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Zoho CRM

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Zoho CRM is part of a suite of online business software applications offered by Zoho, including products for sales and marketing, customer support, finance and HR. Zoho Corporation was founded in 1996 and has offices in the U.S., India, China and Japan.

Zoho says its CRM customers span many industries, including marketing, technology, communication, customer support, website development, health care, transportation, real estate, life sciences, construction, entertainment, consulting, website design and service providers.

Company Status: Private
Customers: 50,000
Employees (per LinkedIn): 2,562 (entire company)
Pricing: $12 to $50 per user per month
Best Fit For:
  • Mid-size companies

Zoho CRM Customer Distribution

Zoho CRM Customer Distribution Pie Chart
Source: (30) User reviews and ratings of Zoho CRM on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of Zoho CRM on TrustRadius

Source: (26) User reviews of Zoho CRM on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Zoho CRM # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average CRM Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 7.5 26 7.9
Likelihood to renew 7.1 19 8.3
Product usability 8.0 2 7.8
Product availability 9.0 1 9.7
Product performance 9.0 1 9.5
Support 5.5 4 7.8
Online training 4.0 1 7.2
Implementation satisfaction 5.7 3 7.3

Summary of Zoho CRM Reviews

Source: (26) User reviews of Zoho CRM on TrustRadius
Zoho CRM Pros Zoho CRM Cons
Ease of use
Zoho CRM is intuitive and easy to use, even for technically challenged users.
Email and other integrations
Users would like to see more or better-functioning syncing options with email (e.g., Outlook and Gmail), as well as other integrations such as accounting tools (e.g., Quickbooks) and social media networks.
The software can be customized based on your needs, with capabilities such as user views, advanced filtering, renaming and modifying fields, custom fields, and custom rules. However, some users don't like that there is a limit to the number of custom fields they can create.
Complex workflows
While a great fit for small or simple businesses, Zoho CRM does not work well for companies who need to implement complex, custom or automated workflows.
Feature set
Users like the following capabilities: territory management, lead assignment, form building and integration, inventory management, meetings and reminders, pipeline management and revenue goal setting.
Users would like to see more automation options, including automated workflows, automated email notifications, and marketing automation options.
Integration with other Zoho apps
Zoho CRM can be tightly integrated with other Zoho products.

The product is affordable.

Tips from Zoho CRM End-Users

“I think Zoho CRM is well suited for the SMB market because it can be implemented very quickly and provide value within the first month. The key questions to ask are more focused internally regarding the actual requirements of sales, marketing, support and management.”
James Lochran
Sales and Marketing consultant
Nov. 2014
“Although you can implement Zoho CRM yourself but the effort required in learning the application is demanding. Always choose a professional who has some sort of processes to define CRM scope before implementation.”
Usman Ghani
Zoho Administrator at Aimark Travers Inc
April 2014
“Useful advice for small groups implementing Zoho is don't integrate/turn on everything at once. Adoption by the users in manageable chunks will be easier in the long run.”
Joe Martinez
Marketing Specialist - Outbound Marketing Manager at Encon Safety Products, Inc.
Dec. 2013

Zoho CRM Response to Reviewer Feedback

Over the past decade, the Zoho suite has emerged to be a leader in the cloud and on your device. With the largest R&D team in the industry, we have made a commitment to offer our customers not only product depth but also a breadth of product offerings. As a customer, you get our devotion to customer satisfaction.

We designed Zoho CRM Plus to solve many issues sales and marketing teams have in regards to managing the customer lifecycle, marketing automation, managing sales pipelines and customer support. We wanted to provide a simple solution to give our customers the support they need to work efficiently, sell smarter and grow their business.

Our support team and partner network are available to provide solutions to the most complex workflow automation setups. We have a wide array of tools that give our customers the ability to go beyond Zoho CRM and build applications that are customized for specific business needs. Zoho CRM can be integrated with custom built and third party applications for seamless management of your marketing automation, email notifications and workflow processes.