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4ALLPORTAL, from the German company of the same name, is a solution for digital asset management & product information management designed to enable users to manage assets & data at the click of a button.

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4ALLPORTAL, from the German company of the same name, is a solution for digital asset management & product information management designed to enable users to manage assets & data at the click of a button.

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Product Details


Since 2001, 4ALLPORTAL helps other companies and organizations collect, manage and share digital content from anywhere.

4ALLPORTAL is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) and a Product Information Management (PIM). According to the modular principle, each 4ALLPORTAL is individually adapted to the desired data sets and in the corporate design.

In addition to the individualization by 4ALLPORTAL's global implementation partners and our internal development team, this is ensured by a personal contact person on the part of the manufacturer and the 4ALLPORTAL community.

As an alternative to the cloud on fail-safe Kubernetes clusters, 4ALLPORTAL continues to offer an on-premise solution in the long term.

What does 4ALLPORTAL help with?

1) Digital Asset Management
2) Product Information Management
3) Brand Shop Management

DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT - Search, manage, organize digital assets

- User, role and rights management for efficient data management
- Search and filter function including tagging for retrieval of all data
- Approval, correction and reconciliation workflows for task management
- Public facing portal and e-ticket for temporary sharing of files with the team or external service providers
- Additional desktop app with automated synchronization to tools like Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office
- Open API for connection to third-party systems
- Secure hosting of data on fail-safe Kubernetes clusters in the cloud or on-premise on servers of choice

PRODUCT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - manage, enrich, distribute product information

- Data enrichment or use as a single point of truth for an ERP system and third-party systems
- Automatic transfer of all information to connected systems
- Category tree to inherit metadata in multiple sublevels
- Classification of product data for correct formatting for websites, webshops, marketplaces, print etc.
- Versioning of files to always work on current files
- Predefined mandatory fields to maintain data for high data quality
- Usage, release and rights management for structured data management

BRAND SHOP MANAGEMENT - scaling and automation of CI compliant marketing materials

- A Brand Shop for a sales network
- Automatically create individual marketing material in the professional corporate design of the company
- Combine media asset management, web store and online document editor and 4ALLPORTAL Brand Shop becomes a marketing tool
- Make marketing scalable

Who is 4ALLPORTAL suitable for?

4ALLPORTAL is suitable for companies that organize and manage their data digitally. In a digital working world, this includes almost every area of work. Especially teams in marketing, sales, product management as well as PR and communication can use 4ALLPORTAL to simplify their work.

What does 4ALLPORTAL cost?

As an Enterprise Software 4ALLPORTAL grows with the organization's needs. Therefore they can never say exactly how high the price will be before the demands and individualization wishes for the software are known. For this reason, their demo with prospective customers is conducted in advance to be able to respond to individual requirements. Afterwards users can have a customized test environment. They'll offer a price range in the first conversation.


  • Supported: Individual - Adapts to requirements through its modular design
  • Supported: Scalable - Grows sustainably with company growth
  • Supported: For every industry - Manage any information and files from food, films to machines
  • Supported: Flexible hosting - On secure servers in Germany or on-premise on a company's own servers
  • Supported: Support from the first contact - The service includes a fixed contact person and an experienced implementation partner

4ALLPORTAL Screenshots

Screenshot of 4ALLPORTAL centralizes and automates the management of data and files. 4ALLPORTAL takes over repetitive tasks and helps keep track of workflows.Screenshot of Can centrally manage, find and share all kinds of files like images, PDFs or videos. Offers an overview of individual files or collections and supports automated workflowsScreenshot of Maintains product data in the PIM module of 4ALLPORTAL. The PIM is used to maintain information centrally and synchronize it automatically in third-party systems.Screenshot of Functions and modules present to constantly expand 4ALLPORTAL as an enterprise tool. Combines a DAM with a PIM to facilitate the work of teams.Screenshot of Improves data quality and automates repetitive tasks.Screenshot of 4ALLPORTAL can be matched to a corporate design, industry and requirements.Screenshot of Company provides an interactive product tour and an individual test environment tailored to a company's requirements.


4ALLPORTAL manages data and media
Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Master Data Management, Brand Shop Management in one Tool

4ALLPORTAL Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported Countriesall
Supported Languagesall
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