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AT Internet is a privately held French company founded in 1995 as a marketing agency. They switched to a focus on web analytics three years later. A large percentage of their customers are based in Europe. The company originally launched a free web analytics product, which is still in use, but focus shifted to the enterprise space in 2007 in response to the emergence of Google Analytics and customer requests for more advanced features. They are currently expanding in Latin America and Asia. The company raised $9 million in funding last year and has raised a total of $17 million to date.

*Interview with AT Internet CEO Mathieu Llorens
Company status Private
2012 revenue $20 million*
Growth 2012-2013 >15%*
Customers 3,500; 400-500 are enterprise class*
Employees 200*
Approximate Pricing From 30k to 300k euros per year*

Aggregate User Ratings of AT Internet on TrustRadius

Source: (10) User reviews of AT Internet on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute AT Internet # of reviewers contributing to each rating Digital Analytics Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 8.6 10 8.2
Likelihood to renew 8.3 10 8.3

Summary of AT Internet Reviews

Source: (10) User reviews of AT Internet on TrustRadius
AT Internet Strengths AT Internet Areas for Improvement
Support and Client Services
Product consultants are excellent, and customer support is free and highly responsive.
User Interface
Although the user interface receives some criticism, it is much improved in the latest version.
Reliable data/segmentation
There is no data sampling and the product allows for full segmentation and filtering.
AT Internet is more of an enterprise-level product and is correspondingly expensive.
The system includes an easy-to-use REST API for custom development work.
Some users would like to see more details and greater flexibility in the reporting and analysis capabilities.
The team works hard to improve the product and innovate. They have a promising roadmap.
One user mentions long response times for reports based on large datasets.

Interview with Mathieu Llorens, CEO

Photo of Mathieu Llorens, CEOPositioning
AT Internet CEO Mathieu Llorens says the company is well positioned to compete with the large U.S.-based analytics tools like Adobe and Google, because they can offer more flexibility and a closer relationship with their team, including executives. “We are the only independent company with global reach,” Llorens says. “Analytics is a long-term project. You don’t want to commit for one or two years. We’ve had customers for 12 years. You want to know who you are working with.”

Competitive Differentiation
They believe their main differentiation from Adobe Analytics is total cost of ownership. “While they're priced similarly in terms of traffic volume, the total cost of ownership ends up being about 50 percent less,” Llorens says. This is because AT Internet places no limit on the number of users on an account, and also provides customer support at no extra cost. “Ask a question any time if you have a problem with your solution, and we will answer you,” he says. “You only have to pay if you want people coming on site.”

Their main differentiation from Google is data ownership and privacy. “A lot of customers in finance, media, healthcare, etc., are more comfortable working with a European and independent company. We can give them clear guarantees on data ownership and privacy,” he says. “The data is stored in our own European data center. It's very important for enterprise class customers.”

Target Customers
While 75 to 80 percent of their customers are in Europe, they are growing internationally. “We are expanding in Latin America and Asia first. We opened three offices last year, in Moscow, Singapore and Brazil,” Llorens says. “We'll confirm our presence there before we move into the U.S., where the competition is focused.”

Main verticals served include banks and financial services, travel and hospitality, technology, retail and media.

Llorens emphasizes the importance of the product's API, of which they're releasing a new version this year that allows for more scalability and real-time capacity. “We see a lot of need from our customers for importing and exporting data from our solution to their CRM, CMS, etc,” he says. “The API is the core of our system.” It also allows AT Internet to build partnerships with other tools, such as e-mail marketing platforms, multivariate testing solutions, SEO and search marketing platforms, behavioral targeting solutions and business intelligence.

Response to Feedback from AT Internet Reviews
“We have recently introduced new features to help streamline how customers extract, analyze and share their data, most notably an intuitive new workspace and an innovative dashboard tool allowing customers to build fully customizable dashboards in minutes,” Llorens says. “These new features offer a simplified user experience and enable customers to rapidly analyze and share the data that's most important to them, facilitating smarter decision-making.”