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Webtrends is a private company founded in 1993, and their analytics product was one of the pioneers in the web analytics space. They offer additional products to their core analytics platform including Webtrends Optimize for A/B and multivariate testing. The company has been through several senior management shakeups in recent years, and has been under the leadership of a new CEO since February.

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Company status Private
2013 revenue estimate ~$100 million* (total company)
Growth 2012-2013 N/A
Customers ~2,000**
Employees >400* (total company)
Approximate Pricing N/A

Aggregate User Ratings of Webtrends Analytics on TrustRadius

Source: (24) User reviews of Webtrends Analytics on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Webtrends Analytics # of reviewers contributing to each rating Digital Analytics Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 5.8 24 8.2
Likelihood to renew 6.3 24 8.3
Product usability 6.7 6 7.8
Product availability 9.7 3 9.4
Product performance 9 3 8.8
Support 9.3 8 7.8
In-person training 9 3 7.4
Online training 9.5 4 8.1
Implementation satisfaction 9.6 5 8.3

Summary of Webtrends Analytics Reviews

Source: (24) User reviews of Webtrends on TrustRadius
Webtrends Analytics Strengths Webtrends Analytics Areas for Improvement
Integration/Data extraction
It's relatively easy to export data and integrate with third-party data. Webtrends 10 also integrates with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
No on-demand, real-time data
There is no ability to segment data on the fly. You have to first build reports then analyze data. Also, the data refreshes only every 12 hours. However, the company launched Webtrends Explore in 2014, which allows for on-the-fly data exploration and may address this area for improvement.
Flexible platform
Highly customizable and configurable platform that can be made to do whatever you need. A lot of configuration can be done in the UI, but some technical know-how is required. There is no limit on custom variables.
The product is expensive and hard to justify to management when there are excellent free tools like Google Analytics.
On-premise version advantages
The fact that there is an on-premise version in addition to the SaaS version is attractive for users with data privacy concerns.
On-premise version disadvantages
Webtrends has prioritized the SaaS version, and there is currently no upgrade path for the on-premises solution.
Steep learning curve
Despite good documentation and an improved user interface, the product is difficult to use for those coming from simpler tools.
Customer support
Opinion is sharply divided on the quality of customer support with some users highlighting this as a significant problem, while others feel that it is of excellent quality.


The company declined to participate.