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Accurity Software

Accurity Software


What is Accurity Software?

Accurity Software is a data governance suite from Simplity in the Czech Republic consisting of 5 modules for building a common data language, monitor data quality and correct data, explore data, and maintain reference data.

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Product Details

What is Accurity Software?

Accurity is a data intelligence software platform enabling company-wide understanding and trust in data, to speed up business-critical decision making, cost reduction, increase in revenue, and ensure the company’s data compliance. Accurity aims to help users unlock the value in their data with improved customer experience, decreased operational costs, increased efficiency and innovation, and reduced risk of non-compliance. Accurity is available in standalone, on-premises, containerized application, or customizable SaaS options. Support and regular updates are included.

The platform supports multiple solutions across the entire project life cycle from the definition of data requirements to data quality checks by data stewards. It is built in a way to help beginners easily start managing their data with the ability to scale up the range of services according to business needs, up to large-scale enterprise environments with specialist requirements. The Accurity Data Catalog and Business Glossary SaaS version is available online to start, free. It is presented as an easy way to define, monitor, and maintain data across the organization.

The Accurity platform's data intelligence solutions include:

  • Data catalog and business glossary

  • Model-driven DWH development and automation

  • Data-driven business process visualization

  • Data quality monitoring

  • Reference data management

Dedicated software tools include:

  • Business Glossary & Data Catalog provides a common language for all users in an organization. It helps to structure business requirements, facilitate the harmonization of data definitions, and capture all relevant metadata.

  • Quality maintains data reliability. It provides transparency about data and enables confidence in business decisions.

  • Reference assures transparency of reference data. It enables definition, unification, harmonization, and publishing of reference data across the organization.

Accurity Software Features

  • Supported: Business Glossary
  • Supported: Data Catalog
  • Supported: Data Quality Monitoring
  • Supported: Reference Data Management
  • Supported: Business Data Modelling
  • Supported: Business Model Diagrams
  • Supported: Business Term Relationships
  • Supported: Related Reference Values
  • Supported: Browser Business Term Scanner Plug-in
  • Supported: Version History
  • Supported: Commenting
  • Supported: Sample Data
  • Supported: Requirements
  • Supported: Data Assets
  • Supported: Calculated Attributes
  • Supported: Business Model Lineage
  • Supported: Tagging
  • Supported: Business Term Suggestions
  • Supported: Business Term Synonyms
  • Supported: REST API Integration and Documentation
  • Supported: Advanced Custom Properties
  • Supported: Process Lineage
  • Supported: Technical Data Lineage
  • Supported: Business Rules
  • Supported: Multiple Data Sources
  • Supported: Custom Properties
  • Supported: Global Search
  • Supported: Data Profiling
  • Supported: Entity-Relationship Diagrams

Accurity Software Screenshots

Screenshot of Data catalog and business glossaryScreenshot of Model-driven DWH development and automationScreenshot of Data-driven business process visualizationScreenshot of Data quality monitoringScreenshot of Reference data management

Accurity Software Videos

Track and visualize relationships between business model elements and a data catalog. Accurity provides company-wide understanding and trust in data to speed up business-critical decision making and ensure the company’s data compliance.
Create structured Business Rules to bridge relationships between a Data Catalog & Business Glossary and the Data Quality Monitoring solution, by defining data quality rules, top-down, without the need to know the technical specifics of data sources.
Define relation types between business terms using one of six relation types: child/parent of, related to, replaces, calculated from, synonym of, or contains. This enables users to describe how business terms are related to each other.
Tagging gives the ability to assign any object, of any type, within Accurity a tag and thus, objects can then be sorted by or searched for using tags. This allows any user to create a fully custom layer of categorization and group data by whatever methodology they wish to use.
Process lineage describes a business process broken down into process steps and can also map process steps onto Data Assets, Entities, and Attributes in the Business Data Model (BDM) and Business Terms. Included in the Basic plan or higher of the Data-driven Business Process O...
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Accurity can be customized based on whatever data governance methodology is used, with an extension to the Custom Properties feature. This now includes additional property types for advanced users: date, numerical code, or, most importantly, set a relationship between any two ...
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Calculated Attributes - Feature Announcement for Accurity SaaS
Business Term Suggestions - Feature Announcement for Accurity SaaS
Business Model Mappings - Feature Announcement for Accurity SaaS

Accurity Software Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish
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