Oracle HCM Cloud (includes Taleo) Ratings & User Feedback

(97) 6.9 of 10

Software Profile & Review Summary

Company Status: Public (ORCL)
Customers: 1,200+ (HCM)
Employees on LinkedIn: 145,747 (all of Oracle)
Headquarters: Redwood Shores, CA
Founded: 1977 (Oracle); Taleo acquired in 2012

Oracle HCM Cloud includes recruiting, onboarding, goal and performance management, succession planning, learning, compensation, benefits, payroll, workforce management, work/life wellness apps, and embedded HR analytics. It is aimed at enterprises with 500 to 100,000+ employees, and is currently used in over 190 countries. Accordingly, Oracle has 23 data centers around the world to handle international data regulations, like Europe's Safe Harbor privacy law. (Ensuring that data storage and big data analytics offerings remain compliant is an ongoing challenge for enterprise cloud vendors with international customer bases.) Unlike some other Oracle products, which are sold mainly within the existing Oracle customer base, about 60% of Oracle HCM customers are net new to Oracle.

A big part of HCM Cloud is Taleo. Taleo's roots are in recruiting, and the company was founded in Canada in 1996 originally as a job board. The company initially changed its name to Recruitersoft and became Taleo in 2004. Taleo expanded from its base in recruiting adding compensation management in 2009, performance management in 2010, and learning management in 2010. Addition of these capabilities was achieved largely through acquisition of other companies. Oracle acquired Taleo in 2012 for $1.9B, and now sells it only as part of their Oracle HCM Cloud suite offering. Note that while some reviewers used the whole suite, many of the reviews are only of the Taleo piece.

We also have a number of reviews of Oracle PeopleSoft HCM, the vendor's legacy Core HR product. While we think this data is useful for comparison (i.e., for users currently on PeopleSoft, how do other products compare?), the vendor is no longer going to market with PeopleSoft HCM, so we have decided to profile only HCM Cloud in this guide.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, Oracle HCM Cloud is:

A good fit for: Enterprises with a large talent pool and/or high velocity talent pipeline (lots of new hires, employee turnover, or internal position changes) that want to centralize their HR data and leverage analytics. Note that according to the vendor, Oracle also offers a separate suite for the mid-market, Oracle HCM Cloud for Midsize, for which we have not specifically collected reviewer feedback.

Most compared to: Workday HCM, Oracle PeopleSoft HCM, IBM Kenexa, and SuccessFactors Talent Solutions

Find detailed user ratings of Oracle HCM Cloud's Core HR and talent management features here.

Oracle HCM Customer Demographics*

Oracle HCM customer demographics - company size and industry size
*Customer demographics data is drawn from User profiles and User reviews of Oracle HCM Cloud on TrustRadius. Data may not be available for all reviewers.

Summary of Oracle HCM Cloud Reviews

Source: (38) User reviews of Oracle HCM Cloud on TrustRadius, (11) updated or written in the last year.
Oracle HCM Cloud Pros Oracle HCM Cloud Cons
Taleo ATS
  • Taleo is a strong applicant tracking system. Users like that it is flexible and allows them to closely track their talent pipeline. Users said it increased efficiency and productivity for recruitment teams.
User interface
  • Users would like to see improvements to the UI design, which some feel is outdated.
Centralized data
  • Users said one of the biggest benefits of using Oracle HCM Cloud is that all of their HR and talent data (or all of their applicant data, if they are only using Taleo) is centralized. This is especially useful for reporting and analytics.
  • Having one central location for all data is also convenient for employee self service.
Heavy data load
  • A few users said Oracle HCM Cloud can be slow at times, due to the massive amount of data stored in the system.
  • Oracle HCM includes strong HR business intelligence capabilities that provide insights around talent sourcing, compensation, career progressions, etc. The fact that data is centralized across different pillars of talent management (like recruiting and performance), and across the different areas of the organization is valuable.
  • Dashboards surface helpful talent statistics.
Additional search capabilities (recruitment)
  • Although candidate search is relatively detailed, some users would like to see additional search capabilities in the recruitment portion of the product, for example, the ability to search within attachments to candidate profiles.
  • Users said Oracle HCM Cloud is highly scalable. It works well for managing large volumes of applicants, employees, etc., even at a global scale.
  • According to users, certain features, like the ability to identify opportunities for cross-hire, and the ability to set up complex user access levels, keep the system viable at scale.
Not cost effective for small to mid-sized companies
  • Users said Oracle HCM is less appropriate for smaller companies or companies with low-velocity talent pipelines, due to the cost of the software and the HR resources required to utilize the system's full set of capabilities. However, users at large enterprises said Oracle HCM Cloud's price was competitive.

    Note from vendor: A different product is offered to small-mid-sized businesses.
Performance, feedback, and goals
  • In addition to using the Taleo portion of Oracle HCM Cloud for recruiting, several reviewers engagement features, which allow for standard performance reviews as well as goal alignment, said they like the platform's performance and collaboration, & social recognition of achievements.
Increased compliance oversight
  • Oracle HCM helped increase compliance oversight at users' organizations; this was one of their key business objectives for the product.

Aggregate User Ratings of Oracle HCM Cloud on TrustRadius

Oracle HCM Cloud aggregate ratings in 2016 Talent Management Buyer's Guide
Source: (38) User reviews of Oracle HCM Cloud on TrustRadius. (11) updated or written in the last year.

Oracle Response to Reviewer Feedback

Oracle Cloud is the industry's broadest and most unified public cloud. You can read more about the Oracle Cloud and how Oracle offers best-in-class services and performance across software as a service (SaaS) on our website. Besides offering solutions for enterprise business, Oracle also offers solutions for Small and Medium Business as well as for Mid-sized organizations. Oracle has also heavily invested in a modern cloud user experience validated by Oracle's UX lab with thousands of customers and ten thousands of hours to build a modern, easy-to-use, personalized, purpose-built, role-based user experience for different roles. The Talent Acquisition's candidate advanced search capability has been offered for several years and can be configured through the users' configuration profile.