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Web Analytics Tools Overview

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics tools track website user activity. Tracking activity gives organizations the ability to optimize their content.

Web analytics have also grown beyond tracking web usage to include interactions with social media and mobile apps. This expanded approach is sometimes called digital analytics.

The data from web analytics tools help companies evaluate and improve their online presence. Web analytics business objectives include things like:

  • Attracting more visitors

  • Increasing sales

  • Improving customer engagement

  • Improving customer retention

Insights from web analytics tools can drive actions such as:

  • Refining website content

  • Adjusting website design

  • Reallocating marketing dollars

The ultimate goal is to optimize for the desired business objective.

Web Analytics Features & Capabilities

  • Individual-level tracking

  • Real-time analytics

  • A/B testing

  • Mobile analytics

  • Attribution modeling

  • On-the-fly segmentation

  • Ecommerce tracking

  • Funnel analysis

  • Cohort analysis

  • Cross-device tracking

  • In-page analytics (Session recording, click tracking, mouse tracking, heatmaps)

  • Goal conversion tracking

  • Event tracking

  • Privacy compliance

  • On-premise option

  • Benchmarking

Web Analytics Tools


Most web analytics tools use page tagging to track online activity. A ‘tag’ is placed in a website’s JavaScript code.

Using the tag, analytics tools can detect when someone visits the page. The tool can also track link clicks, video views and other events. Most tools can also track users’ IP address, geography, screen size and web browser.


Web analytics also use cookies. Cookies are a small piece of data attached to each site visitor’s browser. They are designed to track a user’s session and future visits. This helps companies identify new visitors and returning visitors, in order to understand user behavior over time

Most tools track similar web, social and mobile metrics. The most common metrics found with web analytics tools include:

  • The number of people using a website (visits, unique visitors, pageviews)

  • Who they are (geolocation of visitors, browser and device type, registered and unregistered users)

  • Where they came from (referring source, search keyword)

  • What they are doing while there (Time spent on site, conversions, click path, bounce rate)

This information is presented on a dashboard. The dashboard of web analytics tools is a central source of information for companies. Dashboards can usually be customized to segment data by user persona, date range, or other attributes.

No web analytics vendor can promise 100% accuracy in data. This is because people can delete cookies, and browsers can restrict JavaScript, for example. Therefore, different tools will produce slightly different results for the same metric. But web analytics tools still provide valuable insight into customer needs and online behavior.

Free Web Analytics Tools

Effective web analytics don’t always have to cost money. There are a number of free and freemium web analytics tools.

Google Analytics is by far the most widely adopted. StatCounter and Matomo (formerly Piwik) are also good examples of free tools. Some companies use both multiple analytics tools alongside each other (both free and paid). Some free web analytics tools are quite robust, and the vendor monetizes the tool by using the data to power other offerings such as advertising.

Pricing Information

The pricing model for web analytics tools varies by vendor. The tools go up in price as your number of Monthly Tracked People goes up. Web analytics tools run the gamut in terms of price.

Some are completely free, while others start at around $500/mo.

Many web analytics use a Freemium pricing strategy. For example, some tools provide a free version for a single website but charge for use with for multiple websites. Typically though, enterprise versions of free tools with additional capabilities like data visualization and analytics, advanced tag management tools, individual-level tracking and other enterprise capabilities, are paid offerings.

Web Analytics Products

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Ptengine is a web analytics and heat map platform. Some key features include: Multiple Device Tracking, Conversion & Funnel Analysis and Campaign Analysis.A/B Testing & Website Optimization FeaturesGeneral FeaturesA/B/n TestingMultivariate TestingSplit URL Testing1:1…

SAS Adaptive Customer Experience

SAS Adaptive Customer Experience is a web analytics platform built to track online behavior in detail with dynamic data collection for companies of any size.


LeadBase provides users with a way to generate more leads by discovering, tracking and converting anonymous website visitors. The vendor’s value proposition says that by using LeadBase Demand Cloud solution, businesses can realize the latent demand a brand has. The solution monitors…


Siteoscope enables users to see the big picture of their website’s performance. The all-in-one tool is designed to make users better informed on how to improve and optimize their site. Some key features include: Google Analytics Integration, Keyword Monitoring, Social Media Activity,…


Logaholic is a web analytics tool built around online performance, analytics reports, and a reporting platform.

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is an open source web analytics software product licensed under GPL and provides website owners and developers with ways to add web analytics to their sites using simple Javascript, PHP, or REST based APIs. OWA also comes with support for tracking websites made…


Fokus is a web analytics software built around customizable dashboards and strong data visualization with custom reports and alerts.

1World Online

1World Online

0 reviews

1World Online is an engagement applications, content, and analytics SaaS platform. Key features include Consumer Intelligence Platform, and Analytics.


Adometry, a cross-channel marketing analytics and attribution platform, was acquired by Google in May 2014.

DomainTally.com (discontinued)

DomainTally was a domain name intelligence and website analytics platform that provided insight and key metrics into websites or domains. The service has been discontinued since 2019.


iPerceptions is a global leader in Voice of the Customer and audience solutions that are designed to help the world's most respected brands become customer-centric organizations. iPerceptions’ Enterprise-Class Customer Analytics platform collects, analyzes and predicts customer feedback…


Navilytics is a web analytics solution. Some key features include: Visitor Recordings and Playback, Mouse Movement and Click Heat Maps, Scroll Maps, and Form Analytics.


eRevenueInsights is a web analytics solution from Blue Triangle Technologies built to analyze site performance and provide actionable insights through detailed reporting.

IO Technologies

Analytics and data delivery solutions designed specifically for digital media. Measure the quality and performance of your content from multiple channels, platforms and devices on one screen. Build loyalty with your audience, whether in a hectic fast-breaking news environment or…


Falcon is a web analytics tag auditing tool which gives insights on missing and incorrectly configured analytic tags, marketing pixels, and tag management tools on a website. It supports monitoring a critical path for future discrepancy and alerts in case of any errors caused due…


Plerdy is a set of tools for website UX, SEO and CRO improvement. Today in Plerdy are available:- Website Heatmap tools. A click heatmap is a tool that shows how users behave when they visit a web page. This data reflects the most often clicked elements, scroll depth, popular parts…


ShopIQ offers enterprise-grade advanced e-commerce analytics solution for analyzing the user behavior on online stores through KPIs and machine learning models. The solution provides a robust interface, analytics capabilities, and real-time mechanism that will connect all touchpoints…


The vendor states that it's straightforward to register and start using Fastbase WebLeads by signing in with a Google analytics account and agreeing for Fastbase to access the analytics data. The first time in the application a short tour begins and points out the main features, while…

Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics was built for entrepreneurs, marketers and teams focused on knowing their site statistics and visitors' behavior, but lacking a technical or analytics background. Visitor Analytics is an app that helps website owners track, graph and map site visitors in real-time.…

Sematext Experience

Sematext Experience analyzes data from real user sessions to increase customer satisfaction. It detects anomalies and sends the user alerts in real-time to enhance the front-end performance, with Real User Monitoring.Find slow-loading pages: Get a full resource waterfall view showing…

Snowplow Insights

Snowplow Insights is presented by the vendor, Snowplow in London, as a way to capture and process high-quality behavioral data from all a company's platforms and products and deliver that data to a cloud destination of choice.

Snowplow Open Source

Snowplow Open Source, developed by Snowplow in London, is a collection of data processing components that users can set up as a core data pipeline to collect behavioral data at scale across different applications, channels and touchpoints. Data teams can leverage the tech to make…