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Company Status: Public
Customers: 3,400+
Employees on LinkedIn: 2,706
Headquarters: Weston, FL
Founded: 1990

Ultimate Software was founded in 1990, and was taken public in 1998. Its UltiPro solution is a cloud HCM platform delivering a global HR system of record for managing employees and processing payroll. The company began introducing talent management capabilities in 2008, including employee onboarding (a new version is being released in 2016), performance management, succession management, career development, compensation management, and recruiting (a new version of which was launched in 2014). Time management is a more recent addition, and a new workforce management module will be added soon.

UltiPro is Top Rated by reviewers at mid-sized companies and enterprises. It is aimed at companies with between 200 and 100,000+ employees that are based in the U.S. or Canada but have multi-national workforces. Almost all customers use the Core HR and payroll solution, and the majority (>60%) also use the talent management and/or time management components.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, UltiPro is:

A good fit for: Mid-sized companies and enterprises that need a strong Core HR and payroll solution combined with basic talent management features, are focused on workforce reporting & compliance, and want to leverage Ultimate's free training and professional development certification programs

Most compared to: Workday HCM, ADP Workforce, Dayforce HCM, ADP Vantage and SuccessFactors Talent Solutions

Find detailed user ratings of UltiPro's HCM features, including many core HR areas plus recruiting, onboarding, performance management, succession planning, and other talent management areas, here.

Ultimate Software Customer Demographics*

Ultimate Software customer demographics - company size and industry size
*Customer demographics data is drawn from User profiles and User reviews of UltiPro on TrustRadius. Data may not be available for all reviewers.

Summary of UltiPro Reviews

Source: (436) User reviews of UltiPro on TrustRadius, (240) updated or written in the last year.
UltiPro Pros UltiPro Cons
Reporting (BI)
  • Reporting capabilities, enabled through a partnership with IBM Cognos, are robust and fairly easy to use, even for advanced reports. Users can report on any fields within the system.
  • Several users said reporting was a key differentiator that tipped the scales in their decision to purchase UltiPro.
Time Management (UTM)
  • Users said the UTM module could benefit from more development. For example, time management could be less buggy, more user-friendly, able to handle more complexity, and better integrated into the platform's core.
  • Payroll is UltiPro's strongest component. Works well for tax compliance with multi-state payroll.
  • A few elements, like negative earnings, pay rate changes, and entering backdated payroll information, have room for improvement.
PTO Tracking
  • Vacation time tracking does not work properly. People can submit time but system does not track balance as well as users would like.

    Note from vendor: UltiPro does include PTO balance tracking capabilities.
  • According to users, UltiPro is extremely user-friendly for both admins and employees.
Benefits administration
  • Some users would like to see more complexity / ability to customize benefits administration. For example, in some cases users were not able to integrate UltiPro to their benefits providers, and there were some issues with contingent benefits.
  • Users would like to be able to customize open enrollment more easily. They would also like the option to re-use settings and messaging from the previous year's open enrollment.
Support for changing regulations that affect HR (ACA)
  • Users said Ultimate Software has been extremely helpful in educating them about how to change reporting practices to comply with new regulations such as the Affordable Care Act.
  • Creating 1095-Cs in UltiPro is convenient.
Broad HR functionality
  • Many users like that UltiPro combines broad HR functionality, including payroll, core HR/HRIS, and talent management features (especially recruiting).
  • However, users note that UltiPro is missing some of the bells and whistles offered by competitors who focus on any one of these areas; users with more complex needs have integrated UltiPro with other various HR technologies.
Talent Management
  • Recruiting, onboarding, performance management, goals, and compensation exist but have room for improvement, in terms of handling complex processes.
Hands-on training
  • UltiPro's online and in-person training both get good grades from users. They especially like that training is live and interactive.
  • Online training has improved greatly. It is free to UltiPro customers and is tailored to specific roles and competency levels. Still, a few users would like to see even more granular online training for advanced functions (like certain types of reporting).
  • Users said training at the Connections conference is particularly worthwhile, though it does involve travel expenses.
  • Users also appreciate the professional development courses (which contribute to various certifications) offered for free by Ultimate.
Global functionality
  • International use cases are more difficult than expected to set up; global functionality isn't quite there yet.
  • Many users said UltiPro's competitive, straightforward pricing model was a major factor in their decision to purchase the product.
  • A few users would like to see different packing / pricing options for certain modules and combinations, for example time & attendance available at a lower cost.
Mobile app
  • In general, users said UltiPro's mobile functionality is improving but lags behind competitors.
  • While some areas of UltiPro are mobile compatible, not all parts of the product can be easily accessed from a phone or tablet. Users would like to see a more robust, user-friendly mobile experience for traveling employees who use mobile to clock in and out, for example.
Customer support
  • Support gets very mixed reviews. Some users raved about the excellent and attentive support they've received; others complained about needing to submit tickets, wait a long time for a response, and make do with rushed or incomplete solutions. Some users noted that support cases near the end of year—which tend to be urgent and time-sensitive—take a long time to resolve because support resources are overwhelmed.
  • Integration support in particular could be improved.

    Note that according to the vendor, in response to user feedback, they have recently redesigned their support structure, moving from a tiered approach (escalation) to a collaborative approach (swarming), with free phone support and a named service rep.

Aggregate User Ratings of UltiPro on TrustRadius

UltiPro aggregate ratings in 2016 Talent Management Buyer's Guide
Source: (436) User reviews of UltiPro on TrustRadius. (240) updated or written in the last year.

Ultimate Software Response to Reviewer Feedback

Ultimate Software is committed to putting people first, always. This commitment drives our corporate culture, products, and services.

Ultimate Software's comprehensive human capital management solution, UltiPro, allows customers to access their information anytime, anywhere, all in one place. We continue to invest heavily in mobile so employees can access pay info and history, PTO requests, retirement contributions, performance reviews, employee information, and more all from their preferred device. Our time solutions easily automate, streamline workforce processes, simplify time capture for employees, and increase overall workforce productivity, which allows employees to track, submit, and receive management approval for time off requests. We also simplify complex integrations and created a self-service Integration Studio so businesses can seamlessly integrate with third party solutions by themselves. Additionally, customers can match and administer their benefits plans and enable employees to check coverage options in an intuitive benefits solution. Our talent management platform helps organizations engage and develop talent through continuous performance management, career development support, and talent pipeline tools.

UltiPro provides the flexibility needed to scale worldwide and allows customers to manage, engage, and integrate with global payroll providers to pay employees outside the U.S. and Canada. We plan to expand our language profile in 2016.

Customers love our award-winning customer service. We have improved support times with our new tiered approach that updates customers on new resources and assigns one support contact to eliminate re-communications.

Please contact us for additional information or to learn more about the features reviewed by our customers.