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Score 9 out of 10
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We've adopted 6sense this year, after spending several months on the ABM platform selection process. We opted to launch an account based marketing strategy to help supplement our existing marketing efforts, identify troubled existing accounts, nurture prospective accounts, and uncover previously unidentified new target accounts. The Sales, Operations, Partner Channel, and Marketing departments now all use 6sense.
  • Their predictive analytics has thus far proven to be incredibly accurate
  • The UI is intuitive and provides a very good user experience
  • Their implementation process was excellent! What might have been overwhelming and cumbersome was made simple and easy to understand.
  • I wish display campaign activity reported in the Salesforce integration, instead of only in the platform.
  • It should connect to Salesforce campaigns more seamlessly, especially the display campaigns.
  • I wish I could set a time of day for orchestrations to run
Any organization that wants a better understanding of their position amongst competitors in their market would greatly benefit from 6sense data. Being able to identify previously unknown potential customers is amazing. It's been eye-opening to see how many prospective Accounts we never knew about were researching our company, products, and solutions. It has also allowed us to build a better understanding of how our digital marketing assets perform. Besides the features of the platform, our 6sense implementation team and ongoing account management team have been incredible. They did more than just hold our hands--they led us through the entire process and even hosted ongoing training sessions for our various teams. They're extremely responsive, thoroughly answer every question, and have gone above and beyond our support expectations. Of all the technology platforms I've ever implemented, this has been by far the smoothest and most pleasant.
We are still within our first year with 6sense, and have a 1-2 year sales cycle. However, we have already seen a lift in Account engagement. Our Sales team is better prepared for customer & prospective customer-facing conversations. We've done our best to verify 6sense provided data with reality via these conversations, and have yet to find any fault with the data. It has proved spot-on every time.
Score 10 out of 10
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Our sales org uses 6sense to better understand which prospects from our target accounts are engaging with our marketing content. It helps us identify warm leads from cold leads.
  • 6sense identifies engagement and reach of our sales emails, calls, and marketing campaigns.
  • 6sense provides a persona map of an org by title (C-level, VP, Director, etc.) and identifies prospects by name and what content they're engaging with.
  • 6sense gives great detail about the company and what prospects are going on our website.
  • Often times, the prospects being identified by 6sense as engaging with our marketing content are anonymous, meaning we don't have their names or contact info.
6sense is a must for any sales org. Marketing invests a lot of time, money, and effort into its campaigns. It's important for the sales org to know which prospects are being reached and engaging so that we can convert them from leads to contacts and get them in a sales cycle.
6sense doesn't 100% identify anonymous prospects, but often it does identify who is engaging with our marketing content. So it does help us reach out to the right leads and helps us get more sales meetings.
Score 8 out of 10
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6sense is being used by both the sales and marketing team. We developed our ICP and worked with the implementations team to get it loaded into the platform and now we're using it to go after our target accounts. Marketing is using it to show display ads to high propensity accounts that fit our ICP, as well as automated outbound towards smaller accounts. Sales is using it to help craft their outbound messaging when going after target accounts as well as prioritizing which accounts to go after.
  • Showing where accounts are in the buying journey
  • Insights into accounts i.e. keywords, touchpoints, etc.
  • Granular targeting
  • No way to easily use UTMs for ads. If you want to use UTMs for different campaigns but the same creative, you have to upload the ads multiple times in order to be able to use different UTMs
  • Getting the predictive model up and running took a bit longer than we hoped
  • Should be able to allow spend to go to the top performing ads in campaigns rather than be spaced out evenly
Good for going full ABM and getting insights on your target enterprise accounts. We're still working through training our sales team how to use it, but I can see the value in terms of the information available and allowing them to prioritize which accounts to go after and when.

Not great if you're selling into SMBs as info on these companies can be somewhat limited and the pricepoint of the platform may not make sense.
While we're still working on getting our entire sales team fully trained on it, the reps we piloted it with have enjoyed using the platform. They have their target list of accounts and also get inbound 6sense qualified accounts (6QAs) and are able to prioritize the 2 using the data 6sense provides. They know which accounts are hot and when to go after them in order to have the best chance of opening an opportunity.
Score 10 out of 10
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6sense is being used by the marketing, sales development, and sales team. It addresses the business problem of account mapping to convert prospects to customers and helps uncover where the project is starting from team-wise (i.e.: IT or COMMS).
  • Account activity flags
  • Presales contact interaction
  • Specific roles who are the most/least engaged
  • Sometimes data is not the most accurate
  • Contact doesn't exist
  • Company is not as far along in buying process as indicated
6sense helped me immensely when I was building out and coming up with strategic outreach plans for new enterprise accounts. It's super handy understanding what team is leading the project discussion, as well as a good educated guess who is doing the most research and engaging with content.
Yes, 6sense has helped a lot here.
July 08, 2021

A Sales Must!

Score 10 out of 10
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As a sales professional, 6sense allows me to target the right accounts. This allows me to direct my efforts to revenue-generating tasks instead of taking a shot in the dark. I would highly recommend 6sense to any sales team. Over the past 2 years, 6sense has been my bible.
  • Shows me which organizations are interested in our product.
  • Allows me to focus my energy on revenue-generating tasks.
  • Shows me exactly the right person who I need to reach out to.
  • More detail on what prospects are clicking would be great.
  • Sometimes a little vague on what triggers someone to be labeled as "decision."
  • Can be somewhat misleading at times.
6sense has helped me book more outbound meetings and would recommend it to other sales professionals. Thinks it's a great tool to know which account you need to prioritize.
6sense has done exactly as advertised. It uncovers accounts that are showing interest when you might not ever know otherwise.
Score 8 out of 10
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We currently use 6sense for aggregate company level data in 2 ways:
  1. Whitespace enrichment on our existing contacts.
  2. Account "signal" data that indicates an account's buying journey with our product.
It is being used mainly by the sales for outbounding into key accounts and it is used by the marketing team to feed our MQL model and surface key engaged contacts to our BDR team.
  • Surfacing account buying signals.
  • Make it easy for sales/marketing to jump on engaged accounts.
  • None!
I would recommend 6sense to almost all of my colleagues who work in helping other teams drive pipeline more efficiently. It effectively surfaces data to the team so that they are using their time on the accounts that are more likely to convert. While we use their enrichment functionality I would not recommend it as your sole enrichment vendor - this is a newer tool for 6sense and it is not as developed.
Yes we have been able to match anonymous signals to accounts with 6sense. This has helped our sales team be more efficient with where they outbound and spend their time. It also helps marketing prioritize their campaigns and also gives us another KPI to measure marketing success (i.e. did any accounts from this campaign change 6sense buying stage).
Score 9 out of 10
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6sense is being used at our organization to determine customer and prospect's buying propensity and to focus our outreach and which accounts to target. This has helped us narrow down the accounts we are having to spend time prospecting so we ensure we are spending our time and efforts wisely and more strategically. On the customer side it has helped us determine who is looking into other vendors during their renewal period and who is looking to add additional functionality.
  • 6sense has let us know how serious a customer is of buying by showing that organization's search activities on a per week and month basis.
  • 6sense has allowed us to get into conversations early when a customer is determining additional functionality and services. We can have the conversations early on and show our service offering.
  • During renewal periods we can see the competition the customer is looking at so we can determine if we need to be more competitive in our renewal contract.
  • I would like to see more detailed views of who is doing the searches and what exactly they are searching those keywords for.
  • The ability to know who we are missing to add in our CRM system who is doing a lot of the 6sense searches.
6sense is heavily used by the sales organization to prospect into new accounts to bring new logos into our team. It is also used by our renewal team to determine opportunities for upselling and to determine if they are looking at our competition for services and potentially leaving us. 6sense has helped us have conversations earlier in the renewal period so we can decrease churn.
6sense has indeed helped us accurately match anonymous searches of a company with our service lines. We have been in sales conversations and have participated in RFPs where we have accurately matched their searched with what we are able to provide and the competitors they are also looking at as well as the decision to move ERP systems.
Score 10 out of 10
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My department uses 6sense for our ABM efforts. Some examples of use include retargeting efforts, syncing segments with LinkedIn, creating display ads to identify ICP, identifying users/accounts, and more!
  • Customer Support
  • Strategy
  • Identifying Intent
  • Somewhat confusing user interface
6sense is well-suited to give insight into customers that are exploring my company's product(s) as well as those of competitors. I think it's a great tool to get ahead of the sales process.
Using 6sense's robust analytics, my team has been able to to discover customers that are already researching our product(s) or similar product(s), which helps us tailor our outbound marketing efforts. The insights show us customers who previously had no or very little contact with show interest in our product(s) because of 6sense targeting.
Score 9 out of 10
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We use 6sense for digital ad targeting for pipeline acceleration. We also train our sales and lead gen teams on the 6sense plugin within SFDC so they know how to more effectively prospect into warmer accounts. We have it integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and SalesLoft to increase the speed of prospecting for sales reps at the contact level after they've identified an account that is 'in-market' (by our definition) using the 6sense intent scores and buying stages. We also use a set of reports and alerts that are set up for reps to reference so their list of 'in-market' accounts are easier to find.
  • Targeting
  • Segmentation
  • Intent
  • Training promotion
  • Persona tracking on opps
  • Data visualization
If you're trying to identify contacts that are showing interest in an account, you will probably have to do some deep diving using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and another prospecting tool to get that person's contact information. The use of complementary tools with 6sense to identify anonymous activity happening on an account is a must. 6sense does a tremendous job at identifying accounts that are showing interest and contacts that are engaged (if they are known contacts in your database) and alerting reps to that activity through SFDC reports and 6sense alerts.
Definitely. In our most recent round of QBR's run by sales leadership, multiple people had identified 6sense as the source of the opportunity by identifying that the account was in market. Our sales reps worked closely with our lead gen team to come up with a plan of attack on how to approach these accounts each week and set up meetings, trying to uncover the individuals where anonymous information was being tracked and then adding those individuals to a SalesLoft cadence for a soft outreach.
They're very quick to alert me if we have a disconnection between our SFDC and the platform; faster than our own team is in some cases. They're also very proactive about adjusting the modeling of accounts and products so they're capturing the most information that would be relevant for us. This speaks more to customer success than support, but often, support will need to get involved to help assist in these changes.
The platform is pretty straightforward as far as creating new segments and what's available to do so. The launch of digital advertising has greatly improved in recent months which has been great for our digital team. Adding or removing users and updating integration points is pretty easy as well. Reporting has also been recently updated which makes reporting on usage and ROI much easier too.
Cay Gliebe | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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6sense is the enabling technology to allow OSV to fully optimize an account based marketing and sales strategy. It is being used across marketing, sales, and customer success. The insight into our target market and existing customers is invaluable as it allows us to specifically address pain points that are top of mind.
  • Identifies engagement through the marketing funnel, aligned with strength to the ideal customer profile.
  • Provides real time visibility to every account executive and their leaders on engagement with buying committee for every opportunity.
  • Provides insight into digital spend vs pipeline creation and closed won.
  • We honestly have not identified any gaps yet. We're 4 months into our relationship and the available functionality is allowing us to optimize every stage of the acquisition process.
Absolutely well suited to enabling an account based marketing strategy for both sales and marketing.
Strong functionality for setting up targeted account segments and driving digital advertising and retargeting -- maximizes return with strong analytics to ensure adjustments are made.
Able to readily acquire missing contacts in the buying committee. While this is not the most cost effective way to acquire, if controlled to AEs who need the name NOW it's high value for the spend.
Absolutely. This is the real power of 6sense. We are expecting to get even higher quality and match to the buying signals as we get better data quality in our CRM. We now know what data will help the AI within 6sense run the algorithms to give us the accounts with the strongest fit to our ideal customer profile.
Their Customer Success model is delivered as advertised. We're very satisfied with the availability of support. They care as much about our success as we do. We also had an issue where we believed there was an issue in a piece of functionality. They continued to dig until they found the problem and immediately put the fix into a patch.
Very intuitive both at the 6sense core product and the extended functionality into your CRM. It is critical you have at least one resource on your marketing team who can translate requirements to dashboards and reports. Tying strategy to action is strongly enabled when you can define this well.
Stephanie Pennell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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6sense is currently being used to support our account based strategy and we also just purchased the orchestration add on that will allow us to purchase contacts within the platform and iFrame in SFDC. As of right now our marketing team is the primary team using the platform but we also have our sales team using it within SFDC.
  • They've turned the lights on for marketing! Rather than guessing, we now have data showing us how interested, or uninterested, an account is.
  • 6sense allows our outreach to be meaningful. Because we know our targets' interests, our outreach will be more significant to them.
  • The 6sense team is constantly updating their capabilities that are greatly enhancing our experience. Examples: SFDC dashboards and reporting within the platform.
  • So far I only have one which is the capability to filter the SFDC dashboard based on personalized fields (and I have been assured its on the roadmap!).
If a company is looking to go all in on an account based marketing strategy, they absolutely need 6sense in my mind. Not only is the data provided beyond insightful, but the guidance from your customer success manager, the user groups and the CMO's recent book all contribute to building a successful strategy.
6sense has 100% helped us to match anonymous signals to accounts, allowing marketing to provide truly warm leads to the sales team. More importantly, we have insight on what these accounts are interested in which has made our outreach much more meaningful and consistent with that accounts interests, pain points, etc.
Above and beyond! I personally meet with our customer success manager sometimes multiple times a week to build a strong ABM strategy, look at new capabilities, etc. I also join the user groups as much as possible to hear from the product team which has been amazing. Next up I am looking forward to their 2-day virtual event as I am sure the content will be extremely educational.
Now that I have a stronger understanding of how I personally want to use 6sense for my team I have a better understanding of the platform as well. Additionally, once I had the time to truly dive in I was able to really navigate easily so I'd say it's usability is excellent.
December 18, 2020

Make sense of 6sense

Marc Festervand | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Being used by Marketing and Sales to prioritize accounts. Identifies accounts rather than look at total addressable market for marketing and sales to prioritize.
  • Holistic view of activity both known and anonymous.
  • Allows you to orchestrate based on the intelligence gained for different use cases.
  • Establishment of good partners to weave into the ABM solution and intelligence gained.
  • Sales alerts.
  • Mastering improvements.
  • Customer service process.
Robust product offering. Great partnership, very custom focused. I trust 6Sense. I look at our relationship as an alliance with our best interest in mind.
6sense has provided visibility into accounts that are showing buyer intent allowing marketing and sales focus on the right accounts.
November 23, 2020

No more without 6sense

Score 9 out of 10
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6sense is being used across departments by various groups of employees from marketing to sales, operations, or strategic functions. It is used to guide decisions and actions.
  • Synthesis of large amounts of data into very concrete, actionable insights guiding actions that lead to positive outcomes
  • Prediction of buying intent and customer journey stage
  • Access to data we normally wouldn't have access to or possibility to process
  • Empowers, enables and makes sales conversations more effective
  • Guides decisions, helps prioritize actions and focus on the most impactful and result-generating actions first
  • Helps understand what customers and prospects care about at different points in time
  • Similar level of insights available in the international space outside North America (international space coverage) & better visibility on data partners in each geo
  • Provide a 6sense wiki/guide explaining 6sense terms used in 6sense iframe, in 6sense alerts, and 6sense ABM platform (explicit definitions and relations between these terms)
6sense is well suited in guiding marketing decisions (which accounts to target when and with what message - ABM marketing). For sellers, it provides great insights and visibility into account behaviour and activity amongst others. For strategy teams, 6sense serves well as a tool helping them prioritize accounts and assess actual market opportunity.
6sense has tremendously helped us uncover account buying signals and behaviours we would otherwise have no access to.
6sense support has always been very good and proactive!
Very user friendly. The only question mark many people have about 6sense is the glossary of terms (what means what and how is it all linked)
November 19, 2020

Great insight with 6sense

Mandy Groen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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6sense helps us prioritize our marketing efforts around the key accounts in a buying cycle and the most likely to purchase. Additionally, its display advertising platform makes it easy to automate the process of targeting these key accounts. We currently use ABM intent data, but are planning to implement predictive analytics in the new year.
  • Associating anonymous activity with accounts
  • Alerting marketing and sales of accounts with intent
  • Advanced segmentation and filtering of account and activity data
  • Automating display advertising program
  • 6sense is ramping up additional marketing orchestration functionality. Can’t wait to see all that is on their roadmap.
  • There is not currently an option to organize segments into folders.
6sense is great for an organization targeting accounts (not individuals). Additionally, it makes a lot of sense for organizations looking to scale their ABM efforts and prioritize accounts based on intent data.
Yes! We have gained a lot of insight from both web activity on our own site and activity across the web around our specific keywords. We work in a very specific industry and have had a poor account match rate with other technology. With 6sense, the match rate to our market accounts is very high.
The support we have received has been above and beyond our expectations. The transition from sales to implementation to account management has been great.
The only reason it is not a 10 is because you can't organize segments into folders with the platform. The more we use it the longer the list of segments becomes and it’s getting a bit unruly. Otherwise, the UI/UX is very user friendly and easy to understand.
Aristomenis Capogeannis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use 6sense cross-org for deep analysis of account engaging on our site, curation of named accounts lists, targeted display, personalization via the web api, and lead scoring via intent and engagement metrics. This supports everything from demand generation through sales close of business.
  • Easy plug and play of "real" data into Salesforce and the CRM.
  • Easy data grab via the web api for matched accounts to plug personalization into the site and other tech–many with built in 6sense integration already.
  • Easy segment creation around any filtering your imagination can drum up.
  • There is no user guide. Expect to do some work to learn the ropes.
  • The data you get, as with anything, is largely dependent on understanding your existing environment and data. Garbage in = garbage out. Clean and understand your house before implementing.
  • Use of the web api for anything that does not have an existing 6sense integration requires some technical web development knowledge.
6sense is fantastic for getting your marketing/sales alignment beyond the "MQL" by leveraging real account engagement and lead intent data in bubbling up who to spear rather than sitting and hoping someone consumes a set amount of content beyond a finish line. One should note that the digital ad component is not a replacement for mass digital advertising, but for targeted account plays. It does not replace something like RollWorks or Google Display Ad campaigns. It is intended as a better marketing technique option to allow the user to be much more targeted in their efforts putting spend toward in-market accounts rather than spray and pray.
6sense has taken us beyond vanity metrics ("100,000 sessions this month") and show true, meaningful, actionable data ("target account Widget Co. from US Bay Area 1 was on the blog consuming information on product X") allowing our SDRs and AEs to prospect in a targeted, intelligent manner, with bolt-on digital marketing activities in kind directly enabling and empowering our sales process.
This product and its team are very agile, and looking to grow/scale with their customers.
Like any MarTech, you will need to devote some time to champion it and get the ROI that you want out of it. It's there, but you will need to put in the work.
November 09, 2020

Predictive modeling FTW!

Zach Diamond | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use 6sense across sales and marketing teams to solve two key problems: 1) segmentation of target accounts by stage in buying cycle, 2) model account fit based on firmographic and technographic data to predict which accounts are most likely to buy.
  • Identifies accounts in decision and purchase buying stages to prioritize for sales outreach or bottom-funnel marketing.
  • Maximizes ROI of marketing spend by being able to filter target account lists for only "strong fit" accounts.
  • Integrates with MAP/CRM to optimize lead flow based off level of intent or profile fit.
  • I wish there were more tools for personalization within ABM campaigns to more easily scale.
  • We have several accounts still labeled in "Target" stage that convert to opportunity.
6sense allows marketers/salespeople to get more granular with account targeting. With 6sense, I am able to segment audiences by stage in buying cycle - meaning I can differentiate messaging based on how likely someone is to buy. By creating specific programs per buying stage, I can more accurately forecast pipeline and revenue generation.
We have used 6sense more so to segment accounts that we currently have identified rather than anonymous accounts.
6sense customer success team is fantastic.
The platform is really easy to use, sometimes it feels like basic tasks take too many clicks.
Jessica Gondolfo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We're using 6sense as our ABM platform. It is being heavily used between the sales and marketing teams. It is helping up to identify accounts that are in the correct buying stages for us to make contact and get in front of them from an organizational buy-in perspective. We are using their intent data to help us with ads, lead score, and predictive analytics.
  • Their customer support.
  • Intent Data.
  • Ease of use.
  • Site is slow to load. When we are trying to pull information or move from the intent to the timeline tabs there is a long delay with the data loading.
  • Digital ads are not performing well. We are seeing 100% bounce rates on our landing pages through 6sense ads. These pages have historically performed well on other channels so there seems to be a problem with the targeting and I am concerned with the audience.
Like any technology, there are ups, downs and learning curves, but I would still go with 6sense over any other platform because their customer support is unparalleled by anyone in the space. They have an amazing team that has really put their time and effort into helping us see success. Additionally, there is no other platform that offered what 6sense gives to our sales team. Unlike ABM tools that have a lot of marketing focus, this is a truly collaborative platform that we are using to bring the departments closer together and align our goals. The insights we have gained here are incredible and will be a proven path for success for our organization.
6sense gives more than just insights. 6sense has helped identify what accounts are in specific buying stages, what content they are most interactive with, what technology they are currently using, etc. From a marketing perspective, we are able to prepare strategies to push more accounts into our funnels without the traditional form fills, and from a sales perspective, they are able to only focus on accounts that are ready to be reached out to. It is has created trust and accountability that is making the sales and marketing conversations more actionable and rewarding.
One of the best onboarding experiences that I have had. We have multiple CSMs that have not only made time and push deadlines to meet our organization's goals but have extended their calendars for multiple people on my team and throughout my organization to make sure they were set up for success. Since Customer Support is a costly division sometimes, it is rare to find a company that is as large as 6sense to be so willing to give that kind of attention.
Usability and UI are really straight forward. The learning curve whether you are a tech master or not is pretty seamless. The system is a bit slow to load which is where my team finds the most challenges, but the overall layout is easy to understand and use. Other than that, I am just looking to see better results on digital ads. The performance of them is very high, but the conversation and bounce rates have been a concern.
Tanja Ducharme | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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It is being used by the marketing/sales small team to determine which organizations that are searching for what we offer. We use 6sense to do campaigns to reach out to specific audiences. Once we determine the organizations to reach out to, we use an ABM method to do so. This is done by a small sales team to create results which can then be shown to the rest of the sales org and then adopted by all.
  • Intel on what keywords are being searched - "lighting the dark funnel."
  • Response to our questions by our designated 6sense team is very quick!
  • 6sense only works with 1 CRM program for the best intel and without that CRM we are not getting the same data that would be very beneficial to us.
  • Where two websites are used by an organization, the data isn't combined so you need to flip between the two to get a real sense of the intel there.
  • Website visits are usually off, trending lower than what we see in our own intel.
1. Knowing what current clients are looking for that is different than what we are currently working with them on.
2. Knowing what past customers are looking for or that they are not looking at all, so we know if we should continue to pursue them or not.
3. Understanding the needs of Enterprise customers needs and matching our solutions to them.
6sense has definitely helped us accurately match anonymous signals to accounts which have allowed us to be very accurate in our reach out to specific people. Rather than doing a blanket reach out with what we think they might be interested in, the intel allows us to not waste time on accounts that are not showing any signs of interest in keywords that we match our work with. It has helped us to be far more focused in our reach out and resulted in better response rates.
We have had great support from the 6sense team. It is not a 10 because it does not support our CRM and therefore it is less effective than it could be.
it is intuitive for setting up segments and campaigns and the 6sense team is great at assisting us when we have issues. Again, because of its lack of connectivity to our CRM, the usability is less and I think we are losing the full benefit that it could be providing us. Supporting our CRM is months away, which is challenging.
Michael Lamb | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We are using 6sense in both our net new demand generation activities and our customer retention programs. For net new demand, the tool has allowed us to uncover who is visiting our site and who, from our targeted ABM approach, is in market to purchase either our service or services like ours.
  • Ease of setup and use.
  • Immediate business value and impact for the organization.
  • Continual collaboration with 6sense to drive adoption and use that really drive value.
  • Real time personalization features is not as good as it could be.
  • New features are being added super quickly and it's hard to keep up.
  • Results from display ads is not as good as we would have hoped for ABM activities.
If you are a well seasoned Marketing team that has a deep understanding of data, audiences, and profiles, this is a great tool for you. The level of information you can obtain is phenomenal. If you are a newbie to marketing automation or maybe you don't have a marketing automation system setup yet, this platform is not for you -- you've got some work to do before this tool will bring you real value.
6sense has done an amazing job at accurately matching anonymous signals to accounts in our system -- uncovering opportunities that we would have otherwise not seen or been able to act on. This has worked not only for net new demand, but also in helping us understand how our customer base is using our website and what they may or may not be researching in market for -- looking at competitor product offerings, etc.
Our CSM has been top notch. We meet with him weekly and is always available to us to help us with the tool. He behaves as an extension of our team and helps push us to do better things with their product. With any issue we have had with the platform, they have turned around fixes quickly.
I mentioned before, if you are seasoned marketer that understands and works with marketing data, this tool is perfect for you. The level of detail you can get in the platform is amazing. On the other hand, if you are not a marketing data nerd, the platform can be a little overwhelming to use because the depth and breadth of functionality and data available to you.
Jamie Sharp | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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6sense is utilized in our org to determine how well our product will suit a company and predict if there is a potential need.
  • Prediction of product fit.
  • Provide insight into product need.
  • Track activity on accounts.
  • Outreach integration.
  • Notification specificity.
I have found 6sense to be tremendously helpful in providing direction on where to focus my attention on my specific account and particularly my targeted accounts inside of my territory.
6sense absolutely helps to uncover some accounts that are ready to have conversations around software products including the beginning evaluations which has been tremendously helpful.
Rachel is a tremendous force and has been a constant and incredible source of support.
The functionality of 6sense particularly its integration with Salesforce allows insight inside of a single user interface which is helpful for my overall workflow.
Adam Kaiser | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We implemented 6sense to handle both our marketing campaign needs as well as using it to power our outbound BDR program. Marketing focuses on warming up earlier stage accounts with tactics initiated within 6sense and those accounts that reach the later stages are sent to BDRs for outreach. This has evolved our program greatly, increased conversion rates, and driven increased pipeline.
  • Intent data easily accessed and actionable.
  • Easy-to-use display advertising platform with great LinkedIn integration.
  • The AI model sorts accounts into buying stages based on activity and we've found this to be very accurate.
  • Implementation could use a salesforce AppExchange package, instead of building all the reports and dashboards yourself.
  • Some key fields should be available in Salesforce.
  • Dynamic creative requires source files to be uploaded as opposed to a visual builder.
6sense is fantastic for enterprise-level account engagement in the US. European data is ok but limited by GDPR restrictions. If you have a strong operations person/team, then implementation will be fine. If you don't have that ability, I'd recommend seeking out a contractor to help. The platform is very easy to use and salespeople have access to all pertinent data right in Salesforce.
This has been very successful for us and the anonymous data has proven to be incredibly accurate. We have confidence that if an account is visiting our site, we will know. Coupled with the intent data, we have an amazing compass to direct us to what accounts are in-market and who we should focus our time on.
6sense does a fantastic job supporting their customers. Our Customer Success Manager, Imran, is competent, responsive, and helps make us successful.
The platform is simple to use and as 6sense adds more robust features, they're doing a great job of keeping the UI clean and simple.
November 04, 2020

6sense..."A BIG Fan"

Paul Wallend | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
6sense is being used primarily in the Marketing and Sales organizations. The main problem 6sense helps us address is that of identifying and engaging with the right company and right person at the right time.
  • Surfaces intent data in very powerful visualization widget in Salesforce - allows the user to easily see and most importantly, act on key intent data.
  • Suggests recommended actions to maximize engagement - strong AI recommendations aid sellers in determining personas with whom they should attempt to engage.
  • Account Reach, Personal Fit & Buying Stage allow for more focused engagement activity - as with the previous strength, these scores help sellers to focus on the right people in the organization at the optimal time.
  • More intent data appears to be generated and available in N. America...less so in EMEA and APAC...likely due to the impact of GDPR and other privacy laws in those region, amongst other possible factors.
The two use cases I'd say are most impactful are in Marketing and Sales. In Marketing, 6sense is invaluable for building campaigns that are targeting companies in the earlier stages of their prospect journey; Awareness and Consideration. In Sales, it helps sellers focus their outreach on the organizations that are further along in their journey; Decision and Purchase.
Yes it has. The impact has been a tangible increase in the number of appropriate target organizations and personas with whom we can attempt to engage.
Our CSM and the support team are great to work with.
No platform is perfect, and 6sense is no exception, but in general the usability factor is very high.
Carson Conant | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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6Sense is used by Mediafly's Marketing, Demand Generation, Business Development and Sales teams. We use 6sense to target specific Accounts and narrow our target focus to buyers that show buying intent.
  • Buyer intent identification.
  • Buyer targeting.
  • Understand account engagement.
  • European data expansion.
6sense is a critical part of our account targeting and sales targeting.
Yes, 6sense has helped us identify anonymous accounts with buyer intent for a solution in our category and allowed us to target these customers with specific ads and/or outreach.
6sense has strong support for the use of the solution as well as thought leadership on how to leverage ABM in general.
If a tool is well adopted by by both marketing and sales, I'd call that great usability.
Score 9 out of 10
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We implemented 6sense as our primary predictive engine. It is used by our entire sales and marketing organisation for different use cases.

6sense is well integrated with our CRM system, Salesforce and supports our sales organisation in prioritising their outreach, expanding their sphere of influences in key accounts to build pipeline and close deals. Our sales teams use 6sense insights to prioritise accounts in their territories who are in the later stages of the buyer's journey (decision making, purchase) and are our ideal customer profile as well as identify key players they should be pursuing. Knowing accounts who are in the earlier stages of the buyer's journey (awareness, consideration) allows them to get their foot in the door - well ahead of our competitors. 6sense technographic and firmographic data is also used by sales to customise their messaging that yields higher engagement rate.

We also use 6sense to supplement our database. We work with our marketing team on a programmatic approach to reach out to individuals in targeted functions whom we may not have in our CRM but are associated with our ICPs. We nurture these leads until they are sales ready.
  • Salesforce iframe - 6sense data is available on leads/contacts/account records. When sales are working their key accounts, they only ever need to look at the record in salesforce to know where the account is in the buying stage, how well they are engaged with the key players and more importantly, who they should be engaging with. Knowing which technology competitors the accounts use allow our sales teams to better position our solutions.
  • 6sense model and scoring - based on our own historical data, 6sense provides us visibility on our ICPs and allows us to focus on them. It is also flexible and allowed us to build different models for our 2 key products.
  • Next Best Action feature - this feature is loved by our sales teams as it gives visibility to individuals within accounts whom we have in our CRM, and those that we do not and should be pursued by sales. as part of the "talking points," it would be great to add the competing technologies, and not only highlight the marketing activities done by the individual.
- Prioritising accounts based on where they are in the buying cycle as well as their ICP fit for quicker pipeline generation and shorter sales cycles.
- Identifying the buying team and see how engaged they are with our company allows our sales teams to loop in the decision makers and push the opportunity further down the sales cycle.
- Uncovering white space where account engagement is lacking as well as where additional contacts should be acquired to support land and expand.
Technographic data provided by 6sense allows our teams to approach target accounts and contacts with more focused messaging using our competitive advantages.
Highlighting contacts - both known and anonymous - within our target accounts allows our teams to expand their sphere of influence, identify champions and decision makers that help them progress deals and shorten sales cycle.
We have a fantastic CSM with whom I connect on a regular basis to ensure we maximise our usage of 6sense. She is quick to loop in resources where needed, technical or otherwise.
Very user friendly iframe available in our CRM (salesforce.com). The 6sense platform is also very intuitive and user-friendly.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use 6sense as our go-to-market database of recording including targeting audiences across display, email, search, site personalization, and outbound sales. It helps create alignment between marketing and sales as to priority segments based on fit and in-market buying stage. As a result, our programs are much more efficient and drive better results.
  • Intent data and predictive buying stage models.
  • Integrations with other marketing and sales technology.
  • Campaign setup and execution.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Help center documentation.
Although somewhat pricey and technically complex to implement, 6sense provides a level of sophistication in regard to account fit scoring and behavioral modeling that is hard to achieve with other solutions. The integrations make it easy to activate this data across integrated campaigns and through the sales channels. I would not recommend it for marketers who are focused on a lead model rather than an account model or do not have the resources or expertise to execute integrated campaigns. I would also say that unless it is also used by sales, the value is not going to be fully realized.
We absolutely use the 6sense buying signals to segment and target our marketing programs. B2B data is hardly ever accurate and at best, the models are directional more than they are accurate. However, they are significantly better than no model or other less sophisticated approaches. We have back-tested a lot of this and the incremental improvement on results is significant.
Their account management and support has been the best of all our vendors.
The campaign setup and execution is super easy and the amount of data available on segments and accounts is impressive. Overall usability, reporting and insights, replacing ZenIQ, and knowledge base could be better.

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The 6sense Account Engagement Platform helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

6sense uncovers anonymous buying behavior, prioritizes accounts for sales and marketing, and enables them to engage resistant buying teams with personalized, multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns. 6sense helps revenue teams know everything they need to know about their buyers so they can easily do anything needed to generate more opportunities, increase deal size, get into opportunities sooner, and compete and win more often.

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