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Software Profile & Review Summary

GreenRope offers online CRM and marketing automation software for small businesses. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in San Diego, California.

GreenRope customers include Underwood Gardens, CCHI, Happiness Tech LLC, and Pacific San Diego Magazine.

Company Status: Private
Customers: 400 direct clients; 25 VARs (value-added resellers)
Employees (per LinkedIn): 19
Pricing: $149 to $499 per month (unlimited users)
Best Fit For:
  • Small businesses.
  • Companies looking for a combined marketing automation and CRM solution.

GreenRope Customer Distribution

GreenRope Customer Distribution Pie Chart
Source: (13) User reviews and ratings of GreenRope on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of GreenRope on TrustRadius

Source: (12) User reviews of GreenRope on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute GreenRope # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average CRM Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 9.3 12 7.9
Likelihood to renew 9.6 8 8.3
Product usability 9.0 1 7.8

Summary of GreenRope Reviews

Source: (12) User reviews of GreenRope on TrustRadius
GreenRope Pros GreenRope Cons
Email marketing
Users like the email marketing features of GreenRope, including drip campaigns, list management, landing pages and web forms, and email tracking.
Email templates
Though the email marketing features are strong, users say the email templates are inflexible or difficult to customize. They would also like to see more template options.
Users like the contact management, opportunity tracking, and sales team workflow features as well.
Minor UI issues
While overall the software is easy to use, users had varying suggestions for minor improvements in the UI and workflow, such as the ability to perform certain tasks with fewer clicks and better menu options.
Customer support
The support team is helpful, the online documentation is robust, and the company listens to customer feedback.

Users say the product is affordable, and like that it's month-to-month rather than an annual contract.

Tips from GreenRope End-Users

“Greenrope is a terrific tool for any business that does a range of marketing tasks (email, drip campaigns, snail mail, social, direct marketing, online selling), lots of small projects, and shares and manages customer data among sales (both inside and outside) and marketing staff… If a company primarily deploys a large outside sales force and does little online marketing, then I'd recommend Salesforce over Greenrope. If a company is primarily engaged in large project management situations that involve outside parties in addition to employees, Greenrope would be less suited. But otherwise, Greenrope has been one of our most exciting software finds.”
Andrea Hill
CEO, Owner at Hill Management Group, LLC
Jan. 2015
“Key questions to ask:
  • Is the website builder visual with drag and drop based or difficult to learn?
  • Does it integrate with Google Calendars without data being public?
  • What parts of the system auto-populate in the CRM Record?
  • What are the best practices for making the most use of the system from a functional perspective if you are a solopreneur?”
Consultant at a Management Consulting
company with 1-10 employees
Jan. 2015

GreenRope Response to Reviewer Feedback

GreenRope users save 80% in cost of ownership with our integrated sales and marketing tools, and average 75% growth after 12 months.

GreenRope's website builder is as easy to use as a word processor and includes the ability to create personalized URLs and custom content for recognized website visitors. Tracking also includes easy A/B testing for site and landing page optimization.

GreenRope's email builder is similar with personalization and looks and acts like most word processors, but has drag-and-drop building and the ability to modify colors and content in millions of design and layout combinations.

GreenRope is currently updating our entire user interface. We have updated many of our modules to reflect a more modern and sleek design. New reports, new contact layouts, a flatter design have great improved the UI and will continue to improve ease-of-use and the customer experience.

We actively connect with our users to gather feedback on the system, and make upgrades and add features based on user suggestions.