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Company Status: Public
Customers: N/A
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,292 (all of IBM Smarter Workforce)
Headquarters: Armonk, NY
Founded: Kenexa was acquired by IBM in 2012

Kenexa was founded in 1987 with a focus on recruitment, which remains a key part of the Kenexa offering. The company went public in 2005, raising $86M, and over the next 10 years, acquired a number of companies to expand its core offering. In 2005, it acquired Webhire for $34M and the, following year, acquired BrassRing for $115M gaining candidate hiring, skills management, and outsourcing solutions. In 2010, Kenexa released its new SaaS technology platform called Kenexa 2X, and shortly thereafter acquired for $80M, adding compensation management to its portfolio. The company partnered with HireVue in 2011 to include their interviewing platform as a component of the Kenexa platform, and then added LMS with the acquisition of OutStart in 2012 for $34M. The company was itself acquired by IBM in 2012 for $1.3B.

The current Kenexa incarnation is called the IBM Kenexa Talent Management System, which is part of IBM Smarter Workforce. It is made up of several products: IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite (recruiting, onboarding, and social collaboration), IBM Kenexa Brassring on Cloud (standalone ATS), IBM Kenexa Employee Voice (employee engagement surveys and analytics), IBM Kenexa Skills Assessments on Cloud, IBM Kenexa Talent Insights (analytics), and IBM Kenexa LCMS Premier on Cloud (learning management). Note that IBM sold (including CompAnalyst compensation management) back to the original founders in January 2016; it is no longer part of the Kenexa portfolio.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, IBM Kenexa is:

A good fit for: Enterprises that need a system to manage global recruiting, with strong analytics for data-based hiring decisions

Most compared to: Oracle HCM Cloud, Workday HCM, Cornerstone (Growth Edition and OnDemand), and SuccessFactors Talent Solutions

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Summary of IBM Kenexa Reviews

Source: (23) User reviews of Kenexa on TrustRadius, (8) updated or written in the last year.
Kenexa Pros Kenexa Cons
Global solution
  • Kenexa works for large global organizations. It can handle a large volume of candidates, and includes multi-site, multi-language capabilities.
  • Support is lacking; tickets take a long time to resolve and in some cases navigating support requires a consultant.
Solid ATS
  • With its BrassRing roots, users said Kenexa's top of funnel recruiting/applicant tracking features, such as managing requisitions, sorting applications, background checks, etc. are the strongest part of the tool.
System performance & availability
  • Several users complained that the system is slow, buggy, and that it may crash during complex activities.
Data extraction
  • Data can be extracted for reporting and analysis in other systems.
Integration to other HCM platforms
  • The system does not integrate well with external HCM tools like Workday.
Overselling—system is limited beyond ATS
  • Several users felt they were oversold on Kenexa as being more than an ATS. They said that the mobile app and talent management features beyond recruiting were not cost effective, not fully functional, and/or not current.
Workflow/UI design
  • UI is overly complex, creating inefficiencies because too many clicks are required. For example, users complained that after finding a candidate through search, it is not possible to email the candidate from there.

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Source: (23) User reviews of Kenexa on TrustRadius. (8) updated or written in the last year.

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