Today’s Buyers Want the Whole Truth

Build trust. Drive results. See how powerful marketing can be when you let your customers tell the story for you.

Customers Are the New Influencers – Channel Them.

Inject their voice into every aspect of your communications to invoke trust and drive conversion. 

Your Buyers are Here

Over one million buyers per month, more than 50% from large enterprises. Reviews 3x longer than other sites. The average buyer spends eleven minutes and four seconds on a comparison. Simply put, we’re built for trust.

We Help You in 4 Ways

Tell your unique narrative in the words of your customers.

Improve conversion through trusted customer voice content, and win using your own channels.

Engage high-intent buyers, both individuals and companies

Inform product, customer success, and leadership through rich customer insights

Your Narrative,

Their Words

We Make it Easy

We’re experts at driving reviews and powerful quotes at scale through email campaigns, embedded asks, virtual events, and more

Highlight Your Differentiation

Custom questions let you spotlight your competitive advantages and tell your unique story

Put Your Content to Work

Tools to curate, manage, and deploy review content in your sales and marketing channels to drive conversion and results


High-Quality Content in Your Channels Improves Conversion.

TrustQuotes for Web

Increase conversion 30% or more.


Dynamically syndicate quotes to your website and landing pages

Easily assemble quotes to use in outreach and nurture sequences

TrustQuotes Library

Manage your content and deploy targeted quotes by customer segment, persona, company size, competitor, feature, and more

TrustQuotes API

Dynamically pull quotes and content into sales enablement systems, complex web implementations, and anywhere else 

Premium Content

Customer stories, Market Comparison Reports, Competitive Comparison Reports, and Infographics – featuring the voice of your customers

We do the work, functioning as your outsourced content production team

Engage High-Intent Buyers – both Individuals and Companies

True Intent Data

Know which companies are evaluating your solution

Intelligence for Sales – Who you are being compared to, whether you’re winning or losing, firmagraphic details

Know which companies are evaluating your competitors – but not you

Export as reports, consume via API, or connect to Salesforce!

Category Audience Targeting

Target buyers evaluating you (or your competitors!) in your category on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more


“Right audience, right time” drives relevance and high click-through rate

TrustRadius Profile

Engage active buyers and bring them directly to your landing page

Manage your reputation in front of a highly qualified audience

How We’re Different

G2 does several things very well. They’re strong on market presence and they’ve done a great job defining the review site market, especially for SMB and midmarket buyers. Their presence in search is driven by top-of-funnel blog content on simple topics.

We have a more enterprise-focused audience, and we are more than half the size of G2’s core site. Our content is much deeper (an average 408 words for us vs 130 for G2), and consequently more powerful when deployed in your channels. What category are you in? Tell us – our traffic per category often exceeds theirs. To go deeper on the traffic differences, read this


Capterra is in a different business than TrustRadius. They’re a lead arbitrage site. They capture traffic for the terms you’d bid on in paid search, and sell that traffic back to you as leads. They look at reviews as a way to drive SEO, and they do it well. It makes them a good source of transactional leads.

But because they’re using reviews just as an SEO tool, their reviews are usually shallow. Their content isn’t particularly useful to buyers, so it’s not useful to you as a marketing tool in your channels.

Gartner has traditionally held sway over the CIO audience. Brands often want to participate in their awards program and to place on the Magic Quadrant.

These days buying decisions are often made by end users and teams rather than CIOs alone, and Gartner is less influential with that audience.

When you break apart Gartner’s traffic, Gartner Peer Insights is small, less than 20% of our total traffic.

Gartner’s reviews are 100% anonymous. They provide minimal support for driving and utilizing reviews, and do not provide data for intent or retargeting.

I used TrustRadius to find customers that were not only more likely to buy, but became advocates for our product and helped us win over other customers.

sonya hansen, director demand gen