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Company Status: Private
Customers: 500+
Employees on LinkedIn: 290 (vendor reports 335 total employees)
Headquarters: New York, NY
Founded: 2012

Namely aims to be a core system of record for employee data, but unlike older HR database systems it is consumerized and built around employee engagement and talent strategy, with many social aspects. The platform has Payroll, Benefits, and Talent functionality—including onboarding, performance management, goals, recognition, and a newsfeed for company culture. The system does not include recruiting or learning modules, but does connect to a range of 3rd party ATS and LMS products. Earlier in 2016, Namely launched a mobile app for iOS, and later this year they plan to launch an app for Android.

Namely's target market is companies with 20 to 2,000 employees, with HR departments of one ranging up to about six. Scalability is a key piece of the value proposition: the vendor sees the product as especially valuable for a small HR department supporting a mid-size organization, and a good investment for companies planning to grow. According to the vendor, about half of Namely's customers come from a legacy payroll vendor and for the other half, Namely is their first all-in-one HR platform after they have outgrown PEOs, small point solutions, and/or juggling Google Docs.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, Namely is:

A good fit for: Small businesses and mid-sized companies that want to manage employee records, payroll, benefits, and performance in-house with a single platform, and where the social design of the platform makes sense culturally (such as in the tech industry)

Most compared to: ADP Workforce Now, BambooHR, Workday HCM, Paycom, and Zenefits

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Namely Customer Demographics*

Namely customer demographics - company size and industry size
*Customer demographics data is drawn from User profiles and User reviews of Namely on TrustRadius. Data may not be available for all reviewers.

Summary of Namely Reviews

Source: (10) User reviews of Namely on TrustRadius, all updated or written in the last year.
Namely Pros Namely Cons
Social media-esque look & feel
  • Users said Namely's UI is extremely simple and intuitive, but powerful. It reminds some users of Facebook; because it feels familiar, Namely is very easy to learn.
Setting up permissions
  • Users said that configuring permissions is possible but a bit difficult, and less user-friendly than the rest of the platform.
Managing PTO
  • Features for tracking, requesting, and approving paid time off are strong. In particular, users like the calendar view.
  • Some HR admin users said that because employees can easily view their PTO balances and submit requests in one place, Namely reduces the amount of questions, errors, and back and forth about PTO.
Company org chart flexibility
  • A few users said they would like to see more flexibility in the company org chart.
Company newsfeed
  • The newsfeed keeps employees company-wide updated and engaged. Users said it is useful for employee recognition, and for onboarding new employees—getting them up to speed on company news, familiar with the company culture, etc.
Additional social/collaboration features
  • Users like the social aspects of Namely and want to see more. For example, users would like more interactive features and built-in gamification, as well as the ability to create company social events (like the PTO calendar).
Performance management
  • Not all reviewers are using Namely's performance management capabilities, but those who do said using Namely for performance reviews has streamlined the process, made completing performance reviews much faster and more efficient, and increased the amount of dialogue between managers and employees.
Other bells and whistles
  • Although users recognize that Namely is still a relatively new product, and generally appreciate that it simplifies their HR operations, several did point out that it does not include all of the HCM functionality provided by more established vendors. For example, on the talent management side, users said Namely is missing learning and ATS modules, and the mobile app is still fairly new/basic.
Customer service
  • According to users, Namely's customer service is superb, far exceeding the level of service they received from previous vendors.
All-in-one tool
  • Many users said the aspect of Namely they were most satisfied with was the fact that it combines different HR functionalities in a single platform, which is more convenient for employees, from a self-service perspective, and for administrations, especially in an SMB context (e.g. with an HR department of one). Several said Namely replaced multiple point solutions at their organizations.
  • Users also like that they can take deployment of the different modules at their own pace (i.e. start with HRIS, for example, and expand to Payroll and Benefits, and then performance).

Aggregate User Ratings of Namely on TrustRadius

Namely aggregate ratings in 2016 Core HR Buyer's Guide
Source: (10) User reviews of Namely on TrustRadius, all updated or written in the last year.

Namely Response to Reviewer Feedback

Namely is the first HR platform designed for everyone in the company to use every day. We're pleased to see that employees find the platform both intuitive and powerful. And we're excited to hear how clients are using the newsfeed for social recognition, important company updates, and building their company culture. When employees are engaged in the work, we believe they find purpose and your company performs at its best.

At the same time, we know that small HR teams usually support growing, mid-sized companies. We're pleased to see that clients find Namely powerful enough to streamline everything HR, payroll, and benefits in one place. And we're delighted that they rate our customer support as superb. We're here to make inspired HR professionals' lives easier, so they can focus on strategy, culture, and developing their people.

Finally, we recognize that Namely doesn't satisfy every technology need that mid-sized companies may have. We're investing to deliver exceptional HR, payroll, and benefits in one platform. Outside this core, we're building deep integrations with best-in-breed systems that handle applicant tracking, learning management, financials and ERP, rewards and recognition, and more. In support of this strategy, we've grown an ecosystem of strong partners, and we've created an open API that allows clients to connect their employee data to any other application they use.