Maxymiser Profile

Maxymiser was founded in 2006 in the UK. It is now based in New York, with other offices in U.S., the UK, Germany and France. The company is focused on the enterprise, and its customer base is equally split between the United States and Europe. They have raised just under $20 million in funding since launching.

*Interview with Mark Simpson, Founder and President
Company status Private
2013 revenue N/A
Growth 2012-2013 100%*
Customers 400+* (including 331 enterprise customers)
Employees 350*
Pricing N/A

Aggregate User Ratings of Maxymiser on TrustRadius

Source: (23) User reviews of Maxymiser on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Maxymiser # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average A/B Testing Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 8.9 23 8.4
Likelihood to renew 8.8 21 8
Product usability 9 1 7.4
Support 10 1 9
Implementation satisfaction 10 1 8.9

Summary of Maxymiser Reviews

Source: (23) User reviews of Maxymiser on TrustRadius
Maxymiser Strengths Maxymiser Areas for Improvement
Ease of implementation
Requires a small line of code on each webpage, and is thus very easy to implement. Users say the data is accurate, and the platform is fast.
Usability/user interface
The user interface can be confusing for beginners, and there is a bit of a learning curve.
Customer support/account management
The Maxymiser account team is helpful and knowledgeable and provides valuable, industry-specific insight in terms of strategy and project scope. The company provides quite a bit of consulting and project support to full service clients.
Complex tests require training and support
The WYSIWYG editor, called Visual Campaign Builder, allows users to run simple A/B tests on their own. More complex tests require coding to set up and may require assistance from account support (which can use up allotted service hours).
Users are divided on reporting. Some say that reports are thorough, detailed, in-depth, and easy to understand, and have good out-of-the-box filtering capabilities. Others say that they would like to see more filtering options, more statistical info, and results in real time.

Interview with Mark Simpson, Founder and President

Photo of Mark Simpson, Founder and PresidentPositioning
Mark Simpson, Founder and President of Maxymiser, says the company is focused on customer experience optimization. “We aim to be the number one player by providing actionable customer insights and being the most powerful testing and personalization solution in the market,” he says.

Competitive Differentiation
Simpson says the company has two key areas of differentiation: “First, it's the only product on the market that can take someone from running a simple A/B test to the most sophisticated testing and/or personalization campaigns. Secondly, Maxymiser assists users by pushing actionable insights, mainly through our automated segmentation engine,” he says. “Instead of just an A/B or multivariate test and getting a winner for everyone, we find different segments based on multiple attributes that react better to different content, to increase the conversion rate overall and give our users insight into their customer base and their content preferences,” he says. “One additional benefit of this automation is the ability to segment reliably at a new level of granularity. With manual segmentation, customers can work with a couple dozen different segments before things start to get harder to manage. With automated segmentation, customers can work with hundreds of segments. Our algorithms calculate the best content to show these micro-segments and narrow down to serve content on a one-to-one basis.”

Implementing the tool requires a 4 KB JavaScript tag on a page. “It's low latency, with a very scalable platform,” Simpson says. “Once that code is integrated, we can test, optimize, segment and personalize content without ever having to go back to IT to alter the code.”

Maxymiser also offers full integrations with all of the major web analytics vendors, as well as third-party data sources like DMPs, he says.

The company considers Adobe to be its main competitor.

Target Customers
Maxymiser is focused on enterprises, though the company has mid-market customers as well, Simpson says. The main verticals served are retail, travel and finance, as well as media, gaming and automotive.

About half of their customers are in Europe, and the other half in the United States.

Product Priorities
The company has two levels of product development, Simpson says: “One, improving the product we already have, in terms of ease of use, simplicity, speed, etc. And two, innovation. We are looking at the way CMOs are going to be driving their businesses forward over the coming years and how we can satisfy that form the perspective of customer experience optimization. There is a huge amount of development in our business around what we can do with the customer profile, for example, in terms of proactively optimizing the customer experience.”

Response to Feedback from Maxymiser Reviews
“We've already made developments in the reporting areas, and simplified the steps to deploying a campaign considerably. We listen to the market feedback and respond quickly—for example, we have drastically re-engineered our user interface to be more intuitive for the marketer and reduce any learning curve,” Simpson says. “We offer a robust platform and a very easy implementation, with the ability to run the most simple to the most sophisticated campaigns across the entire customer journey.”