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5 Ways IBM Uses Customer Voice to Power their Marketing Machine

Recently, we sat down with the team at IBM Cloud—Charles Black, Program Director for Worldwide Digital Marketing, and Shannon Cardwell, Program Manager for Inbound Strategy & User Reviews— to discuss how IBM has realized amazing results through a very strategic and deliberate approach to customer reviews.  Below, we’ll guide you through their 5-step recipe for […]

Accounting Software Statistics and Trends

The International Monetary Fund recently announced its formal analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the global economy. They predict a “deep” recession that will last until 2021, when we will start to see some recovery. Despite this grim economic outlook, the accounting software market is poised for growth. According to a report by Fortune […]

How The Tech Industry Has Handled COVID-19

Over the past few months, we’ve collected and analyzed thousands of data points around organizations’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. With U.S. cases reaching nearly 3 million and new cases increasing in 39 states, it’s critical that businesses continue evolving and learning from these experiences.  This post presents the groundbreaking B2B research performed by TrustRadius […]

Product Tip: Driving Reviews with Pendo

A good review program not only includes multiple campaigns to drive reviews, but also features inclusion at multiple touchpoints: in email signatures, in customer service follow-ups, following business reviews, and more. Done right, this takes a review program from episodic to evergreen. That ensures you always have fresh reviews and gives you an edge versus […]

We Are All Hosting Digital Events, What Now?

In early 2020, B2B events went from a thriving in-person industry to obsolete overnight. Now that we’ve all transitioned into digital events, what now? Join our panel of experts from across the tech industry as we discuss: Latest industry trends and data from over 2,000 tech marketers and buyers Different flavors of digital events, from […]

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