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Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Software Profile & Review Summary

Microsoft Dynamics GP is the original Great Plains product designed in 1993 that Microsoft purchased in 2001. It is a complete ERP platform designed primarily for the mid-market and includes supply chain, field service, human resource management, manufacturing, and project accounting, in addition to a complete financial accounting module.

The product was designed as an on-premise, client/server solution with a thick client or server access via Citrix. However, a web client was introduced in 2012, and is now available for all modules.

Company Status: Public
Best Fit For: Mid-sized companies with ERP requirements in addition to accounting
Most Compared To: SAP Business One
Customers: 47,000*
Employees: N/A (2,000 at time of acquisition)

Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Distribution Pie Chart

Aggregate User Ratings of Microsoft Dynamics GP on TrustRadius

Source: (22) User reviews of Microsoft Dynamics GP on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Microsoft Dynamics GP Rating # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Accounting Software Average Rating
Likelihood to recommend 8.3 22 8.1
Likelihood to renew 9.9 7 8.5
Product usability 10.0 2 8.7
Support 9.3 3 7.4
Implementation satisfaction 8.3 3 8.1

Summary of Microsoft Dynamics GP Reviews

Source: (22) User reviews of Microsoft Dynamics GP on TrustRadius
Microsoft Dynamics GP Pros Microsoft Dynamics GP Cons
Excellent core accounting functionality
Standard accounting functionality for A/P, A/R, and G/L transactions are first-rate.
Supply chain and manufacturing capabilities
In general, users feel that the supply chain and manufacturing capabilities offered are inferior to the financials with one reviewer stating that it is not suitable for an advanced manufacturing environment and that an additional product is required.
Integration with other products
There is good integration between financials and other modules, and Econnect SDK (which was part of the original Great Plains products is praised for its simplicity of use in integrating Dynamics GP to external 3rd-party applications.
The product requires expert help to implement, with reporting in particular being difficult to set up without expert assistance.
Payroll and time management
Payroll and time management functionality is exceptionally easy to use and manage.
Project Accounting not integrated with Field Service
These modules are completely separate but there is a need to integrate so that field technicians can use project accounting functionality.
Platform is reliable and stable with excellent documentation and online help.
Workflow and approval capabilities are rudimentary.
User comments on reporting are mixed. Several users point out that there is a large volume of canned reports and that most reports can be downloaded to Excel for analysis. Access to SQL server Reporting Services is also available for advanced users. Management Reporter which is built into the platform, is a reporting application used to build financial reports. It replaces the popular FRx add-on. Some reviewers describe Management Reporter as very difficult to use and that expert help is required to create even routine reports.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Response to Reviewer Feedback

Microsoft Dynamics GP has comprehensive Supply Chain and Manufacturing capabilities for a wide variety of needs. Because supply chain and manufacturing varies greatly between industries, many ISV products are available that integrate into Microsoft Dynamics GP. These products can address industry specific requirements and more intricate needs.

It's a best practice to have an expert help implement any business solutions to ensure that it's setup to attain the most benefit.

Report deployment wizards are available to assist in report setup and implementation. Microsoft Dynamics GP leverages Excel and SQL Reporting Services which are standard industry tools so customizing and creating new reports are straightforward.

Management Reporter was designed like FRx and uses the standard reporting that many other packages use. The experience we have seen with creating simple report and even somewhat complex reports has been overall positive.

Workflow has been redesigned in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. It is now easier to use, deploy and maintain. It also is easy to create new workflows.