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Flurry is a mobile analytics company founded in 2005 and was recently acquired by Yahoo! The company offers three products: Flurry Analytics (a free mobile analytics product), Flurry for Advertisers, and Flurry for Publishers. The mobile analytics product tracks user behavior in native apps or on the mobile web, providing high-level data, behavioral analytics and industry-based benchmarking. It is used on more than 500,000 mobile apps and provides Flurry with data that allows its advertiser and publisher customers to target specific segments.

**Estimate based upon Nov 2013 article stating $100m run rate and Sept 2012 article (http://allthingsd.com/20121102/investors-plug-another-25-million-into-ipo-bound-flurry/) stating expected 2012 revenue of $80-100 million
***Flurry website
Company status Just acquired by Yahoo!
2014 revenue estimate $100m*
Growth 2013-2014 25% (estimate)**
Customers 150,000***
Employees 150*
Pricing Free

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Rating Attribute Flurry Analytics # of reviewers contributing to each rating Digital Analytics Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 7 5 8.2
Likelihood to renew 5.8 5 8.3

Summary of Flurry Analytics Reviews

Source: (5) User reviews of Flurry Analytics on TrustRadius
Flurry Analytics Strengths Flurry Analytics Areas for Improvement
Mobile app tracking
Effective tracking of users' interactions with mobile apps across multiple vendor platforms and form factors.
Data accuracy
Data does not always tally with data from vendor platforms.
Benchmark data
Provides mobile app tracking benchmark data so that companies can compare their performance to industry norms.
User Interface
One user complained of inability to see roll-up data from multiple apps; data has to be looked at for individual apps and then aggregated by hand.
SDK integration
It's very simple to integrate the SDK into mobile for both Android and iOS.

Interview with Jarah Euston, Vice President of Analytics & Marketing

Photo of Jarah Euston, Vice President of Analytics & MarketingMobile App Focus
Flurry Analytics is a free mobile app analytics product that powers the company's paid solutions for advertisers and publishers. Because cookies don't work on mobile applications, it's difficult to track user activity across multiple apps. “We track over 500,000 apps on our analytics platform, which is over one-third of all app activity. Because of this, we can understand what users are doing across their device, and provide superior targeting for advertisers and publishers,” says Jarah Euston, Vice President of Analytics & Marketing at Flurry.

“Flurry is optimized for apps. It allows developers to see everything from really high-level metrics, such as daily and monthly active users, and location of users, to really deep behavioral data. Developers can tag every action with an event so you can understand what users are doing in your app,” she says. “Because we are tracking so many apps, we can also provide data on how your app fits into the broader ecosystem, with benchmarking and age and gender estimates, which no one else does.”

Competitive Differentiation
The primary competitor to Flurry Analytics is the mobile app capabilities that Google Analytics provides, Euston says. “Flurry is mobile first, and app first. You can integrate us in five minutes, and the reports are intuitive. We're built for mobile, so it works better,” she says. “And we provide the benchmarking information, which no one else can do.”

Target Customers
Flurry Analytics' customer mix fits the app ecosystem, Euston says. “We track everything from the hobbyist's first app to the hottest and largest apps today. That includes gaming, retail, travel, news media, social, photo and video—all the popular categories, because we follow the market.”

Industry Trends
“There is a shift from this idea that I already know the questions I want to ask, to being able to have a system that can respond on demand to my new queries—the idea that I want to be able to freely explore my data,” Euston says. “That's something we care a lot about and are working hard to bring to life.”

Response to Feedback from Flurry Analytics Reviews
“There is a difference in how Flurry and iTunes track things,” Euston says. “We track downloads on new devices, whereas if a user downloads an app they already had on a new device, iTunes doesn't count it. We're comfortable with that difference.”