Build brand awareness & preference

Let customer voice tell your brand story

What is the story you want to tell your ideal buyer? Hint: If it’s not based on the voice of your customers it’s falling flat. Easily use customer voice to tell your story so your buyers researching you on TrustRadius will listen.

Build a narrative
that sells

Create an award-winning brand narrative through user reviews. You don’t need a large volume of reviews to achieve this—just useful ones. The kind that gets the attention of our 1,000,000+ unique monthly buyers. And the kind that gets prospects off the fence and raising their hand. 

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B2B tech buyers actively researching on TrustRadius
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Only 20%
Buyer audience overlap with G2
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Of TrustRadius buyers plan to purchase within 3 months

Customer proof points that actually move the needle

The short, generic user reviews found on most review sites don’t differentiate your solution. The in-depth, vetted, and highly credible reviews on TrustRadius do. The average TrustRadius user review is over 400 words—that’s 4x longer than reviews on other sites. Generate content that actually helps your brand stand out and accelerates the buying cycle.

Build Your Brand Narrative

TrustRadius reviews average 408 words, 4x longer than reviews on other sites.

Differentiate your solution among Competitors

What’s better than a glowing customer review? A glowing customer review that highlights the exact features and use cases you want to be known for. On TrustRadius, you can create custom questions to prompt reviewers to write about those features and use cases. So you get more of the on-target reviews that set you apart as the ideal solution for your ideal buyer.

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Highlight your brand narrative everywhere

Save, tag, and organize the best snippets from user reviews in your TrustQuotes Library. Then share these customer proof points across all of your marketing materials for better conversions. OurQuoteFinder helps you easily find the exact right quotes on the fly—like in the heat of a sales call or when creating high-impact marketing collateral to boost conversions and win rates.

Store all your customer quotes in your TrustQuotes Library to easily share your best proof points to improve performance across all of your sales and marketing channels.

Build Your Brand Narrative

Increase exposure and brand preference with TrustRadius awards

TrustRadius awards are given out to vendors based solely on reviews and customer sentiment. Share these awards across all of your marketing channels as powerful social proof to validate your most important claims. Awards also raise your solution’s visibility on some of TrustRadius’ most-visited web pages, like category pages.

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By using TrustRadius social proof and award badges in their ad creative, Totango produced three enterprise opportunities in just three weeks at a cost-per-click ¼ of the cost.

Win more customers with TrustRadius

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