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Next-Generation Enterprise Service ManagementBuilt for the world’s most demanding enterprises.4me® combines ITSM with ESM and SIAM capabilities making it possible for all internal departments, such as IT, HR and Facilities, to work seamlessly with each other, as well as with…

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4me has been widely praised for its ability to automate workflows and simplify complex ITIL processes, making it a valuable tool for …
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Product Demos

Why 4me is special a 30 minute public demo (January recording)


Why 4me is special a public demo (February Recording)

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Product Details

What is

Next-Generation Enterprise Service Management

Built for the world’s most demanding enterprises.

4me® combines ITSM with ESM and SIAM capabilities making it possible for all internal departments, such as IT, HR and Facilities, to work seamlessly with each other, as well as with external managed service providers. The vendor describes it as easy to configure, even for small service providers. Features

Incident and problem management Features

  • Supported: Organize and prioritize service tickets
  • Supported: Expert directory
  • Supported: Service restoration
  • Supported: Self-service tools
  • Supported: Subscription-based notifications
  • Supported: ITSM collaboration and documentation
  • Supported: ITSM reports and dashboards

ITSM asset management Features

  • Supported: Configuration mangement
  • Supported: Asset management dashboard
  • Supported: Policy and contract enforcement

Change management Features

  • Supported: Change requests repository
  • Supported: Change calendar
  • Supported: Service-level management

Additional Features

  • Supported: Project Management (Agile and Classical)
  • Supported: Agile Boards and Product Backlogs Screenshots

Screenshot of Portfolio ManagementScreenshot of Change Calendar showing possible conflicts of changesScreenshot of Customer SLA Reports: after defining a SLA the report is automatically thereScreenshot of Waterline Portfolio Management analysisScreenshot of Agile Project ManagementScreenshot of Enterprise Resource planning with 4meScreenshot of Fully customizable self service customer portal - emmediate and high end user acceptance reached within 3 monthScreenshot of Service desk console - information at the right timeScreenshot of 4me Service navigatorScreenshot of Approve via smartphoneScreenshot of Check your inbox with your smartphoneScreenshot of Watch analytics with your smartphone Videos

Quick Overview of 4me’s Cohesive ITSM Functionality
Intercultural cooperation: 4me’s Auto Translation feature can significantly improve efficiency by allowing enterprise employees and the experts who support them to work in their preferred language.
Introducing 4me: Cor Winkler Prins, 4me Founder and CEO, describes our founding vision and how 4me helps drive employee and enterprise productivity.
The SIAM Solution for Successful Outsourcing: 4me makes communication between service providers seamless and secure – not just within organisations and with MSPs, but also between the MSP’s. 4me supports the SIAM model, allowing the service integrator function to effectively e...
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Enterprise Service Collaboration with Lightning Performance: Andy Richardson, Service Management Architect at 4me, discusses SIAM with Scarlett Bayes from the Service Desk Institute (SDI). Integrations Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesAustralia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Europe, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, North America, Norway, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Supported LanguagesAfrikaans, Amharic, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, French (Canada), German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Georgian Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)10%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)50%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)40%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

4me has been widely praised for its ability to automate workflows and simplify complex ITIL processes, making it a valuable tool for providing professional support and improving customer services. Users have reported significant reductions in ticket handling time through process automation and customizable dashboards. The abundance of functionalities, coupled with fast support and comprehensive training materials, has garnered positive feedback from users.

The versatility of 4me is evident in its application across various business domains, allowing for creative and easily implemented solutions in time management, product management, service management, and process improvement. Automation has been a particularly beneficial feature, eliminating tedious tasks and increasing overall efficiency. The tool's user-friendly interface and intuitive design enable users to create complex standard workflows effortlessly.

As a single platform, 4me streamlines the management of external customers, internal requests, agile development, and time recording. The software enhances end-user experience, reduces resolution times, and lowers running costs compared to previous products. It is utilized for internal user management, service requests, incident management, change requests, and control procedures. Users rely on 4me for tracking support cases and maintaining a knowledge base of recurring issues.

Managed Service Providers have also leveraged 4me to effectively support both internal users and customers by providing clear reports and dashboards for excellent service delivery. The software facilitates smooth cooperation within multi-service provider ecosystems through real-time information exchange and unlimited reporting capabilities. Users appreciate 4me's user-friendly nature, versatility, and cost-effectiveness when compared to competitors.

By simplifying integration efforts and improving communication between service providers and customers, 4me proves invaluable in service desk ticketing and job management. It resolves complexity issues while increasing control, visibility, and addressing cost and speed concerns experienced with previous tools. Users have found it useful for addressing user issues, managing incidents, fulfilling requests, and effectively managing Configuration Management Database - CMDB.

Moreover, 4me serves as a self-service portal, adding value across the organization. Numerous departments, including IT, Facilities Management, Master Data, and HR teams, have benefited from its functionalities. Collaboration within and outside the organization is enhanced, resulting in improved quality, visibility, control, and productivity.

4me plays a vital role in consolidating customer support efforts by speeding up incident resolution, efficiently configuring new services, and onboarding new customers. It centralizes the user portal for multiple departments, leading to a significant increase in Net Promoter Scores - NPS and positive feedback on usability. The software offers a comprehensive catalog of services, allowing for better control of service costs and enhancing service quality. Users have praised the specialist-oriented frontend, ease of use, responsiveness, and intuitive nature of the tool.

Additionally, 4me has been widely used for IT service desk operations, IT asset lifecycle management, and automation of IT processes. It simplifies complex IT workflows, ensuring streamlined operations and increased efficiency. The software's capabilities in incident management, change management, and control procedures have been highly valued by users.

In summary, 4me has proven to be an invaluable solution for automating workflows, simplifying ITIL processes, and improving customer services. Users have reported significant reductions in ticket handling time through process automation and customizable dashboards. The software's versatility extends across various business domains, allowing for creative solutions in time management, product management, service management, and process improvement. Overall, 4me enhances end-user experience, reduces resolution times, and lowers running costs while providing intuitive interfaces and user-friendly features that cater to the needs of both internal users and customers.

User-Friendly Interface: Users consistently praise the platform for its user-friendly interface and automated workflows. They find it very friendly and easy to use, making it accessible for users of all levels.

Improved Speed and Navigation: Many users have noticed a significant improvement in the handling speed of tickets. Additionally, they find it easy and intuitive to navigate the platform, allowing them to quickly complete tasks without any hassle.

Seamless Integration of Functions: The platform's functions are abundant and seamlessly integrated, providing a cohesive experience for users. This integration makes it efficient for users to perform various tasks within a single platform, enhancing their productivity.

Difficult Navigation: Users have found it difficult to navigate the platform due to the complexity of remembering ID numbers for each step. Several reviewers have expressed frustration with this issue, making it one of the most common cons mentioned.

Limited Reporting KPIs: The platform has limitations in generating Reporting KPIs, which users find frustrating. Some users have mentioned that they are unable to track and measure key performance indicators effectively, hindering their ability to analyze and report on their data.

Complex User Interface: Users have mentioned that the user interface could be more user-friendly and that switching between screens requires too many clicks. This con has been raised by multiple reviewers, indicating a widespread sentiment about the need for improvement in terms of interface design and ease of use.

Attribute Ratings


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We are using as a tool for IT service desk, IT asset lifecycle management. As we switched recently to we witnessed to improvement in specialist oriented frontend which is easy to use, really responsive and intuitive. Tool has great and easy to use import-export mechanism for updating almost everything. As tool provides automation capability for anyone it is really helpful quality assurance environment which is delivered altogether with product. There you can test and automate IT processes to be easier for end users.
  • IT processes automation
  • Responsive GUI
  • Weekly updates which pinpoint some difficulties in daily usage
  • It is easy to do first deployment in wrong direction - maybe there should be better guidance how to setup services/service instances to properly work at the end.
  • Reporting is based on predefined templates - to get most of them you have to properly implement services in IT - it is not an easy process
  • Integration with O365 for out of office would be helpfull
Great visibility of asset assignment to user but not so good if you track also assignment of user rights through CI for users. It would be nice if you can group types of assets/configuration items to user not to show everything mixed up.
There is great options to adopt product to your particular needs, there are options for adding some special fields in process automation to help to have tailored process from enduser fill in forms to complex workflow which utilises various specialists
  • Transparency, audit capability is really good
  • Responsiveness of GUI
  • Easy to deploy custom processes
Incident and problem management (7)
Organize and prioritize service tickets
Expert directory
Service restoration
Self-service tools
Subscription-based notifications
ITSM collaboration and documentation
ITSM reports and dashboards
ITSM asset management (3)
Configuration mangement
Asset management dashboard
Policy and contract enforcement
Change management (3)
Change requests repository
Change calendar
Service-level management
  • As we are finance institution we are strictly regulated so this product helps us in many fields to satisfy regulatory requests through easy workflow management setup.
  • Product is easy to implement, easy to adopt so we use it in different segments of business (central purchase department, security office, IT department) for tracking and standardising various processes in each niche.
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (npm), SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM), Splunk Enterprise
Tool has built-in automation module which helps to more precisely define user requests or workflow condition. This from one hand gives end-user easy and understandable forms to fill in, and from other had it ensure all needed information has been fulfilled for further steps in workflow.
Once you follow service principle which is base for that tool it will help you to track in detail your business and your partners.
  • Workflows for change management with approvals and communication with enduser
  • Automated translation of forms is included, even for Croatian!
  • Asset management
  • There should be some improvement in email filtering because specialist and change managers get a lot of emails for complex workflows, so it is easy to overlook some important message.
  • great feature is sending emails from requests (to external vendors) but there luck feature to continue conversation over email client (instead through GUI)
It does their job. Noting special, but you can approve things (most valuable) have a look on status...This interface is not specialist oriented so you have to use desktop interface which is great and improved with each weekly update.
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