Congratulations, you're being recognized for 2020 Tech Cares!

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed how people, companies, and communities interact with each other. You have been chosen as one of the B2B tech providers who has risen to the occasion and provided ways to assist and support employees, clients, and communities above the call of duty.


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Tech Cares Email Signature

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Click the link below to navigate to our provided Press Release template free for you to use fully or as a starting point in your PR process of promoting the Tech Cares Award. Check our FAQs below for more information on our citation policy.

About the Tech Cares Award:

The COVID-19 pandemic has also given so many companies the opportunity to rise to the occasion by providing outstanding services above and beyond the call of duty.  While many B2B focused on keeping their business above the rising tides other B2B tech providers looked for ways to assist and support their employees, clients, and communities.

In response, TrustRadius wanted to take this opportunity to recognize those companies with our newest nomination based award, the 2020 Tech Cares Award.  This award celebrates these companies who have demonstrated their service, consideration, and compassion to their professional, local, and global communities in 2020. This award recognizes those organizations that have exemplified one of TrustRadius’s core values, being human, in the face of the global crisis.

We’ve seen companies show how they most importantly Care in a variety of ways and want to take this opportunity to recognize those acts, big and small, with a 2020 Tech Cares Recognition. You have all been inspirational to us as we ourselves navigate these COVID times.

Award winners were chosen in two ways. One was through nominations provided through our survey then vetted by our Research Team. The second way was through review specific content who referenced working with specific products during the pandemic and how they provided services above and beyond.

About TrustRadius:

TrustRadius is the fastest growing, most trusted customer voice and insights platform that helps tech buyers make great decisions and helps technology vendors acquire and retain great customers. Each month, over 1 million B2B technology buyers use verified reviews and ratings on to make informed purchasing decisions. Headquartered in Austin, TX, TrustRadius was founded by successful entrepreneurs and is backed by Next Coast Ventures, Mayfield Fund, and LiveOak Venture Partners.

TrustRadius Citation Policy:

Badge Use:
Vendors can use the 2020 Tech Cares badge freely on their own sites, in a press release, on a blog, in email, on social media, and in sales material. We ask that you do not change the badge’s shape, color, or wording. The award allows vendors to share social proof with their prospects based on the authentic voice of real users.

Blog Posts & Press Releases:
If you do plan on writing up your own announcements we ask that you follow the below guidelines. Find our 2020 Tech Cares Award press release template here. We’ll gladly provide a custom quote from our VP of Research for your release or blog, a quote from the nominator, or a quote from the review in which this award was decided on. Please request a quote via the 2020 Tech Cares quote request form so we can get it to you in a timely fashion. You will not be asked to approve releases and announcements this year but we will be heavily policing them and are prepared to provide cease and desist requests when seeing fit. To avoid these violations please use the guidelines below:

  • I agree to not mention third parties (our competitors, other review services or analyst firms, or others) without written permission from TrustRadius.
  • I agree to not mention my own competitors in my own announcements.
  • I agree to not release that I am a Tech Cares Award Winner until after the public announcement has been made on the TrustRadius website 9/23 10 AM CST.
  • I agree to not tamper with the badge shape, color, or wording.