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Company Status: Public
Customers: 13,000+
Employees on LinkedIn: 2,826
Headquarters: San Leandro, CA
Founded: 1988

TriNet provides a full-service HR solution designed for small and mid-sized businesses with 3 to 500 employees. As an HR business partner (PEO), TriNet assumes many of the responsibilities of being an employer and helps companies contain HR costs, minimize employer-related risks and relieve the administrative burden of HR. It combines TriNet Cloud applications, an HR team, and strategic HR services (payroll processing, human capital consulting, employment law compliance and employee benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans and worker's compensation insurance) bundled for specific industries like technology, hospitality, life sciences and non-profits. Depending on the package and customer needs, the online platform can include expense management, applicant tracking, employee learning management, employee performance management, and/or time & attendance tracking. It also includes a mobile app, TriNet Mobile, which is mostly for employee self-service—employees can access real-time information on pay, paycheck history, benefits, time off requests, a company directory, etc. Managers and admins can also use the app for approvals, but they can't do heavier weight things like run payroll or onboard a new employee. TriNet is Top Rated by reviewers at mid-sized companies. They are also highly rated by users at small businesses, though just shy of Top Rated, with a trScore of 8.7 for that segment.

Performance management and applicant tracking are newer areas for TriNet, but the vendor sees them as key areas of opportunity since most of the existing technology in those spaces has been built for enterprises, rather than SMBs. TriNet has also been investing in additional, vertical-specific modules. For example, the company recently launched TriNet Technology, an offering tailored for tech companies. The product includes equity management capabilities, visa management and support for international hires, as a result of the acquisition of Teleborder earlier this year. Another example is the hospitality offering, which will launch Q1 2017, and will include time and attendance management, with industry features like tips processing. According to the vendor, their top competitors are ADP Total Source, Insperity and Paychex.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, TriNet is:

A good fit for: Small businesses and start-ups in software and other industries that want to outsource some or all HR functions, but where employee self-service features are important

Most compared to: Zenefits, UltiPro, BambooHR, Paycor, ADP Workforce Now

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TriNet Customer Demographics*

TriNet customer demographics - company size and industry size
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Summary of TriNet Reviews

Source: (22) User reviews of TriNet on TrustRadius, all updated or written in the last year
TriNet Pros TriNet Cons
Good for startups / small businesses
  • According to users, TriNet is good for startups and small businesses that are scaling but have limited in-house HR resources (such as an HR department of one, or another employee handling HR functions part-time) or that lack HR expertise and want to outsource HR entirely.
  • A few users said that TriNet is more small business-friendly than other vendors they worked with in the past, who were unfamiliar with the needs of small businesses or were more focused on up-market customers.
  • As a PEO, its strong services component is a major factor of the value that small business users get from using TriNet.
Payroll and benefits summary review
  • While TriNet email reminders are somewhat helpful, users would like them to be more actionable and comprehensive. Specifically, admin users would like to see email reminders include a summary for review before payroll and benefits deadlines, with the links to go in and make changes if necessary.
Multi-state payroll & tax compliance
  • TriNet handles multi-state payroll for distributed staff extremely well. In particular, users said it was a relief not to worry about tax compliance and compliance changes across different states, since the TriNet system handles this automatically.
Custom reports
  • Creating custom reports is extremely difficult.
  • Users would like to see more built-in options for creating different types of reports or reporting on select groups/fields.
  • Users would also like to see better data export (with more consistent formatting) for analyzing the data outside of the system.
Payroll module
  • Payroll in general is straightforward and easy to use. Users said this is the strongest area of TriNet.
Cloud platform needs improvement
  • Because PEO services are the key area of focus for the vendor—TriNet is a technology-enabled service—the platform itself is not as robust or refined as other online Core HR software. For example, some users feel the menu is overly complex, and that the different modules could be better organized.
  • While Payroll is strong, users would like to see improvement in other modules, including Expense, Hire, and Time & Attendance.
  • A couple of users noted that the technology platform has been improving recently.
Employee self-service
  • Online portal works well for employees to enroll in benefits and keep their own information up to date, rather than having an HR administrator handle data entry.

Support is inconsistent
  • Some users have had very positive experiences with TriNet support, while others described support as having limited availability and long response times.
  • A few reviewers who have experienced turnover with their dedicated service/support reps said that the quality of support varies widely between TriNet representatives.
  • TriNet Benefits get mixed reviews.
  • Some users described benefits enrollment as easy and convenient, and said employees had better options and more control over their benefits than with alternatives. Especially for early startups recruiting top talent, users said being able to offer competitive benefits is very important.
  • Other users said benefits enrollment has room for improvement, both in terms of cost and the ability to compare healthcare options, for example. While TriNet does allow employees to compare benefits packages, it is confusing and requires opening multiple documents/windows. Users who were unhappy with the cost said they would like to be pooled with other companies for discounted benefits, or that they have struggled with sharply rising costs due to utilization levels.

Aggregate User Ratings of TriNet on TrustRadius

TriNet aggregate ratings in 2016 Core HR Buyer's Guide
Source: (22) User reviews of TriNet on TrustRadius, all updated or written in the last year

TriNet Response to Reviewer Feedback

Thanks for the feedback. Reviews like yours help us improve and deliver extraordinary HR for small and midsize business owners every day. As a comprehensive HR solution for our clients, we not only make it easier for our clients to scale and grow their business but also offer competitive benefits that are crucial for SMBs to attract and retain top talent, as some of the reviews pointed out.

As the health care costs continue to rise, we avidly negotiate rates with our insurance carriers and provide a broad range of plan options and carriers. The rates for healthcare benefits are dictated by various factors which are sometimes not within our control, e.g., rising cost of prescription drugs, drug discovery, disease management, Affordable Care Act mandates, etc.

Our services are delivered by our expert team of HR professionals who are committed to providing excellent customer service to all our clients, regardless of the company size. To achieve this goal, our team of Human Capital Consultants, are trained to serve our clients' needs and are always ready to answer any questions they may have. Our dedicated support team can be reached through the Employee Solution Center at 800.638.0461 Monday - Friday from 4:30 AM – 9 PM PT. It is our objective to deliver world class customer service and we hope that our clients continue to experience exceptional support in future as well.

Our cloud based technology platform makes it easy for our clients and their employees to efficiently manage and access their HR from anywhere, anytime. We are continuously improving the platform and are adding more robust capabilities. As we grow, we are also able to serve an expanding set of needs by different industry verticals. We will take your valuable feedback into account and look forward to improvements in areas around custom reporting.