TrustRadius - Fantastic peopleAct-On is being used to fully identify and attribute the successes marketing is delivering to sales and the wider business. It was first rolled out to marketing, then sales and now to the wider business and we are able to understand prospects and customer activities then send personalised messaging to them. We are able to score and prioritise leads and to know what is successful and where to apportion budget.,I have used a number of marketing automation systems over the years from Oracle to Salesforce. However none of these have been as easy to use from a platform perspective. Its very intuitive and in a short period of weeks we have been able to set up the platform, fully integrate it with our systems and create lead scoring and funnel reports. If I am ever stuck our amazing customer success manager is there to help us with weekly calls and demos which focus on our business needs and requirements.,As with all new entrants into the market, there are features to make it better...however there is a product request hub which is regularly monitored, for me its acceleration of these ideas into the platform. Deeper integration with Google Analytics to understand traffic coming onto the site, from what channel/source and attributing this to the contact/lead and funnel reports. Out-of-box data out integrations with BI solutions such Tableau and MS Power BI. A full marketplace of vendors who can connect with Act-On e.g. SMMS, IP Tracking, Call Tracking.,10,Increased efficiency of marketing program build Improved analytics and insight More visibility of prospect and customer interactions,Marketo, Oracle Marketing Cloud - Oracle Cross Channel Marketing to Businesses (Eloqua), Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Salesfusion, HubSpot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email,Power BI For Office 365, Google Analytics, Progress Sitefinity,10,000 to 25,000,B2B,5,1,Tracking of prospect to customer Speed to implement Marketing Programs Platform ease of use,Ability to pull data out and visualise in PowerBI next to Dynamics, Google Analytics and other data sources,Trigger emails based on field changes within other systems,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Analyst Reports,Not much, it was a long process and done with a lot of detail meaning the best company won.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,Email template creation took a long time to ensure the responsive issues CRM integration (due to legacy Microsoft/internal issues),9,Email and Landing Page Creation Data Studio Reporting,Social Publishing Form Creation,Yes,10A great product and a great company to work with.We use it across the whole organization, from the technical teams who collaborate with marketing to build content all the way to sales. We use Act-On both as customers and as partners, selling and deploying it to other organizations. This means we need deep knowledge of the product and how to present it in various business situations. Act-On solves problems like lead nurturing, marketing empowerment and independence from IT, ROI and marketing activities cost calculation. For small marketing teams to look big, it's an indispensable tool.,Constant evolution of the product. Fantastic landing page and email builder. Great handling of email sending, bounce and traffic. Great website website analysis tools. As a company, Act-On is always willing and eager to listen to customer feedback and incorporate it into the product.,A more coherent interface. Data studio needs to be a bit more mature. A more contact oriented, less list oriented approach could be useful.,10,We now know how digital campaigns perform. Marketing is much more agile going to market and promoting specific messages. We have a specific knowledge of where opportunities came from. How we converted them from anonymous visitors to leads, to customers.,Pardot,SugarCRM,Less than 10,000,B2B,5,3,Lead nurturing Website tracking Social Publishing,As a multi company marketing automation tool.,As a full blown CMS for microsites, fully driven by landing pages.,10,Yes,Price Product Features Existing Relationship with the Vendor Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,I don't think I would, actually.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Migration of marketing assets from Pardot was manual.,10,9,Yes,A few times a bug became a non existing feature, and then it became an existing feature. Mostly concerning CRM integration.,Landing page editor Email editor Website Prospector Drip/Automated program editor,None strikes me.,Yes, but I don't use it,8Act-On helps give us direction with our marketingWe use Act-On to track our strongest leads. The tracking features allow us to see who is visiting our website and when it would be best to reach out to leads based on their activity. We use it for follow up from conferences to reach out to contacts we made. We use the landing pages to easily supplement our website, allowing us to easily create content without having to go through our IT team and create new pages more easily than dealing with HTML and CSS. We also use the SEO features to make sure our website and landing pages are set up ideally.,Their knowledge base and onboarding are fantastic. I learned what I needed in a very short period of time and can quickly find information if I need help getting what I need. They respond very quickly when support is needed and have always helped me find what I need if I can't in the knowledge base. The email creation tool is very easy to use, and I love that it has a responsive design. Adding and uploading contacts is easy. Building forms is simple and easy, and is a great way to supplement our website.,It's very frustrating that the marketing lists are not sortable by column. I know it's coming soon, but having responsive design for the landing pages would be a great improvement. It would be great to see what lists a contact is in, possibly tying it together by email address.,9,Able to easily create emails for marketing with great designs and responsive design. Lead scoring gives us a better picture of who are best leads are. Able to easily create landing pages for our website in just minutes, instead of hours and hours manipulating HTML and CSS.,HubSpot,Less than 10,000,B2B,9,No,Creating emails and landing pages Uploading contact lists A/B Testing,Managing marketing lists,Yes, but I don't use it,9Act-On-It!The Business Development and Marketing teams of MedXM use Act-On for email marketing purposes. We are able to create and implement content announcements, press releases, trade show outreach and so on to support the sales efforts of MedXM. The Business Development team is able to utilize and track their own personal emails through Salesforce with Act-On, making it easier for the team to capture and nurture their leads.,Synchronization with Salesforce is convenient and effective Customer Support is always very helpful The email composer is easy to use,Menus and tabs could be better organized for quicker locating The segmented list option could be more user friendly The automated program generator is not user friendly and can prove quite difficult,8,Increased employee efficiency Better tracking on leads and their interests for improved follow up and conversion More opportunities to digitally get in front of clients and prospects,10,000 to 25,000,B2B,, Uberflip,10,Email Landing Pages Website prospector,Automated Program List Building/Segementing Reports,Yes,7Easy to Use and Great Customer ServiceOur marketing department is using Act-On for email marketing (internal and external), lead nurturing campaigns, form development, web behavior tracking, lead scoring, and A/B testing of subject lines, content and form layout. It allows the marketing department to be more efficient by automating many tasks. Act-On is integrated with Salesforce so our sales team uses it to review the behavior of their leads before making contact. They also use the daily website prospector report to monitor website interaction. Lead scoring helps prioritize which leads to contact first, making the best use of their time.,Wonderful customer service. They are quick to respond whether via email or a phone call. They actively seek out answers from various sources (Tech Support, CSM, Engineers), not giving up until the issue has been resolved. The email composer is easy to use. Creating great looking emails without any HTML experience isn't an issue. The recent updates to segmentation are amazing. The flexibility of the custom logic feature makes creating complex segments easy.,So many features to explore it can be overwhelming. Website prospector report isn't customizable on information shown and how often report is sent. No automated alerts when form submissions to Salesforce fail.,10,Lead scoring allows sales to know which leads are most engaged and follow-up with those first. "Set-it and forget it" with automated programs! This is so efficient and allows marketing campaigns to run continuously. A/B testing allows for validation of design changes to improve conversion rates.,Pardot,100,000 to 250,000,B2B,, SurveyMonkey, MS SharePoint,30,1,Segmentation Email Composer Automated Programs,Searching for Contacts Adding Contacts to Opt-Out list Landing Page Editor,Yes, but I don't use it,7Act-On Proves to Be a WinnerAct-On is used by me primarily as an email-marketing tool as well as a form submission tool. It works in conjunction with Salesforce and our existing website. Having used other email marketing tools, I find it easily outclasses much of what I worked with in my past. It is easy to use while still having many additional features that I am still scratching the surface of.,Email creation: The ability to design new or re-use existing templates makes Act-On a great improvement over other tools I have used. Reporting: Act-On provides easy to understand reporting tools. It allows me to delve into the analytics of how my sends perform. Import ease: The ability to import the data that I use for some my sends is highly intuitive.,At times, there are almost too many features to manage. I know there is more that I can do with Act-On, but I have only so much time in the day. I don't have too much time to explore.,10,Better tracking of marketing efforts Better insight into lead conversion.,Concentri,Coremetrics,Axciom,25,000 to 100,000,10,10,9,10,9Act-On - Marketing Automation for the Small BusinessWe use Act-On for all of our email marketing, tying in our webinars, and for working with Salesforce to help manage leads. It's being used across the entire company, and it helps us keep track of our leads and our customers. It helps us to track all of our leads automatically and integrates lead scoring so we know where we stand.,Allows us to segment lists from Salesforce for particular email campaigns It integrates really well with GoToWebinar so we can use our GoToWebinar registrations and easily email this segment when needed Their support team is incredible,I would like to see a little more ability to custom code CSS under the hood. However, this is not a deal-breaker I would like to see more modern email marketing templates I would like to see agency account cloning (note: hardly any MA companies can do this, and for those that offer it the price is very steep) -- so this is a "wish list" item,7,Keeping track of our leads -- it's infinitely more efficient when combined with SF vs. our old system. But you could do it still w/o SF. ROI is very hard to measure, but because a lot of the benefit of Act-On is in the time it saves us -- which is worth a lot I haven't taken advantage of all that Act-On has to offer, and as I do I think the ROI will keep improving. If I didn't feel it was worth it I would not stay on board as a client.,Marketo,ActiveCampaign,HubSpot,Leadformix,Less than 10,000,B2B,2,0,Lead management Email marketing Marketing automation campaigns Webinar integration with marketing and lead scoring,We tie in all of our marketing to Act-On - whether it's an email campaign or a tradeshow/seminar It's nice to see lead/customer interaction across our marketing as we can wrap it all up in lead scores Segmenting lists is a fantastic way to focus marketing efforts,More agency work,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Third-party Reviews,I would not change anything. I always re-evaluate the products we use and I would pick Act-On again if I had to right now!,Vendor implemented,Yes,I wanted to get up and running faster and faster, but it just takes time to learn any system,9,10,No,Every single day. There was a complex coding issue I had asked, and the rep was not 100% sure that he had the solution handy. So he let me know, went to his team, and came back with some possible solutions. I didn't mind that he didn't know immediately (it was an uncommon scenario). So instead of making something up or blowing it off, he let me know he needed to do more digging, check-in with me while he was investigating, and came back to me with answers. Bravo!,One has to understand that ALL marketing automation platforms are complex to learn -- it's the nature of the product. I enjoy selecting lists for my emails, and I like the ability to time when the emails will go out I like that my staff can setup an email campaign and leave it for my review (and I get notified when it's ready for my final review). I also like that it's easy to host media so that I don't have to use my own servers,Agency cloning (but nobody has that at this price point) Sometimes customizing emails can be tricky, but overall I'm satisfied. I'd like a bit more granular control. Trying to cancel can be tricky and was very frustrating for me. Read your contract VERY carefully regarding: the advance notice you have to give to cancel and billing terms so that you are not re-billed.,8Act-on ReviewCurrently only the marketing team is accessing the information provided by Act-On. We send reports to other teams such as sales depending on what information we think would be valuable to them. It is very helpful to see the specific names and organizations of our users and helps the sales team see what our prospects and clients are really interested in. This is also helpful for marketing so we can validate our work and see what's successful and not so successful.,We really like the responsive email designs so our clients can easily see our communication on their mobile devices We like seeing all the activity one specific user has done in the history of their interaction with our website,On the interface, when you see boxes of information displayed, its hard to see everything when there is a vertical AND horizontal scroll within the page. If everything could be displayed on the page itself without any scroll (except for the regular scroll on the existing page) that would be ideal for when I have to make screenshots of information to send in emails. The interface menus are confusing. The homepage with the vertical menu plus the horizonal menus on the upper navigation is a little repetitive and sometimes counter productive. Sometimes I can't remember where i found specific information and it takes me a while to get back to it because there are so many menu options. I think things should be grouped differently and a bit simpler. SEO features, you should be able to audit for more than one keyword at a time so you dont have to run the same reports several times for one page,7,Sales really enjoys seeing names of people who are interested in our products we publish in real time. We don't measure the ROI but the initial reports we ran for SEO were helpful to help us figure out the holes there. Having everything in one platform has saved the marketing team time... and time is money :),HubSpot,10,000 to 25,000,4,2,Support Information availability Technical support,Sending lists of interested clients to sales so they can call them about upsells,ROI calculation,8,No,9,No,All of our reps have been particularly helpful when we have needed it. Joe Brown, our Act-on support technician now is always ready to make sure we find a time in the very near future to go over any issue we have. He is always patient and is willing to give demos as many times as it takes!,Lists Resposive emails User activity,Menu navigation Information being displayed on the Act-On interface,Yes, but I don't use it,7Getting our ACT together, A SmartThought Review of ACT-ONACT-ON is being used by the entire organization to manage our inbound and outbound marketing efforts. For example, we use it to analyze who is visiting our site, how our CTA's are being used and their effectiveness, SEO audits, web forms, landing pages, email campaigns, list management, social publishing, integration with our CRM (Nimble CRM) and competitor tracking.,Inbound Marketing: We use this extensively to determine the activity on our web site. We get a good sense of which search terms are working, Google Paid Per Click tracking, referring sites (so that we can say thanks in some cases), and alert us when someone of significance is back on our site. Marketing List Management: The segmentation aspects are very nice. We are able to easily segment lists and be sure that we are targeting specific people or groups. Dashboard: The main screen for all things going on. It's a good quick read on what's happening on various marketing campaigns and initiatives. Ease of Use: The system is just easy to use. I was concerned about not knowing enough when we embarked on this journey but the system is designed so that most can get up and going fairly quickly due in large part to it's user interface which is very clean.,Templates: If you are coming from some email marketing systems (like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, SwiftPage) you won't find a very heavy library of visually pleasing starter templates to modify and configure. It's very basic but does get the job done. Partner Program: There is not a large partner channel set up right now. They are working on it and have efforts to build this out in short order but it is something to be mindful of in your evaluation. They have a super staff and onboarding experience but if you are looking for more than "how to" in terms of working in the program and need "marketing best practices" or moving beyond "where to click" guidance, the supply of trusted providers is short.,9,Increased SEO capabilities Better segmentation which has allowed us to improve our focus and opens/click thru Reporting: This tool has made us better at marketing because it provides us key areas to analyze and act on now (pardon the pun) Increased site visits and conversions: We have now begun to be able to pull more people in and know when it's best to react to a buyers journey. For example, with Lead Scoring we can register a hot prospect based on what they are doing on our site and not waste time. For a small team, this is extremely valuable.,,10,000 to 25,000,B2B,2,1,Web Site Traffic and Conversion Tracking Email Marketing Segmentation,We use Nimble CRM and use Cazoomi to integrate with the tool.,Progressive Profiling Get into more campaign automation,8,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation,We work with clients who go through evaluation of software so the actual evaluation process was not an issue. We would not change anything.,Implemented in-house,No,Our own lack of knowledge of what to expect,8,No,8,No,Our support account manager has always been attentive to our needs. She has grabbed very technical developers in to address issues while on the phone. This is something that says a lot about their behind the scenes environment in a positive way.,Inbound Marketing Reports Segmentation of Lists,Templates not very comprehensive,No,8Act-On Software = Great Results!Our business lacked the technology and expertise to nurture interest among clients, prospects, and leads. With the addition of Act-On software, we're able to integrate marketing automation with our CRM and provide the sales organization with marketing qualified leads that are ready to buy. The ability to lead score and provide timelines of interactions with clients, prospects, and leads has enabled the sales team to become more relevant with each customer touch and produce a level of value that puts our business on the level of a resource versus just another vendor.,Automated Campaigns - Save the time of manually keeping track of individuals and sending them appropriate follow-ups. Set up conditional statements, so that the follow-up you send to a particular individual is based on their profile or behavior. Create early exit conditions, so leads that convert or become hot prospects can move into another program, or be sent straight to sales. Email Marketing Engine - Create and launch high quality email marketing campaigns with a simple drag and drop interface. No need to know HTML. Optimize your email using list segmentation and lead scoring to ensure relevant messages go to the right people. Use dynamic content so that an email message will change according to the recipient's profile. Integrate forms and landing pages with email campaigns to encourage higher conversion rates. Set trigger emails that respond immediately to prospect actions with personalized messages. Test and optimize your campaigns with A/B testing. Determine the best converting campaigns even before you go live by running A/B tests to segments of a target list across a broad range of parameter. Include trackable links so you can track and measure performance results, including opens, click-throughs, bounces, and other data. Lead Scoring - Work with your sales department to determine which buying signals to score, and with what values. Use negative scoring to identify and people who are least likely to buy, such as job seekers or people with low authority. Lead scores become part of a lead or contact's dynamic history, providing more intelligence for follow-up. Leads that pass a certain threshold can be automatically sent to the sales team. CRM Integration - Keep raw or top-of-funnel leads in your marketing database and nurture them until they become qualified. Move only qualified leads into your CRM for sales to work with, so sales isn't distracted by low-priority leads. Return sales-qualified leads that don't close to marketing for further nurturing. Database - Import and export lists easily, without creating duplicate records. Segment lists for targeting by any number of characteristics or actions. Import a list from a CRM, and export chosen data to a CRM, updating without overwriting data improperly.,Our experience with Act-On Software has been nothing but positive.,10,Better qualified leads fed into sales Increased volume of leads Significantly higher open rates and clicks We're just beginning to utilize attribution from the point of introduction to the point of conversion which will give us insights into what is effective in producing qualified sales leads.,HubSpot,Eloqua,Marketo Marketing Automation,Pardot Marketing Automation,25,000 to 100,000,20,1,Nurturing Lead Scoring Automated Campaigns CRM Integration,Automated Campaigns 1:1 Conversations between Account Executives and Clients Webinars,Social Media,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,We would have interviewed Act-On Software first and ignored the rest!,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,None,10,10,No,Every time I reach out to them I have an exceptional experience! They're that good.,Contacts Campaigns Settings,WYSIWYG Editor can sometimes take a few uses to figure out nuances.,Yes,10,10Act-On reviewWe are using Act-On to reach our customers through email blasting. We also use landing pages and forms to support our website. Currently it is accessed mainly by our marketing department, but the plan is to integrate it into other systems to provide additional customer information to sales soon. We are able to see if our email marketing campaigns are successful through easy reporting setups built within the system.,Representatives are responsive to customer needs. Act-On continuously works on improving their system - using customer feedback to help them know where to focus. Technicians are friendly and responsive.,I would like to see a way to schedule a single email to multiple groups at different dates & times by accessing the email just once, instead of programming a new email every time. I would like to see easier features with mapping hyperlinks - where you could use your mouse to draw out areas to link to a url.,10,Increased employee efficiency - with each upgrade and additional set of features that Act-On releases, I get more efficient and learn new ways to reach my customers in a way that works for them.,,25,000 to 100,000,10,Implemented in-house,10Bridging the GAP between Sales & MarketingCurrently using Act-On for several clients marketing campaigns. By leveraging Act-On we were able to connect our clients CRM (Dynamics CRM) to Act-On and bridge the gap between sales and marketing by making sure the hot leads were front and center,Connection to Dynamics CRM (not all email automation tools connect) Customer Service is amazing - we have been treated the same way from them wanting our business to now being a customer Building Emails, Landing Pages and Forms has been very easy even without a designer or developer,Marketing List should be able to be sorted by the client, we should be able to move most used lists up to the top Additional Webinar connections,10,Sales and Marketing teams are working together (Priceless!) One programs ROI has increased from a 17 to 1 to a 25 to 1 because of the lead scoring and following up first with them and in addition to Instant Alerts that reps can respond to right away,Marketo,ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub,10,5,1,email deployments lead scoring database management,Landing Pages and being able to track hot leads Registrations forms and accrediting them a lead score Using external lists and being able to apply lead score,Unknown at the moment,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,I built a need, want and wish list and I would do the same again, but there might be new things on my lists.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,wanting to try all the new bells and whistle right away,9,No,10,Yes,All the time, we have "special needs" client that have a lot of rules and regulations that make my request sometimes very crazy like and Act-On has always smiled and with a 'Can Do' approach solved it.,email deployment building forms lead scoring,automated programs at first, but now it is second nature,10,9Act-On is a Winner!Act-On has been instrumental in our company's digital email campaign expansion. It's connectors to Salesforce and GoToWebinar as well as the ability to connect through our website makes it one-stop-shopping easy to track campaign activity.,Ease of use - Act-On was super easy to implement and hit the road running. It has only gotten better over time as their engineers and developers continually improve the product. Support - As with any application, there are always exceptions to the rule. Any time we had an issue or question not covered in their resource knowledge base, our CSM would get whatever support resource was required involved to come to a quick and successful resolution. Reports - Tracking statistics of campaigns is at your fingertips, showing bounces, opens, click-throughs and opt-outs. They are developing more customizable reporting which will be awesome!,Hard Bounce Report - have a customizable option for date range. General Reporting - be able to have one place to extract customizable reporting, such as in Salesforce.,10,We are seeing a better customer experience in our campaigns with Act-On's ability to A/B test, segment lists, and continually keep lists clean. Nurture campaigns have provided us with solid leads for sales to develop towards purchase opportunities. Our sales cycle tends to be a bit long due to the nature of our solutions, but these campaigns get the leads ready for a deeper dialog with our sales team which can significantly reduce that cycle time. The ability to send Act-On emails from within a Salesforce record not only reduces the time to develop a crafted message but it then is trackable back through Act-On showing resulting ROI from those emails.,10,000 to 25,000,2,10,Implemented in-house,10Why we Acted-OnWe use Act-On to communicate with future and current clientele. The software has improved our communications approach ten-fold. Their platform has an ease of use... at the same time has many complexities. We love it and wouldn't have it another way!,Analytic Reporting allows for complete access to results Automation saves time and money Social Media connectors helps with growing your social media followership,With Direct Mail integration,10,Lead conversions has made qualifying a lot easier Sharing communication approaches... Drinking our own kool-aid!,,Less than 10,000,B2B,10,10Act-On is a simple to use Marketing Automation PlatformInitially deployed as a replacement for an email only system. Act-On has been implemented to replace this previous platform. It is being used exclusively with our Marketing and outbound teams for email, forms, landing pages. We have also implemented the forms into our internal processes to clean up and standardize these processes and outputs.,The program is fairly easy to implement. From set up and roll out the Customer Success Managers are there to support you and ensure you understand and fully utilize the platform. Act-On support, sales, CSM, and support techs are fantastic. The flow of information regarding updates, new features are fantastic - in addition, any issues I have run into have been immediately addressed and followed up on. Act-On's integration with our social media and CRM are simple and easy. There is more information that I can currently consume (great problem to have),The structure is there to build surveys, however it can be clumsy and reporting like a poll or showing results is not very good at this time. I still need to use other survey tools and would like to have it all in one. The template options are ok, but could use some help.,9,The surprise benefits of implementing Act-On's solution was the ability to deploy internal forms that standardized touch points across various departments.,25,000 to 100,000,Email marketing Lead nurturing Lead scoring and grading Landing pages List segmentation Integration with CRM system Social marketing SEO Surveys,9,B2B,4,1,Initially this served as a replacement for a previous email tool Increase quality of leads entering the pipe Improve flow and process Force the creation of better content that can be segmented and build for consumption,consolidation of forms in various locations into one single source with real-time reporting replaced our survey tool,acquisition media results tracking PPC and SEO,Implemented in-house,8Act-On: The outstanding marketing system for my small business needsI started a company to assist OEM buyers with custom manufacturing sources. Success requires creation of a data base of contacts, and then a robust system to communicate with them as well as organize responses. After a great deal of research I chose Act-On in 2012, and have had zero reasons to think it was not the very best choice. The system is comprehensive, fairly easy to use (even for an old guy like me) and the best thing is infinite access to my success counselor, who's been wonderful. As one-man company heavily involved in marketing (not a skill area), the success counselor has been essential in the company's progress.,Since I have experience with only Act-On, I cannot compare them to other alternatives. However, the price is fair and reasonable. The tools for creating messages are all I ever would need, and easy to use. Segmenting the total data base, add or subtract contacts, and keep track of all the above is pretty easy to do. Tracking the results of a message campaign is also pretty easy to use. A problem with absolutely any aspect of Act-On can be swiftly addressed via the success counselor I'm assigned. This is the 3rd one I've had; all have been outstanding. When they don't know the answer, further Act-On assets are deployed, and I ALWAYS have gotten satisfied with results. This is the #1 reason I chose Act-On, and it was a good decision for me. There are very many features I've not yet used, but are available when I am. Thus, it looks like Act-On will meet my needs for as far as the eye can see.,Manipulating the data base is pretty easy and well designed. But choosing actions to track could be improved--for example, if I wanted to know results in a particular month over several years I don't think I can do that. It is also cumbersome to select individual web pages' visitors for tracking. I think it would be relatively simple to allow some segmentation/organization of a website and then use that organization's results for tracking. Now, only individual web pages can be chosen. I'm not sure if I can alter my data base, which has been grown over several years using different sources. As a result, fields are duplicated and some redundant ones are present. I'm not aware of a method to tell the system to consolidate "these named fields" and put all into "this field". This capability would be helpful.,10,Act-On is the only system I've used, other than my CRM. in fact, I have not used the CRM very much, since the Act-On data base is sufficient for my needs at this point, since I'm able to create contact segments easily. Since I'd be comparing Act-On to nothing, there is no useful ROI data. I'm also the only employee, although I have contract people using different features of Act-On.,,10,,1,What's a use case? I use Act-On to send newsletters to my data base. Act-On is useful in sending RFQ's to several different organizations.,If I wish to send an email to someone, and know if it's opened, Act-On makes that easy. I maintain a data base segment of such people for this very reason.,There are many features of Act-On I've not gotten into yet; mostly these have to do with lead scoring, competitors (I don't have any exact competitors), and automated programs.,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews,I'm very happy with my decision and am unaware of any missing feature with the Act-On system I'm using.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,I needed extensive hand-holding learning email creation, data base segmentation, and simply how to use all the tools needed to create an outbound marketing program.,10,No,10,Yes,I rate their support outstanding all the time. Whenever I have a question, problem, or complaint, I have instant access to a specific individual who's responsible for keeping me happy. He does, every time. Occasionally I've had some issue requiring more advanced knowledge, and these people communicate with me by name and do so FAST. The Act-On customer service is about as good as it gets.,Organizing/reorganizing the entire data base is simple.,Nothing I've tried so far.,10Act-On's the System to Grow With!Our Act-On account is being used mainly by our Marketing department, but we deploy messages for the whole organization. It addresses the issue we had not being able to determine if our messages were being opened and read by our audience. It allows us to get information out quickly and keep track of who receives that information.,Very easy to use--their user interface makes it easy to navigate around and get to the features you need They LISTEN to their users--they're constantly implementing most-wanted features that their users request, not just what they feel would be best, so they're always making their product better. Nice integration with CRMs--we have, and one of the main reasons we chose Act-On was because it interfaced well with SFDC so our sales team would be able to adapt to using the Act-On metrics and information provided. Email Reports are easy to read and see how each message is performing. Compared to other systems the price was great for all of the features it included.,Reporting capabilities--while they provide great information, it would be helpful for me to share that report or information on a specific message easily with particular people. Currently, I have to take a screen shot to send the email message reporting numbers if someone wants to see how the message is performing. Having an easy share link or email-able graphic report would be awesome. Tiered folders for the Media Library--we have 4 different divisions of our company and each has a very different portfolio of products. It would be helpful to segment each division's collateral into folders (i.e. Window Systems Division folder which drills down and has individual folders for videos, literature, data sheets, etc.) Robust lead scoring--Act-On's lead scoring module is very easy to use--but we'd like to see it get a little more advanced and score on a tier basis (someone may be a qualified lead, but shouldn't be rated as high because they've opened a ton of our messages).,9,It's been tremendous for us as far as having the information available that we need. We are able to show what communications are getting through to our customers and what they particularly like receiving information on. It's given our sales team a whole other tool in their arsenal with respect to the pieces of information they now have access to. They can see which of their customers are visiting what product pages and it allows them to reach out and strengthen those conversations and they didn't have that previously before Act-On. We are able to qualify and convert leads much faster because of Act-On. Instead of throwing leads at our sales team after a trade show, we can pull them in and nurture those leads through marketing, and pass them off once they become more qualified--this saves our sales team time and effort without wasting time chasing a dead lead.,Marketo Marketing Automation,Eloqua,Kentico,9,Email marketing Lead nurturing Lead scoring and grading List segmentation Sales intelligence Integration with CRM system Integration with webinar system,Less than 10,000,8,8,9,9,B2B,,3,Email Marketing--getting information out to our customers about their accounts, events, follow-ups from events or trade shows, new product announcements Information collection--we use forms generated in Act-On to gather information about visitors Integration within our CRM system--allows our sales team to see what visitors are doing on the website so they can time follow-up appropriately.,I have used it for internal purposes to track attendance at our tradeshows for staff and for them to order their uniform attire.,Expand internal usage Follow up on Quality complaints,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,I have more experience with Marketing Automation now, so I would have more scenarios and questions to ask to see how the system would work for us. I would look at longer term goals and probably look a little less on price.,Online training Self-taught,7,It was really easy to learn the features of the system without formal training. The area that we lacked was in Marketing Automation 101 and the basic best practices and processes since we had never used a marketing automation system before.,No,9,Yes,We had some issues connecting our CMS (Content Management System) and getting our documents to be "searchable" on our website. It was an issue that Act-On was not familiar with, and wasn't really their fault, but they pulled a team together to help us resolve the issue anyway. They also made sure to follow up and see how things were working after we implemented the change.,Segmenting Lists Sending Emails reviewing activity within our CRM system Composing forms,HTML building (I don't have a lot of experience with this and find it difficult to build emails using HTML and CSS Styling) Integrating forms within landing pages,Yes,9,10,9,We negotiated a couple of additional marketing users as well as our sales user price since we had such a large number.,We had a good experience with this and Act-On was really easy to work with so I don't see much additional help or tips that would be appropriate for here.Act-On - great for one-man-bands like meAutomated programs and emailing are fantastic - can automate the sending of program messages, or pushes and pulls to Salesforce, automatically.,I would say the UI isn't the prettiest I've seen,9,Shortened sales cycle (leads to sales faster), and more measurable results in email campaigns (reporting).,,10,2,1,Email marketing, signups and forms, landing pages, automating complex email programs, great integration with our CRM (Salesforce),,Implemented in-house,10,Online training Self-taught,9,It was pretty easy to learn - there are a few exceptions. Emailing, list management, forms and landing pages are all pretty intuitive and easy to use (with a nice editor). For advanced features like the Automated Programs, it's good to look at the training.,No,10,9,10,9,Not yet.,I didn't really need to - they came in at an excellent price point, and the terms are month to month - which is brilliant. No contract, so they pretty much care about me every month, not just when I'm up for renewal.Experience with Act-On use for email campaigns and inbound contact/lead capture from website traffic1. For outbound email campaign for generating contacts and turn them into leads. 2. For capturing in bound leads who visited our company website 3. Historical data capture regarding email campaigns sent.,Act-On can monitor traffic to our web pages, when the same contact visits our site more than once, the email address, and possibly additional information is captured for generating in bound leads. Daily auto generated of inbound traffic from various regions of the world provides international geographical interest in our company Generate metrics from Act-On to measure the efficacy of our marketing campaigns. Templates of graphics and email letters creation is very simple.,Can not think of any. It met all the requirements that I had in my job.,10,We did not make any calculations of ROI, however, emails sent generated ample conatcts quickly and continued to generate contacts as time went on. Act-On made it very easy to manage email campaigns and historical information on campaigns are always available at fingertips.,,10,4,2,Email campaign planning and execution Capture of contacts/leads from inbound traffic to company web site Campaign metrics capture and historical reporical reports Opt-out capture and auto implementation for future campaigns Hard bounce-soft bounce information allows to alert need for keetiong email addresses up to date,Capturing inbound leads. In bound leads are much more likely to convert ot customers since they are looking for information regarding a problem they might wish to solve.,Our company has just started use of social media for marketing, but is not yet making use of this feture built into Act-On.,Implemented in-house,Change management was minimal,Intially there were some issues in setting up auto loading of data from our CRM into Act-On. Act-On worked with us, identified the technical issues and helped with completing the implementation.,10,No,10,Many times. We needed immidiate support, and many times the technical support manager, when contacted personally intervened to insure our questions were answered quickly.,Opt-out feature automatically implemented for future email campaigns.,Can not think of any,10The best customer service experience I've ever had!The customer service has been outstanding. There are two main contacts that we have for Act-On, Mitch Vanderwall and Kyle Guiao and they have always gone above and beyond to schedule trainings and answer any questions that we have. We do a lot of email marketing campaigns and they are so comprehensive and easy to set up with this Marketing Tool. Act-On has so many features that create the look and feel we want for our campaigns.,I think that Act-On has a lot of functionality. We are thinking of adding some new features that Act-On provides, so far there hasn't been anything we wanted that they couldn't provide.,Everyone in our Marketing Department has had a very positive experience with Act-On. The customer service has been outstanding!,9,10,15,3,To get our product in front of our target audiences. To promote our product at times when incentives are the at their highest. To create emails and lists for marketing campaigns.,To bring in leads from forms submitted on our company website. To create automated marketing campaigns.,Marketing Automation We are looking into "Act-On Inbound",Not Sure,10,One situation in particular sticks out in my mind and it wasn't even necessarily a problem with Act-On, it was a problem with the integration between Act-On and another product we use. Even though it wasn't a direct Act-On problem their support team (Kyle and Mitch) helped us to the best of their knowledge and referred us to people that could help us further.,email campaigns list management,N/A,10Good starter marketing automation product.Lead Scoring Tracking Online behavior Integration with Salesforce & GoToMeeting,Social Intelligence,Streamlines hot leads Nurtures cold leads,9,9,15,15,Marketing Sales,No,,Implemented in-house,9,Online training In-person training Self-taught,10,8,I would not recommend trying to jump in without training...though it's an easy product to understand I would still make sure you take the time and set up trainings with your account manager to make sure everything you're doing is being done correctly.,Created new custom fields through different objects within SFDC along with writing a few formulas to follow lead source and adding in views.,No,10,9,10,9, GoToMeeting,None at the moment,,I was able to get an extra thousand contacts as they were running a special. Other than that their pricing is pretty straightforward and there is not a ton of wiggle room, but you can talk about getting a custom package built for your organization.Strong product but survey module is weak.Act-On's analytic data is spot on and gives me the ability to take meaningful action when clients and potential clients interact with our content. My biggest headache with software similar to Act-On is how to engage other departments and business units. Act-On's simple and robust connect to other software platforms allows our teams to work in the software programs that work best for them while still representing strong data. For example, I don't want our sales team to have to learn Act-On. Because the system they use every day - Salesforce - is tightly integrated with Act-On, they can see from within Salesforce what path a prospect has taken thorough our website, and what offerings they have been looking at. This allows them to have a much higher-oder conversation with the prospect. Because they have a lot of knowledge about what the customer wants, they can be much more targeted in their messaging and shorten the time to sale. Act-On does email marketing management very well. Not only am I getting analysis from the email, but also the traffic patterns my clients and potential clients are creating once they enter my site. This is powerful when engaging directly with my market - they feel we have tailored our approach just for them.,My biggest issue is that the survey module is not great. In particular, the survey analytics are not detailed enough for us to make business decisions. We survey our customer base quite a bit to understand what is important to them, so this is important. It would be great if the survey analytics were integrated with the excellent Act-On analytics. But they are separate. Because of the survey weaknesses, we use Survey Monkey and Act-On unfortunately does not provide a connector to this product.,10,We ran our Black Friday campaign to our current clients and netted more than $30,000 off the campaign alone, and with each month that passes we net more than $5,000 on a recurring offer related to that campaign. Had it not been for Act-On we would have not had the bandwidth to manage the campaign. With another unbelievably simple campaign launch, we generated a $8,700 sales from a simple email address capture. As time passes, I'm certain we will garner even more powerful RIO.,Marketo,HubSpot,Pardot,Less than 10,000,7,1,Act-On helps us with our marketing automation and content delivery. The primary use case is producing email campaigns and testing our messaging with different market segments, and different landing pages to optimize conversion. Essentially we do content marketing: We make content available and encourage prospects to insert themselves into the sales pipeline. Relevant digital interaction with clients and potential clients.,Optimizing digital properties for marketing and search engines. Deep insight into habits and trends of clients. Launch and maintain quick digital campaigns with very little ongoing facilitation.,Deeper engagement with clients and potential clients Launching multiple, targeted sales funnels More sophistication within market segmentation,10,,Price Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,If I were to do it over again, I might have spent a little more time on the difference in features among the various softwares. The great thing... I don't have to do it over again. Should there ever be a feature I truly need, the Act-On team is willing to consider adding the feature.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Didn't know all the features upfront so wasn't completely sure how to take best advantage of the software. Personal time to actually do the implementation was limited due to other duties.,10,Online training In-person training Self-taught,10,10,Because it's very intuitive and their support is so amazing, I felt comfortable learning some of it on my own.,10,Work with Act-On's customer service reps as much as possible. They will help you grow your campaigns quickly and easily.,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,Some - we have added small pieces of custom code,It was very easy for us to build our specific sales funnels with automation based on clients/potential clients interactions.,No,10,No,I was building an automated sales funnel and wasn't sure about the logic for the campaign. The customer support agents worked very quickly with me to resolve the logic issue and got my campaign launched within a 10-minute phone call.,Email broadcasting Landing pages Search engine/marketing optimization Automated sales funnel campaigns,No feature is so cumbersome that I would deem it as such,9,10,10,9, Website,I'd like to see a deeper integration with surveying software at some point.,AppExchange or similar marketplace,9,Work with the Act-On reps. They want you to succeed and want you up and running very quickly.,10,10,$500 monthly rate. No tips/advice needed. They are fair and let their service stand for itself.,Let them know some specific needs for which you plan to use the system. The reps will guide you in the right direction.,Yes,More features Better search engine/marketing optimization Watch the competition when they make a move and respond quickly,Awesomeness... and they're delivering it!,No,NoIt's what's under the hood that counts!We are using Act-On within our department for lead-to-revenue management. Act-on has a wonderful integration with our CRM system and is actually addressing our middle and bottom of the funnel needs (something our previous platform didn't do). The insight provided by their behavior profiling mixed with the automation rules allowed within their drip marketing feature allows us to send very targeted messages to pull leads through the funnel much faster.,Email nurturing and deliverability are unmatched (can say this w/ the backing of some bad experiences with other marketing automation vendors) The level of support and strategic direction from our Customer Success contact is wonderful! Great integration with our CRM (SFDC), had big problems with this elsewhere! Revenue attribution reporting Sales loves the tool and insight they see from each lead that gets automatically transferred to them,UI could use some work, but it's what is under the hood that counts! Would like more inbound features, but we bought Moz for under $100/mo. to address this.,10,Increased inside sales team's efficiency Much faster lead conversion Full visibility into TOFU as well as MOFU and BOFU Revenue increased by 25% after year one,HubSpot,Marketo Marketing Automation,Infusionsoft,Pardot Marketing Automation,10,Email marketing Lead nurturing Lead scoring and grading Landing pages List segmentation Sales intelligence Sales campaigns Revenue cycle modeling Integration with CRM system Integration with webinar system Social marketing SEO Blogging Surveys,25,000 to 100,000,10,10,10,10,B2B,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Existing Relationship with the Vendor Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,10,No,Yes,10Social media integration not fleshed out.This system is best for small businesses who need to align their sales & marketing teams. It instantly improved our workflow processes and started driving more qualified leads to our sales team almost immediately.,The social media integration is not completed fleshed out yet. Would love if it was more like Hootsuite, Adobe Social, or Sprout Social. Though you can currently publish and "listen" -- it is very buggy and not very intuitive.,10,The lead score processes and website visitor tracking can be immediately used to show leadership the software's ROI.,,10,5,1,We have integrated our system with Salesforce to help nurture leads and deliver more qualified leads to our sales team.,,Implemented in-house Professional services company,10,Online training Self-taught,10,Yes, but I am usually pretty savvy when it comes to tech/software.,Yes,7,8,10,10,Salesforce,NoAgency version allows us to use with multiple clients.Solves all the typical automation needs. Integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Lead scoring and website tracking Best-in-class email engine Integration with gotowebinar,Social sharing is not as advanced as Hubspot, but it keep getting better. A recent new update, in particular, has improved it quite a bit. Hubspot has something similar to Hootsuite built-into the product platform. This includes things like its own proprietary URL shortening tool. Act-On uses, which is adequate but not as good. Although we can publish to social media channels from Act_on, it does not have the more sophisticated management features that you find in Hubspot.,10,Shorter sales cycle More qualified leads to sales Better identification of leads in general,,10,B2B,5,1,Act-On was an all-in-one solution for our digital marketing needs. It became our email marketing tool, gave us the ability to create web forms for lead capture and connected with our CRM system seamlessly to keep sales involved to close the loop. Website visitor tracking and lead scoring.,,Implemented in-house,9,Online training,10,10,10,10,10,Salesforce Gotowebinar Microsoft Dynamics (on-premise) Sugar CRM,Wordpress,File import/export Single Signon API (e.g. SOAP or REST),7,Obviously, understand what apps you need to integrate with and use that as your basis for selecting an automation platform. Prioritize which ones are must haves and which ones are nice to haves. Act-On could use a few new additions, but for the most part they have the major ones covered.,They have a standard month-to-month model
Act-On Software
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Score 7.4 out of 101
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364 Ratings
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Score 7.4 out of 101

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Elizabeth Lepisto profile photo
November 12, 2015

Act-On helps give us direction with our marketing

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Everything is set up to be used very easily and and it is very intuitive. The menus are set up well and it's easy to find the areas that I need. Emails and landing pages are very easy to create, and they can be created quickly to help save time on campaigns and projects.
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Amanda Hurley profile photo
February 23, 2016


Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source


There are some parts of the program that are easy, and there are a lot of parts that aren't easy to use. I find myself calling Act-On Customer Support whenever I build an automated program to ensure I set it up correctly. The menu categories are all over the place and could use better organization. List syncing and segmenting can be a pain.
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Maggie Kenney profile photo
June 19, 2015

Act-on Review

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source


Everything is there, sometimes it just takes a while to realize where it is or just how much the platform can do for you. If you dont use the system everyday it takes a bit of time to remember where you found things. Overall though its pretty easy to figure out
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Teresa Whelan profile photo
June 16, 2015

Act-On is a Winner!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source


Improved functionality give this product more depth and easy-to-use menus lead the way! And Support is always available to handle any questions. The reporting has developed into a much better representation of campaign results and trackability. Even automated programs are easily configured, edited and reported. All in all, I find it very easy to use.
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Charles Harte profile photo
October 06, 2014

Act-On: The outstanding marketing system for my small business needs

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source


I'm 71 years old and have obsolete computer skills. I am not well versed in marketing/advertising, and would prefer not to be as involved in these areas as I am. With that background using Act-On has been easy to do and everything I've needed has been made available quickly. It's a very well designed "ask and ye shall receive" system.
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Carrie Scheetz profile photo
December 09, 2014

Act-On's the System to Grow With!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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It is really easy to use and navigate on your own without much knowledge or help. They've also made recent improvements to their email composer that allows you more control over the placement of text blocks without having to do complete workarounds to get a desired effect (like putting 2 column text blocks in). It's now very drag and drop which is really easy.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

WYSIWYG email editor (107)
Dynamic content (87)
Ability to test dynamic content (87)
Landing pages (103)
A/B testing (90)
Mobile optimization (99)
Email deliverability (107)
List management (106)
Triggered drip sequences (84)
Lead nurturing (100)
Lead scoring and grading (100)
Data quality management (98)
Automated sales alerts and tasks (90)
Calendaring (8)
Event/webinar marketing (72)
Social sharing and campaigns (66)
Social profile integration (60)
Dashboards (104)
Standard reports (107)
Custom reports (80)
API (63)
Role-based workflow & approvals (67)
Customizability (85)
Integration with (62)
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (32)
Integration with SugarCRM (26)

About Act-On

Act-On is an adaptive marketing platform that drives personal and purposeful multi-channel marketing. We spark better inbound and outbound marketing, enable a tighter alignment with sales, and turn your data into substance you can act-on.

Our customers range from start-ups and fast-growing young companies to well-established enterprise institutions; from marketing teams in small and medium-sized businesses, to independent teams in large enterprise corporations. They use Act-On in many different ways to realize their marketing objectives. What’s the one common denominator? The success they achieve with Act-On.

Categories:  Marketing Automation

Act-On Features

Email & Online Marketing Features
Has featureWYSIWYG email editor
Has featureDynamic content
Has featureAbility to test dynamic content
Has featureLanding pages
Has featureA/B testing
Has featureMobile optimization
Has featureEmail deliverability
Has featureList management
Has featureTriggered drip sequences
Lead Management Features
Has featureLead nurturing
Has featureLead scoring and grading
Has featureData quality management
Has featureAutomated sales alerts and tasks
Campaign Management Features
Does not have featureCalendaring
Has featureEvent/webinar marketing
Social Media Marketing Features
Has featureSocial sharing and campaigns
Has featureSocial profile integration
Reporting & Analytics Features
Has featureDashboards
Has featureStandard reports
Has featureCustom reports
Platform & Infrastructure Features
Has featureAPI
Has featureRole-based workflow & approvals
Has featureCustomizability
Has featureIntegration with
Has featureIntegration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Has featureIntegration with SugarCRM
Additional Features
Has featureEmail Marketing
Has featureLead Scoring
Has featureWebsite Visitor Tracking
Has featureAutomated Programs (Trigger & Drip Campaigns)
Has featureSocial Publishing
Has featureReporting & Analytics
Has featureSEO
Has featureForms
Has featureEvents & Webinars

Act-On Screenshots

Act-On Integrations

Act-On Competitors


Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Required
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Professional$900per month (starts at 2,500 active contacts)
Enterprise$2,000per month ( starts at 2,500 active contacts)

The Professional package starts at 2,500 active contacts, 3 marketing users, 50 sales users and 30,000 API calls per day. The Enterprise package starts at 2,500 active contacts, 6 marketing users, 100 sales users and 30,000 API calls per day. Annual contract required.

Act-On Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

Act-On Support Options

 Paid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

Act-On Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Countries:Available Internationally
Supported Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew