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Crazy Egg was founded in 2005 by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah as a simple tool to visualize visitor behavior on a website. It provides heatmaps and confetti maps to show how visitors interact with a website. According to Shah, it was originally used by designers interested in website usability, but with the growing popularity of conversion optimization, it is now used by marketers as well. The same pair later founded KISSmetrics, a web analytics tool focused on individual-level tracking.

*Interview with Hiten Shah, Co-founder
**Crazy Egg website
Company status Private
2014 revenue estimate N/A
Growth 2013-2014 N/A
Customers 200,000 websites*
Employees 5*
Pricing $108 to $1,188 per year**

Aggregate User Ratings of Crazy Egg on TrustRadius

Source: (12) User reviews of Crazy Egg on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Crazy Egg # of reviewers contributing to each rating Digital Analytics Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 9 12 8.2
Likelihood to renew 9.2 12 8.3
Product usability 8.5 2 7.8
Support 10 1 7.8
Implementation satisfaction 10 1 8.3

Summary of Crazy Egg Reviews

Source: (12) User reviews of Crazy Egg on TrustRadius
Crazy Egg Strengths Crazy Egg Areas for Improvement
Ease of use
Crazy Egg is simple and easy to implement and use. The tool is “marketer-friendly,” as one user put it.
Small feature set
The company is focused on a very tight feature set. Some additional features users said they would like to see include: A/B testing, custom segmentation, archiving, account permissions and management, and integrations with data from other tools such as Google Analytics.
Useful visuals
Crazy Egg provides appealing and easy-to-understand visuals of visitor behavior that can provide useful insights and be presented to executives.
Customer support is understaffed, though knowledgeable and helpful.
Most users said Crazy Egg is affordable. However, one user said the prices are slowly rising, and another said the tool is expensive.
Plan limits
Crazy Egg offers various tiers based on the number of pages tracked and the number of visits to that page. Some users mentioned running into those limits quickly.
Advanced features
Users can segment visitors, perform advanced targeting, and schedule future tests/snapshots.
Heatmap shortcoming
Some users mentioned that the heatmaps don't work as well on pages with tabs, drop-down menus or re-sortable lists, as well as pages that are responsively designed.

Interview with Hiten Shah, Co-founder

Photo of Hiten Shah, Co-founderPositioning
Crazy Egg purposefully keeps its feature set tight, says the company's co-founder, Hiten Shah. “When we founded the company in 2005, our goal was simple,” he says. “We wanted to provide something a lot easier to understand than the data people usually got out of analytics tools. We wanted to provide a visual representation of what people are doing on your website.”

The company has no sales team and one customer support person. “Every single competitor has turned their product into a whole suite of features,” Shah says. “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to go online and sign up and get value out of Crazy Egg.”

Target Customers
Their customers include enterprises such as SAP and Home Depot as well as start-ups and mom and pop websites, Shah says. “It's like GA. Everybody can use it.”

Response to Feedback from Crazy Egg Reviews
Per the company's positioning, they aren't developing new features. “It's all about improving the interface. Our most recent release was a mobile heatmap that shows only your mobile traffic,” Shah says.

They are also focusing on product improvements that reduce the need for customer support even further, he says.