ABM & Pipeline Generation

Improve your acquisition and retention

Get the detailed intel you need to sharpen your account based marketing outreach and keep the high-intent leads flowing into your funnel.

Pinpoint the perfect buyer
buyer engagement strategy

Get access to downstream intent data that’s more granular, more complete and more actionable. Data that gives you the detailed insights you need for highly-targeted outreach that pays back dividends. Data that’s not muddied with blog traffic or other low-quality sources. And that integrates easily with your CRM, ABM platform, and other marketing software. So you can optimize your targeting and acquisition strategy and improve ROI across all of your channels.

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More opportunities
We found 3 new enterprise opportunities in 3 weeks with intent data.
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More conversions
Our intent ads had a 2x lift across the board, beating every benchmark.
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Better retention
2 alerts in Gainsight from intent data resulted in a net retention of 122%.

Get the detailed intel you need to win

Get instant insight into which buyers are researching you, your competitors and your category on TrustRadius. See which pages they’re visiting and which features they’re looking at. Use this intel to deliver the right message to the right buyers at the right time. Win more deals.

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Stop churn in its tracks

TrustRadius downstream intent data is your best friend when it comes to retaining customers at the most critical time: when they’re considering other solutions. Instantly see which of your current customers are researching other solutions or looking into additional product capabilities. Engage them with targeted outreach to prevent churn and capture more upsell opportunities.

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Druva salvaged three renewals by contacting customers who were ready to churn and helping them resolve their issues.

Integrate to boost your cross-platform results

TrustRadius downstream intent data integrates seamlessly with leading marketing platforms. Supercharge your Salesforce outreach. Amplify your ABM through demandbase and 6sense. And much more.

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Target and engage your ideal buyers with TrustRadius

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