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Marketing Automation Guide

  • Quickly find the right product based on 400+ in-depth reviews and user ratings
  • Compare the pros & cons of the top rated vendors in this free 46-page guide from TrustRadius
  • Explore the key trends and 5 success factors for marketing automation success

Business Intelligence Software Guide

  • Compare the pros & cons of the top rated BI vendors in this free 33-page guide from TrustRadius
  • Quickly identify the right BI software product for your use case based on 530+ in-depth reviews
  • Understand the 5 critical steps to completing a successful Business Intelligence software purchase

Core HR Software Guide

  • Compare side-by-side key Core HR software capabilities offered by each vendor
  • Quickly find out which product SMBs and/or Enterprises users rely on in this free 37-page guide
  • Deep dive into pros & cons of each product as cited in 290+ end-user reviews & ratings

Social Media Guide

  • Quickly find out which Social Media software platform best supports your enterprise needs
  • Deep dive into 3 major use cases for social media in this free 102-page guide from TrustRadius
  • Learn how Comcast, BT and Groupon are using social media management software 

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How we saved $30,000 a year using TrustRadius

Bjorn Billhardt is the founder and CEO of Enspire. Bjorn heard about TrustRadius through a friend. After looking at TrustRadius, Bjorn decided Enspire should do an internal analysis of the marketing automation platform they were using. Upon closely reading what others were saying on TrustRadius, he realized Enspire wasn't really using it in a way that justified its expense. Last spring, Bjorn discontinued his marketing automation software license for an annual saving of $30,000. "I don't think we would've had the confidence to pull the plug if we hadn't read the reviews," he said.

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Top Rated Accounting Software

Earlier today we announced the release of our TrustMaps™ for Accounting software, which ranks products based on end-user ratings and research frequency by prospective buyers on TrustRadius 
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B2B Buyer's Search for Trustworthy Advice

Business buyers today are no longer on a linear path down the funnel. They are on a journey to find trustworthy advice that will help guide their buying decisions. Learn more about the buyer's process.
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Interview with Mike Volpe, CMO HubSpot

TrustRadius checked in with CMO Mike Volpe for an update on developments at HubSpot, and to get his take on the Marketing Automation landscape. 
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2015 Social Media Trends Report

600 social media practitioners took our survey, responding to questions about the goals, challenges and measurement tactics for their social media programs.
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