TrustRadius Intent Data

87% of buyers want to self-serve part or all of their buying journey. [B2B Buying Disconnect]

57% of buyers already make decisions without ever talking with a vendor. [CEB]

B2B buyers are not entirely up-front with you. 

So how do you get in on those conversations leading to a buying decision? And in a fully remote world where nearly 100% of B2B buying has shifted to be digital? How do you understand their unsaid behavior?

There is a ton of buyer activity happening on TrustRadius every single day. Well over 1 million people visit to figure out the right tech solution to help tackle their challenge. They do a number of things on the site, which then generates valuable behavioral data. Our data scientists and engineers turn those data into signals. They are clues to predicting where the visitor is in their buying process and to predict what they will likely do next. 

Unlike most other sources of intent data out there, TrustRadius intent signals are much more relevant, actionable, and downstream – at least that’s how some of our customers describe it. 

As a tech vendor, you can’t afford to ignore these signals. These kinds of insights give a powerful competitive advantage in today’s crowded market. You can get insight into when buyers are – 

  1. Shopping your category and looking at your competitors, but not you 
  2. Taking a closer look at your products – reading reviews, looking at your pricing, or clicking CTAs
  3. Comparing your products to your competitors side-by-side

I see this data more as a valuable part of the intent puzzle because it is toward the end of the buying cycle… if someone is reading reviews and comparing us to people, we see it as an account in decision to purchase.

Alex McWethy

Sr. Manager, Demand Gen, Watchguard Technologies

TrustRadius intent data provides compelling insights at the account-level, and helps marketers:


Enhance ABM success – timing & more targeted ads on LinkedIn

Improve lead scoring models – prioritize by frequency or importance of activity


Create new target account lists for outbound and drive revenue.


Help sales with personalized plays to close open opportunities active on TrustRadius

Other ways to make the most of intent signals:

  • Personalize messaging on chatbots and websites to increase conversion
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities with current customers
  • Re-engage customers with potential churn risk

How the Salesforce Connector Puts Insights Where You Need It

Filter by company size, industry, or activities to focus on the right accounts.

Zoom in to map behavior predictive of moving to the next step in purchase.

Activity records provide valuable insights on account activity.

Powerful reporting tools to feed and activate your strategy.

Helpful alerts via chatter, email, notifications, and tasks.

I never would’ve expected in a million years the traffic and matched accounts TrustRadius has for higher ed – our best performing market! The new visibility is really valuable.

Evan Luke

Director of Revenue Ops, VanillaSoft

 TrustRadius vs G2 intent data

Two of the main providers of downstream intent data are TrustRadius and G2. So how do you make a choice? The short answer is you don’t have to. Both platforms attract very different audiences due to the nature of their content. That said, you don’t always have budget and need to start with one before you adopt another. 

Intent data is generated when your audience interacts with your platform and your content. So any difference between TrustRadius intent data and G2’s is based on those three things. Let’s take a closer look – 

Audience: TrustRadius attracts significantly more enterprise audiences than G2. A lot of their traffic is generated by general-interest driven by their helpful Learning Hub. In a nutshell, the audience on is typically bigger companies, closer to the point of purchase.

Product: This is an area TrustRadius is strong with a robust set of features designed to deliver value for an enterprise audience, and continues to grow by extracting signals from platform features like ‘save to list’, ‘invite others to this list’, etc. (coming soon).

Content: TrustRadius generates reviews 4x longer than most other B2B review platforms. Reviews are on average 400+ words, while G2’s average about 90 words. This generates deeper and more predictive intent signals to drive action. The signals are much more reliable.

How to enhance your intent data on TrustRadius

Intent data is an outcome of the review content you have and continue to generate on TrustRadius. With a strong source of 2nd party intent, especially review platforms like TrustRadius, the more you invest in developing content and interactions through reviews, the more activity and insight you get. 

TrustRadius helps you jumpstart and fuel your review program, and drive up the insights you can gain from the intent data for your products. Remember, good content drives better intent. That said, you can access valuable intent signals within your product category before you invest in building up your own review content.

Don’t be left out of buying decisions and let your best prospects slip away.