the Austin…

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Research Manager

Emily Sue Tomac

Emily Sue Tomac is Research Manager at TrustRadius, where she studies reviews, the buying process, and buyers themselves. Her research aims to arm people buying software at work with the tools and information they need to work better, smarter, and easier. She's on a mission to tell their stories, and drive change in how software is bought and sold. Prior to joining TrustRadius, Emily Sue worked on research in linguistics and the digital humanities.

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VP of Research

Megan Headley

Megan leads Research at TrustRadius, whose mission is to ensure TrustRadius delivers high quality, useful and, above all, trustworthy user feedback to help prospective software buyers make more informed decisions. Before joining TrustRadius, Megan was Director of Sales and Marketing at Stratfor, where she was in charge of growing the company’s B2C revenue stream through email marketing and other channels. She enjoys traveling, reading, and hiking.

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