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Advanced Personnel Systems, makers of SmartSearch ATS was founded in 1986. SmartSearch has formed partnerships with major job boards and resume-search databases like Monster, CareerBuilder and others. SmartSearch ATS also integrates with providers of ancillary products like assessment services; background checking; screening and research tools, including E-Verify; to better streamline the recruiting process. The company is privately held and has never accepted venture capital funding. For nearly 30 years, SmartSearch has maintained a staffing focus and contains a CRM tool for managing relationships.

Company Status: Private
2014 Revenue: N/A
Revenue Growth 2013-2014: N/A
Customers: N/A
Employees: N/A

SmartSearch ATS Customer Distribution

SmartSearch ATS Customer Distribution Pie Chart
Source: (21) User reviews of SmartSearch ATS on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of SmartSearch ATS on TrustRadius

Source: (21) User reviews of SmartSearch ATS on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute SmartSearch ATS Rating # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Recruiting / ATS Average Rating
Likelihood to recommend 7.3 21 7.5
Likelihood to renew 7.3 16 7.6
Product usability 8.0 3 7.8
Product availability N/A N/A 8.1
Product performance N/A N/A 9.0
Support N/A N/A 7.4
In-person training N/A N/A N/A
Online training N/A N/A 8.1
Implementation satisfaction N/A N/A 8.1

Summary of SmartSearch ATS Reviews

Source: (21) User reviews of SmartSearch ATS on TrustRadius
SmartSearch ATS Pros SmartSearch ATS Cons
Basic features are easy to learn and to use; however, many reviewers said that SmartSearch requires in-depth training, because the most helpful features have a steep learning curve. Some reviewers found the visual interface confusing, and difficult to navigate.
Helpful for keeping track of candidates throughout the hiring process; also allows users to save past candidate histories for future job consideration.
Platform performance
Platform performance is generally a pain point.
Scales well. Easy to customize, for organizations and individuals within an organization.

Customer support
The SmartSearch customer support team is very helpful and has great follow-up.

Candidate communication
Unlimited broadcast emails; organized, easily accessed records allow for better customer service in communications with candidates.

Increased efficiency in the recruiting and hiring process.

Easy to access from remote offices, at home, or on mobile devices.

Easy to maintain records and keep current information up to date. Users can set priorities and manage workflow within SmartSearch.

Central information storage allows multiple users to view resumes and post notes. Many reviewers said that SmartSearch has improved internal communication within their company.

SmartSearch ATS Response to Reviewer Feedback

SmartSearch is a SaaS organization dedicated to providing our clients with excellent service and support – and one of the most powerful search engines on the market. Scalable from two to thousands of users, our highly configurable software is designed to satisfy the demands of modern-day recruiters and to meet and exceed the expectations of our end-users. Our first and foremost goal is to service our clients and support them as they navigate the ever-changing recruitment landscape.