Best Workforce Management Software57Workforce Management is concerned with scheduling and tracking the workforce. This is particularly important for organizations with shift workers and includes applications to track time and attendance, monitor compliance with labor laws, and sometimes includes payroll functionality.Trapeze Workforce & Operations Management1 Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)2 Connect7 King of Time9 HCM with Global Payroll10 Apps For Ordering13 Hanelly14 Workforce Management17 Systems StaffRight18

Workforce Management Software

Best Workforce Management Software

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Workforce Management Software Overview

What is Workforce Management (WFM) Software?

Workforce Management Software is concerned with scheduling and tracking the workforce. The goal is to distribute and allocate workers in the most effective and efficient way. This is particularly important for organizations with shift workers, such as contact centers and service businesses.

WFM Software Features & Capabilities

Key features and capabilities include:

  • Time and attendance tracking

  • Labor scheduling

  • Compliance monitoring (e.g. with labor laws)

  • Leave management

  • Staffing optimization

  • Task management

  • Employee self-service, including time off requests and peer-to-peer shift trades

WFM software also occasionally includes payroll functionality.

Specialized WFM vs. HCM Suites

Some platforms in this category are point solutions that focus on scheduling, regulations, and staff optimization. Others are broader Human Capital Management (HCM) suites with strong workforce management capabilities, such as Kronos Workforce Ready and Workforce Central, UltiPro, and Ceridian Dayforce HCM. The Kronos product family started as a time tracking solution—a typical trajectory for WFM software.

Industry Specialization

Many products in this category are geared toward a certain type of employee or industry, such as contingent or hourly workforces, call centers or service industries. These WFM products are designed to better support high turnover environments and provide a low learning curve so employees and administrators can quickly adopt the platform as needed. They may also provide specialized interfaces or features tailored to specific industries, particularly call centers.

Some specialized workforce management systems include:

Other products, like Kronos Workforce Ready, aim to serve large enterprises with diverse workforces. These products will be more suitable across a wider range of workforces, but may also require more customization to a particular workforce’s needs.

Workforce Management Software Comparison

To more easily compare workforce management tools, consider evaluating different options based on these aspects of the products and your needs:

  1. Point solution vs. HCM suite: Many workforce management capabilities can be found within broader hr management packages. If you’re looking for workforce management functions as well as more comprehensive HR capabilities, one of the HCM suites may be more ideal. However, if you’re looking for workforce management tools to supplement your existing HR toolkit, a point solution that can integrate with your HRIS and payroll software may be a more efficient purchase.

  2. Industry-specific or general: Most workforce management tools provide core scheduling and attendance functions that are applicable across industries. However, if you are in an industry with a unique workforce makeup, such as one with high turnover or highly regimented time-based tasks, using a tool that is tailored to your industry can add efficiencies in productivity and compliance measures. If your workforce makeup is not specialized to your industry, a less tailored product may be a better fit.

  3. Usability: How ease to learn and use is the product for administrators and employees? In particular, the lower the barrier to employee self-service for processes like schedule requests, time card access, and attendance management, the lower the administrative burden on your business.

Pricing Information

Workforce management solutions are often offered on a subscription model, and priced on a per employee, per month basis. The price may vary depending on feature density, and some vendors may require a minimum number of employees.

Workforce Management Products

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Safesite is a risk management and safety app from the company of the same name based in San, Francisco, CA. According to the vendor, it's a free, easy-to-use, digital safety solution for individuals and teams who want to collaborate, ditch paper, and improve safety. Get started with safety inspecti…

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Augmentir is a leading provider of augmented worker software for industrial companies. Its flagship offering, the Augmented Operations™ platform, combines enterprise augmented reality (AR) with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to empower frontline workers, helping workers perform…

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Merinio Workforce Automation is a secure cloud-based software that simplifies the management of the entire workforce. Since demand and available resources vary greatly in dynamic and complex business environments, cost control and customer satisfaction are essential. By providing the necessary tools…

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RigUp headquartered in Austin offers a contractor marketplace and contract workforce management technology for the oil and gas industries, allowing companies to find contractors with the right qualifications for the job, post jobs and manage applications in one place, and use technology to handle on…

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Vultus Connect is a workforce manager for post-recruitment processes like employee database, timesheets, documents, benefits and expenses, presented what the vendor presents as an all in one easy-to-use interface. They further state that with Vultus Connect, users can ensure legal compliance easily …

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HRweb is presented by the vendor, the company of the same name in Durham, as a low-cost but comprehensive workforce management tool for small businesses to simplify administrative tasks, comply with regulations and develop & retain talent, offering an annual contract or month-to-month payment.

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King of Time from HUUBAP in Singapore is presented by the vendor as a full spectrum employee shift managemement solution, featuring employee scheduling, overtime (and other) approval workflows, task and administrative delegation, leave management and attendance monitoring, an alert system, as well a…

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Ramco Global Payroll is compliant across 40+ countries covering ANZ, Asia (including China & Japan), Middle East & Africa. With integrated Core HR, Compensation Management, Time & Attendance and Expense modules, Ramco offers a unified Payroll solution that can be deployed on-cloud and on…

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InnerMobility is an AI-powered internal talent marketplace that aims to help companies foster personal development while driving growth. Businesses can use InnerMobility to match employees with opportunities from part-time projects, to full-time moves, talent swaps, and mentorships. According to the…

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Darwinbox headquartered in Hyderabad offers an end-to-end HRMS software provide core HR functionality (e.g. employee data management), support for recruitment and onboarding, payroll management, time & attendance tracking, as well as comprehensive talent management and employee engagement features.

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Cygneto Apps for Ordering is a technology platform for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. The suite of mobile applications is designed for sellers from domestic and international markets and includes: Cygneto Field Sales, Cygneto Mobile, Cygneto Web and Cygneto Print Commerce.Cy…

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Nakisa Hanelly is a cloud-based organizational design solution with org chart and employee analytics. Hanelly allows you to visualize your current organization and plan future structures through intuitive organizational design. Nakisa Hanelly compliments and integrates with third-party HCM solutio…

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Intradiem in Alpharetta, Georgia offers their eponymous workforce scheduling optimization software for "Intraday Automation," or scheduling and task adjustments performed within the workday.

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The Mitrefinch workforce management suite is suitable for medium to large organizations. It is used by over 4,000 organizations to measure, analyze and manage employees' working time, and deploy human resources more efficiently. Modules include time & attendance, absence management, scheduling, …

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Canadian company LOKI Systems offers the StaffRight line of products for workforce management in various editions. StaffRight Omni is oriented towards complex scheduling in "labor intensive" areas, while StaffRight HomeCare is oriented toward deploying home care professionals in the field, or rather…

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WorkDeskPro is cloud-based field service management software. Some key features include: Scheduling, Dispatching, Invoicing and Quotations, and Reporting.

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2020 Top Rated Workforce Management Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is workforce management?

Workforce management is the process of scheduling and organizing your business’s labor force as efficiently and effectively as possible. It often utilizes workforce management software to automate some processes and enable employee self-service.

Why is workforce management important?

Workforce management is important for minimizing labor expenses and efficiently scheduling employees at high volume.

What is a workforce management system?

A workforce management system is a scheduling, attendance and leave management, and time tracking platform for optimizing employee scheduling. It often complements other HR systems, such as payroll.

Who needs workforce management software?

Workforce management software is ideal for organizations with large labor forces, particularly shift or hourly employees.

How much does workforce management software cost?

Pricing varies widely based on number of employees and features available. Basic products can be sold as low as $2-4 per user, per month, and can scale up to tens of dollars per user, per month.