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Sage One

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Sage One is a cloud-based accounting and invoicing solution for small businesses. It offers limited capabilities (5 invoices per month and 1 linked financial institution, e.g., bank or credit card account) for free, and charges a monthly fee for unlimited invoices, users and financial institutions.

Company Status: Public
Best Fit For: Small businesses; Freelancers; Service-based businesses
Most Compared To: QuickBooks Enterprise
Customers: N/A
Employees: 7k (entire company, on LinkedIn)

Sage One Customer Distribution

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Source: (16) User reviews and ratings of Sage One on TrustRadius

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Source: (13) User reviews of Sage One on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Sage One Rating # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Accounting Software Average Rating
Likelihood to recommend 8.6 13 8.1

Summary of Sage One Reviews

Source: (13) User reviews of Sage One on TrustRadius
Sage One Pros Sage One Cons
Ease of use
The software is easy to learn and use, for both accountants and non-accountants.
Lack of automation
Users would like to see features that allow them to better streamline repetitive tasks, such as the ability to set up shortcuts, the ability to save default settings for a particular report or search, or the ability to set up recurring invoices.
Invoicing and accepting payments
Sage One excels at allowing users to easily create and send professional-looking invoices, and accept payment via integration with PayPal or Sage payment solutions.
There is no good option for inventory management.
Easy-to-understand dashboards provide a quick snapshot of business health. However, users would like to be able to better customize reports and dashboards.
Automatic bank connection
Users can connect their financial institutions (e.g., bank or credit card accounts) directly to the software, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Cloud-based / online
Users can access the application from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Mobile app
There is a mobile app that allows for invoicing, as well as expense tracking by taking a picture of a receipt.

Customer support
The support staff is friendly and responsive.

Integration with Sage 50
Sage One integrates with Sage 50 (a desktop version), allowing for collaboration between, for example, an accountant and a business owner who uses Sage 50.

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