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Adeptia Connect

Adeptia Connect


What is Adeptia Connect?

Adeptia in Chicago offers their B2B integration solution to enables enterprises to accelerate customer data onboarding from months to a matter of minutes. Adeptia Connect provides a simple user interface (a front-end) to manage all external connections and data interfaces…

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Adeptia is a versatile product that has been praised by users for its extensive range of use cases. It supports cloud-based integrations, …
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What is Adeptia Connect?

Adeptia in Chicago offers their B2B integration solution to enables enterprises to accelerate customer data onboarding from months to a matter of minutes. Adeptia Connect provides a simple user interface (a front-end) to manage all external connections and data interfaces for a company. It provides…

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What is Azure Logic Apps?

Microsoft offers the Azure Logic Apps as a cloud-based integration service, supporting data and application integration.

What is Jitterbit?

Jitterbit is a cloud integration technology for cloud, social or mobile apps. It provides accessibility for non-technical users, including easily creating API’s and data transformation scripts within the integrations.

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Adeptia Connect Demo: Data Engineering

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
There is sensitive data that we must handle within the company together with the financial area, Adeptia Connect achieves that this flow of data is generated in a modern and mostly guaranteed way focused on the business, it is not so much for security but for the organization seen from a business organization perspective.
  • We believe that by generating earnings reports they are created in a more didactic and understandable way.
  • we believe that data accessibility and agility is very interesting and prominent.
  • We believe that the costs are quite low with TI and that they will be considerably reduced if the app negotiates a volume cost.
  • We have had many problems integrating APIs with our own tools in the company.
  • integration support is very slow at night and this makes it very difficult for us when our IT team builds and renews. It is not true that IT is not needed, in fact it is essential to use the program in an advanced way.
I recommend the program for an advanced stage, it is not a program for small companies, it is a program for medium or large companies where you know about data and its flow in which you need to make the leap to a 3.0 level of the same.I could immediately recommend it to colleagues for its great storage capacity and agile control.
  • Compatibility is something crucial and it is exactly where we have problems with the APIs.
  • Provide training to inexperienced members of the company who are just using it.
  • The reduction of waiting times is something that we are very dependent on.
  • Reducing expenses due to SLA and service delivery.
  • The negative side is that since APIs cannot be integrated on a recurring basis and we have lost a lot of time in the first few months, it has made us spend time that we believe we can recover in the future.
  • We have saved 13% of monthly time with the good organization and flow of data from department to department.
  • The commercial ROI will be seen within 12 months really and not before but we believe that it can reach 15% in extra benefits that we were really losing in unnecessary time.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Adeptia in our organisation to manage all the connection between our different tools (marketing and finance). It has been really helpful to manage some complex integrations.
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Provider web services
  • Compatibility with every servers
  • Support only in english and not always reactive.
Adeptia Connect saved a lot of time to connect and integrate all our stacks in marketing and finance (We used currently more than 20 SAAS). The UI is perfectly well suited, it's easy and fast to manage complex connections. Only The support is not always reactive and the translation of the documentation is sometimes a bit rough.
  • Easy set-up
  • Fast file transfers
  • Friendly UI
  • Gain a lot of time in the setup, less resources and more profit.
We mainly choose Adeptia Connect for the friendly UI. From the first minutes, it was really easy to use and understand how it works and then manages complex connections.
Julia Maria Martinez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We can collect data for multiple applications. We can build connections that have a multi-directional direction and we can also allow for different types of precise configurations that can initiate this process in any way. We can also take data streams and interim versions from previous versions, as well as internal transformation plays an important role in the connection that we can calculate so that some of the data can be more desirable to produce a material.
  • End users can set up pipelines within Gap to connect without having to use professional services.
  • Users can simply select a particular template.
  • Let's say that data integration calculates and configures a data flow very easily.
  • More information on how to modify the records that are generated is required.
  • Enhance API management functionality
  • Price list, high costs
It highlights some of the key features of the application related to extracting data from multiple different system versions that welcomed Adeptia Connect through the use of AI for extracting data from multiple different system versions of that data. Whether we connect to a SAS application from traditional protocols, like Salesforce for example, once we drag and drop those services into the critical connection, we can very easily configure the endpoints in terms of how they can be started.
  • The configuration of a data flow or pipeline that the end user configures using a template which is a very simple and fairly secure wizard.
  • Where the user can select a particular source.
  • They can also perform validations, debugging and data transformation, the action is completed, the process starts automatically every time we add a new data, it is added to the different connections.
  • The user can set up the whole template and then enter the data or we simply have to connect that data by making use of connections from an account through an API.
  • We can do reference lookups in the database to further enhance it before sending it to the data link and as part of this process flow
  • We can attach by taking up a little bit of time or batch and this can be a multi-directional process. So I needed this data transformation
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