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NetSuite was founded in 1998 and became a publicly traded company after its initial public offering in December 2007.

NetSuite capabilities include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Ecommerce. The company has made a number of acquisitions including OpenAir in 2008, Retail Anywhere for ecommerce in 2013, Tribe HR for small-business human resources in 2013, Venda, also for ecommerce capabilities in 2014, eBizNET for advanced warehouse management in 2014, and, most recently, Bronto Software in 2015 for bulk email capability.

The company recently announced its first quarter 2015 financial earnings with record revenue of $164.8 Million making its eighth consecutive quarter of more than 30 Percent year-over-year recurring revenue growth.

Company Status: Public
Best Fit For: Mid-size companies and enterprises; Accounting firms; Non-profits, many vertical markets like Service, Software, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, etc.
Most Compared To:; Intacct
Customers: +24,000+
Employees: ~3,500

NetSuite Customer Distribution

NetSuite Customer Distribution Pie Chart
Source: (52) User reviews and ratings of NetSuite on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of NetSuite on TrustRadius

Source: (35) User reviews of NetSuite on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute NetSuite Rating # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Accounting Software Average Rating
Likelihood to recommend 8.3 35 8.1
Likelihood to renew 9.2 22 8.5
Product usability 8.8 9 8.7
Product availability 9.6 9 8.1
Product performance 8.5 8 8.3
Support 5.9 7 7.4
In-person training 8.0 2 8.0
Online training 7.0 5 7.0
Implementation satisfaction 7.3 7 8.1

Summary of NetSuite Reviews

Source: (35) User reviews of NetSuite on TrustRadius
NetSuite Pros NetSuite Cons
Feature rich platform
Fully featured ERP/Accounting system with excellent quoting, ordering, revenue recognition, renewals, purchasing, billing, general ledger and reporting. Integration across the primary business processes is very strong.
Although users comment that the reporting capabilities are adequate, it is not as capable or as flexible as dedicated reporting tools. Several users comment that standard default reports can be difficult to customize for non-technical users.
Intuitive user interface
The product design is highly intuitive making it easy to use, and the workflow supports industry best practices. Browser based access is also very fast.
Customer support
Support is generally commented on as a weak area with frustrating wait times and difficulty in getting problems solved in a timely manner. Paid higher-level support program is a good idea. The online help is also very confusing and difficult to use.
Very flexible platform allowing field renaming, addition of custom fields and screen re-ordering. Searches can also be saved and re-used. It's also highly extensible with multiple add-ons.
Ecommerce capabilities
Ecommerce is an evolving area, which is gradually being improved. Integration of ecommerce with the CRM platform could also be stronger.
Partner ecosystem
The company has a rich partner ecosystem providing a broad set of additional capabilities, which can be easily integrated.
Price increases
Several users complained about escalating cost with significant increases at renewal even for very loyal customers.
Initial user training is two weeks of intensive, highly interactive training and is of very high quality.
Adjacent functionality
Areas like marketing, email templates and budgeting are still quite basic. NetSuite partners with Adaptive Planning for more advanced budgeting, but this is an additional license cost.

NetSuite Response to Reviewer Feedback

NetSuite's provides built-in reporting and analytics capabilities to visualize users ERP, CRM and e-commerce data in real-time, in order to extract the right insights to improve their operations. NetSuite eliminates the need for developers and IT to deal with the complexities of separate reporting tools, BI cubes or data warehousing. With its intuitive graphical toolset, SuiteAnalytics enables end-users to self-serve real-time analytics across all areas—financials, orders, customers, opportunities and all custom objects—to quickly get the business answers they need.

Ecommerce capabilities
NetSuite delivers true omnichannel shopping and service experiences through a single cloud platform that combines ecommerce, in-store POS and order management with your back office systems. With Bronto acquisition, the leading provider omnichannel commerce marketing platform and SuiteCommerce, NetSuite will help businesses deliver relevant and consistent digital commerce experiences throughout the customer journey, regardless of the channel.

Adjacent functionality
With Bronto acquisition and enhancements to NetSuite CRM, NetSuite aims to deliver relevant and consistent digital commerce experiences throughout the customer journey, regardless of the channel.

Adaptive Planning is an embedded application within NetSuite – no integration is required. It sets up in minutes with single sign-on access to the Adaptive tab within NetSuite. Data can be bi-directionally exported and imported between the applications.

Customer Support
NetSuite's global support organization provides customers with flexible support options tailored to their business needs to maximize satisfaction with their NetSuite investment. With deep expertise across NetSuite ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, PSA, SuiteCloud as well as specific NetSuite modules, NetSuite's SuiteSupport specialists are able to address cusytomers' NetSuite questions and issues rapidly to keep their business running smoothly.

NetSuite provides SuiteAnswers as a standard service for every NetSuite SuiteSupport customer and is the go-to place to get the support customers need when they need it. With one-click access to online case submission, tutorial videos, a searchable knowledge base and much more, SuiteAnswers makes it easy to resolve customer issues.