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[In my opinion] these people are some of the worst humans. I [feel like I] have never seen anything like it. [For me,] they have screwed up so many times which I do NOT get. [I think] this is a job like watching automatic sprinklers or monitoring an automated air conditioning system. [I feel like] you literally do NOT have to do anything and yet this week alone, the PW somehow reset itself to some default BS and so we have been on tech calls for hours on Sunday waiting for these people to reset it, and then again on Wednesday. Over two hours on the phone to merely get the ability to log in. Then, these [people] literally suspend service based on some past due invoice that was not found anywhere. They simply went ahead and suspended it and then gave us no ability to unsuspend it until we called them yet again to get them to deal. [In my experience] the operators are rude. [I felt like] they talk over you when trying to figure out why. They tried blaming the unmanaged server thing because that's the MO and first play 100% of the time. [I feel like] they push blame anywhere else and this is a billing issue. Lol...they literally blamed having an unmanaged server on why this phantom invoice was generated and never found. [In my opinion] they are the worst. I honestly hate them. I changed host companies for good today. [I felt like] this is a nightmare. [In my experience] they are total nightmares to deal with. I moved 5 already and had two remaining because it's daunting but this is ridiculous and [I feel like] they just don't care. [I think] they care more about their hurt feelings than having a working product.
  • [In my experience] they lie
  • [I feel like] they waste time
  • [In my opinion] they do NOTHING really that well. They can't even keep the servers active 24/7.
  • [In my experience] customer service is awful.
  • [From what I've seen] they don't care about clients.
  • [In my situation their] first reaction is always to blame it on the unmanaged factor.
Never would I recommend this company to anyone. [In my experience] they are total nightmares to deal with and depend on. You can't depend on them at all. Plus, [I feel that] they lie and manipulate the search queries based on lies (they do NOT have radio hosting yet they have ads saying that they do).
[In my opinion] they have the worst customer support. It's awful. [I feel like] they talk over you [and] they blame anything but what is real. [It makes me think] they are uneducated. [When I dealt with them] they never answered why things went wrong. [I feel like] they are nightmares and just hard to deal with. And, [from my experience] they are NOT nice. [I felt like] they act condescending in conversations. They waste so much time over nothing.
Score 1 out of 10
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They are the primary hosting provider for multiple domains, static ip addresses, and web hosting
  • the hosting hardware they provide is decent when you consider the price
  • technical support
  • quality control
  • escalating issues to management when needed
  • customer service communication
  • training their tech support team
if you're looking for a somewhat cheap web host but don't care about uptime, outages or decent technical support then A2 is ideal
In my opinion they are unresponsive, rude, incompetent, and untrustworthy to boot.

What is A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting in Ann Arbor provides business website hosting, featuring free site migration, unlimited SSD, isolated dedicated servers, and related features.

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What is A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting in Ann Arbor provides business website hosting, featuring free site migration, unlimited SSD, isolated dedicated servers, and related features.

Who uses A2 Hosting?

The most common users of A2 Hosting are from Small Businesses and the Consumer Goods industry.