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StatCounter was founded in 1999 as a web-stat tracking tool and is based in Dublin, Ireland. Basic services are free but paid accounts are available for customers with more than 250,000 page-loads a month, or for deeper analysis. StatCounter uses log files to track website activity unlike Google Analytics, which uses JavaScript; this means that StatCounter can count visitors who have JavaScript disabled, whereas GA cannot. It also means that StatCounter counts some bots or non-human visitors. The company has been completely self-funded from the beginning.

*Interview with Aodhan Cullen, Founder and CEO
**StatCounter Website
Company status Private
2013 revenue estimate N/A
Growth 2012-2013 N/A
Customers 3 million websites*
Employees 10*
Pricing Free or $5 to $119 per month**

Aggregate User Ratings of StatCounter on TrustRadius

Source: (7) User reviews of StatCounter on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute StatCounter # of reviewers contributing to each rating Digital Analytics Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 9.6 7 8.2
Likelihood to renew 9.9 7 8.3
Product usability 10 1 7.8

Summary of StatCounter Reviews

Source: (7) User reviews of StatCounter on TrustRadius
StatCounter Strengths StatCounter Areas for Improvement
Ease of use
StatCounter excels in usability with a logical organization and clear charts. Compared to competitive products, it's much more intuitive and easy to use and understand.
Data presentation
Manual manipulation is required to prepare the data for offline presentation; data visuals are not as compelling as compared to other tools.
Basic feature set
The product provides the major features found in other similar tools, such as keyword analysis, visitor sourcing, time on site, historical data, etc. It also provides a few additional things like reverse IP lookup.
Lack of breadth
StatCounter is very simple and easy to use, and therefore does not provide some of the complex capabilities that other tools do. Many reviewers use it for a set of simple stats and rate it very highly.
Very fast real-time data loads, even for large sets of historical data.

Interview with Aodhan Cullen, Founder and CEO

Photo of Aodhan Cullen, Founder and CEOPositioning
Aodhan Cullen, Founder and CEO of StatCounter, says he was designing websites for local businesses as a teenager in 1999, and many of his customers would ask who was visiting their websites. “I thought, that's a great question,” Cullen says. “I launched StatCounter to service that need, and continued to work on it throughout college. We've been growing organically ever since.”

The company is focused on keeping the product self-explanatory and easy to use, he says. “We concentrate on providing a functional, intuitive interface,” he says. “We are incredibly lucky to have a loyal membership base. We constantly respond to their feedback and suggestions and every decision at StatCounter is made with our members in mind.”

In addition to basic website stats, StatCounter offers segmentation filters, individual-level tracking, mobile device tracking, raw data, and the ability to drill down and create new reports. Implementation involves placing a snippet code on each webpage. Unlike many web analytics tools, StatCounter tracks page views from all devices whether JavaScript is enabled or not. “This distinction is very important in the mobile space and allows StatCounter to track all mobile devices, not just smartphones,” Cullen says.

Target Customers
StatCounter is used across many different verticals and company sizes, as well as different personas within an organization, Cullen says. The biggest chunk of their customers are in the United States, but they have an even spread across other countries as well. Ninety percent of their customer base is at the free tier level, he says.

Product changes
The company has recently launched a new feature that imports data from a customer's Google Webmaster Tools account into StatCounter. “The Google ‘not provided’ keyword issue is a real concern for our members,” Cullen says. “Our new tool gives them efficient and streamlined access to all available keyword data through the StatCounter interface.”

The company is also working on enhancing its mobile device tracking. “Since we track views from all devices whether JavaScript is enabled or not, we see mobile traffic that other providers don't see,” Cullen says.

Response to Feedback from StatCounter Reviews
“We favor simplicity and ease-of-use over a multiplicity of complicated features. That said, we also have many advanced features that people sometimes overlook e.g. segmentation filters,” Cullen says. “We've also been improving our data visuals. I'm confident that anyone who hasn't looked at StatCounter for a while will be pleasantly surprised by the changes."