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Acclivity was founded in 2005 and is based in New Jersey.

Its accounting software, AccountEdge, is an on-premise small business accounting and management solution for Mac or Windows office, with features including the ability to make sales and purchases, run payroll, track and build inventory, bill for time, and manage contacts. Data entry via iOS device is available for free with AccountEdge Mobile and data entry by web browser is available with AccountEdge Cloud as an add-on service. The product was acquired as part of the acquisition of MYOB US in 2009.

Company Status: Private
Best Fit For: SMBs; Companies with Mac/PC compatibility challenges
Most Compared To: QuickBooks for Mac
Customers: Over 100k (entire company, across 9 products)
Employees: 50

AccountEdge Customer Distribution

AccountEdge Customer Distribution Pie Chart
Source: (18) User reviews and ratings of AccountEdge on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of AccountEdge on TrustRadius

Source: (12) User reviews of AccountEdge on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute AccountEdge Rating # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Accounting Software Average Rating
Likelihood to recommend 8.0 12 8.1
Likelihood to renew 8.8 10 8.5
Support 5.5 2 7.4

Summary of AccountEdge Reviews

Source: (12) User reviews of AccountEdge on TrustRadius
AccountEdge Pros AccountEdge Cons
Mac/PC compatibility
Data files of this installed software are easily compatible with both Macs and PCs.
Limited flexibility
Users would like to have more control over certain elements of the software, such as default settings, import/export rules, inventory management, and custom reporting.
Payroll integration
Payroll functionality is available as an add-on or through integration with other products.

Retainers and escrows
The software can manage retainer and escrow arrangements, useful for service-based businesses.

Reporting features are robust, including sales, inventory, P&L, etc. Users can slice data by project, fiscal year, department, etc., and export data for further analysis in Excel.

The software supports bookkeeping and transactions in multiple currencies.

AccountEdge Response to Reviewer Feedback

Payroll is available in AccountEdge as an integrated feature or as an outsourced service.

The AccountEdge Inventory feature can track inventory counts, kit building, product descriptions, serialized products, warranty information, locations, and customize selling and purchasing options.

A user can create custom reports with AccountEdge and save them for later use.