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Software Profile & Review Summary

Company Status: Public
Customers: 65,000+ (WFN)
Employees on LinkedIn: 49,032 (all of ADP)
Headquarters: Roseland, NJ
Founded: 1949 (ADP); WFN launched in 2009

ADP Workforce Now has four main modules: Payroll + Tax, HR & Benefits (with ACA add-on), Talent (recruiting, compensation, performance management), and Time & Labor Management. According to the vendor, 80% of customers are using more than one module. ADP also offers a DataCloud (analytics and benchmarking), Document Cloud, the ADP Marketplace, and ancillary solutions such as Retirement Services (401k), COBRA, health & spending accounts, and commuter benefits packages, which can be used with WFN.

In addition to the cloud-based software platform, WFN includes access to ADP's provides professional services network, with experts who can consult with customers around compliance issues like the Affordable Care Act. WFN is targeted towards mid-market companies with 50-999 employees.

The vendor says there are 6 main areas of product development underway: improving the user experience, making reporting more interactive and leveraging the vendor's mountain of big data for things like benchmarking, staying on top of changing compliance regulations, increasing connectivity across modules and with third-party tools, upgrading talent management features, and making customers less reliant on the services organization with easier implementation and more self-service pieces. The vendor says their WFN product roadmap is especially aggressive around the mobile application, and consumerization of the user experience is a theme throughout.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, ADP Workforce Now is:

A good fit for: Mid-sized companies (with more than 100 employees but that are not too large and complex) that wish to upgrade from a paper system, payroll-only software, or other ADP products

Most compared to: UltiPro, Kronos Workforce Central, Paycom, Dayforce HCM, and Paylocity Web Pay

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ADP Workforce Now Customer Demographics*

ADP Workforce Now customer demographics - company size and industry size
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Summary of ADP Workforce Now Reviews

Source: (48) User reviews of ADP Workforce Now on TrustRadius, (32) updated or written in the last year.
Workforce Now Pros Workforce Now Cons
Employee self-service
  • Employee self-service functions are straight-forward and easy to use. (However, users say this is less true of other areas of the product, including functions for managers and HR admins.)
Customer Service & Support
  • According to users, support is a major pain point. For example, hold times are long and escalation is often required; some reps are much more knowledgeable than others.
  • Service and support departments are disconnected, and there are long wait times to connect and get things fixed.
  • Users report some positive experiences with customer service, though the reputation of bad service, and thus low expectation, overhangs even those compliments.
  • In general, payroll customer service is better than tech support.
Payroll processing
  • Payroll is ADP's core competency, and users said WFN works well for this use case.
Integration between modules
  • Users wish that modules were more fully integrated, so that data did not feel compartmentalized. For example, some said they would like to be able to view certain information in context of other information—like viewing an employee record from within the time or payroll modules.
Time tracking + payroll
  • Users said WFN helped solve the problem of correctly tracking time and tying time tracked to payroll. Users who had pain around mis-tracked time or complex pay period calculations often found a lot of value in WFN.
  • But, integration between time tracking and payroll modules gets mixed reviews—as does integration between product modules generally (see above).
  • Time & attendance is a strength for most users; however, a few experienced errors or malfunctions.
Vendor is established (and familiar)
  • ADP is long established in the Payroll and Core HR markets. A lot of users said that one of the main reasons for purchasing WFN was an existing relationship with ADP, or because employees had previous experience with ADP, so the application and/or the vendor was somewhat familiar.
  • Users said training is required in order for admins to handle the system efficiently.
  • Users like setup wizards and guides, but would like to see improvements to existing materials as well as additional training offered.
  • Users are divided on the topic of reporting. Fans said report building is easy to use for point in time data and they liked that managers have access to reports, while critics said reports can be hard to utilize.
  • Across the board, users said creating custom reports can be challenging.
  • WFN is a straightforward system of record. Users said it's good as an HRIS, if you're willing to accept that you won't have best-in-class functionality for everything.
Talent management
  • Performance management and other talent-related features are still very basic and hard to use. Users prefer to use external solutions for talent management instead.
User interface
  • The UI has room for improvement. Users said the screen design is clunky, outdated, and not very configurable.
  • Some users said the UI is improving, though. For example, updates have made it more navigable, more visually appealing, and easier to use.

Aggregate User Ratings of ADP Workforce Now on TrustRadius

ADP Workforce Now aggregate ratings in 2016 Core HR Buyer's Guide
Source: (48) User reviews of ADP Workforce Now on TrustRadius. (32) updated or written in the last year.

ADP Response to Reviewer Feedback

The ADP Workforce Now® product roadmap is focused on rapid deployment and ongoing improvement in key areas that include:

  • User experience: client enablement and self-service, workflow improvements, simplicity without sacrificing completeness
  • Tools for driving business insights: streamlined reporting for clients to analyze their own data and trends, enhancements to benchmarking and analytics tapping into ADP's DataCloud and its massive aggregated data set
  • Connectivity and openness: ongoing expansion of ability to move data in and out of Workforce Now via the ADP Marketplace 3rd party partners and direct APIs to create seamless experiences for practitioners and employees
  • Talent: improvements to recruiting and on-boarding candidates, getting the most out of your workforce
  • Client implementation: acceleration of client on-boarding via tools, processes and best practices; decreasing time to adoption

In addition to constant product improvements and innovation, the services and support surrounding ADP Workforce Now® are the beneficiaries of significant investment in staffing, training, tools and resources as part of a continuous goal to deliver outstanding client experiences.