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IBM acquired Coremetrics in 2010 and eventually re-named it Digital Analytics. The platform has a particular strength in e-commerce analytics and is one component in a broad array of products offered by IBM in the digital analytics and enterprise marketing management space. IBM continues to make acquisitions that build on the original Coremetrics platform. Digital Analytics integrates with IBM Tealeaf, a customer-focused analytics tool also featured in this buyer's guide, as well as other marketing products from IBM.

*For an indication of product line revenue, prior to acquisition, Coremetrics earned $30 to $40 million in annual revenue in 2008:
***2000, at time of acquisition in 2010:
****230, at time of acquisition in 2010:
Company status Public
2013 revenue* $98.5 billion (total company)**
Growth 2012-2013 -5% (total company)**
Customers N/A***
Employees N/A****
Pricing N/A

Aggregate User Ratings of IBM Digital Analytics on TrustRadius

Source: (19) User reviews of IBM Digital Analytics on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute IBM Digital Analytics # of reviewers contributing to each rating Digital Analytics Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 7.1 19 8.2
Likelihood to renew 7.1 19 8.3
Product usability 9.0 1 7.8
Product availability 10.0 1 9.4
Product performance 8.0 1 8.8
Support 8.3 3 7.8
Online training 7.5 2 8.1
Implementation satisfaction 9.5 2 8.3

Summary of IBM Digital Analytics Reviews

Source: (19) User reviews of IBM Digital Analytics on TrustRadius
IBM Digital Analytics Strengths IBM Digital Analytics Areas for Improvement
E-commerce focus
Powerful e-commerce reporting for retail brands with out-of-the-box reports for basket analysis, cart abandon, etc.
Segmentation limitations
There is a limitation on the number of segments that can be active at one time (max. 10) and on the length of time they can run.
Attribution modeling
Strong marketing attribution modeling reports providing a holistic view of marketing channel performance.
Custom reporting limitations
The Explore module is limited to a certain number of credits for each month, beyond which additional costs are involved.
Implementation is relatively straightforward with helpful documentation.
Complex UI
The user interface is flash-based, which is slow and difficult to use on mobile; it's also too complex for anyone outside the analytics department to use with ease.
Customer support
Although there are some dissenters, most feel that customer support is helpful and effective.
Benchmark module
Although the benchmark module is a real strength, it is somewhat neglected and has a poor UI.


The company declined to participate.