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Gets the job done easily!

9 out of 10
September 14, 2022
In our organization, Adobe Acrobat Sign is used to gather signatures on important documents efficiently with very less turnaround time …
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Product Details

What is Adobe Acrobat Sign?

Acrobat Sign is an e-signature solution that combines simple and secure e-signatures with Adobe Acrobat. With Acrobat Sign, the user can create, sign, send for signature, manage, and track documents from one Adobe platform. The user can create signing experiences for customers and teams by enabling them to sign documents on any device or browser – anytime, anywhere. No additional software download or accounts are needed.

As Microsoft’s e-signature solution, Acrobat Sign integrates with any preferred Microsoft apps, so that users can save time by signing and requesting signatures from Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook. Plus, users can access integrations with Salesforce, Workday, and other apps they use every day.

Adobe Sign also helps to minimize legal and compliance risks, and it is designed to be globally compliant and legally-binding in nearly every country in the world.

The vendor's value proposition for Acrobat Sign:

· Global Adobe brand, trusted by Fortune 500 companies and 300K+ customers around the world

· Preferred e-signature solution with Microsoft – with comprehensive integrations with Microsoft apps

· 80+ integrations with key business apps

· Full portfolio of digital solutions – Access to a range of solutions built to grow with the company's needs, no matter the size of the business

· Transparent, all-inclusive pricing – no hidden fees or extra charges

Adobe Acrobat Sign Screenshots

Screenshot of Send, sign, manage and archive documents with 100% legal e-signatures. Collecting e-signatures is as easy as swipe and tap with Adobe Sign. Sign from any device. Legally binding. Works with multiple apps. extremely cost-effective.Screenshot of Easily send e-signature requests to multiple recipients using Send in bulk feature.  Send a document to multiple people with one click, and every recipient gets their own personalized form ready to sign.Screenshot of Track and manage signatures with Adobe Acrobat Sign.  Get real-time visibility for every document out for signature, and receive notifications when documents have been signed.Screenshot of Create an online web form with Acrobat Sign.  It allows your recipients – whether they’re your employees or customers – to quickly access, complete, and sign critical documents without printing or mailing anything.  You will also get immediate access to the data and signatures.

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A fast way to get business done. Adobe Acrobat Sign is an e-signature solution that scales to meet the organization’s needs with integrations, APIs, and advanced authentication.

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Adobe Acrobat Sign Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)10%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)50%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)30%

Adobe Acrobat Sign Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesAndorra, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Bulgaria, Canada, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, French Guyana, French Polynesia, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guam, Hungary, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Mariana Island, Poland, Puerto Rico, Reunion, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, South Africa, St. Helena, Sweden, Switzerland, US Virgin Islands, Vatican City
Supported LanguagesUS English, UK English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish

Frequently Asked Questions

DocuSign, HelloSign, and PandaDoc are common alternatives for Adobe Acrobat Sign.

Reviewers rate Availability and Performance and Configurability highest, with a score of 9.1.

The most common users of Adobe Acrobat Sign are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees) and the Computer Software industry.
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As a mortgage professional we often times require customers e-sign documents that are not a part of our traditional loan packages therefore our own systems cannot send them out. With so many consumers not having scanners or even printers at home Adobe Acrobat Sign allows me to send letters for signature using our phones for an easy and seamless process. It cuts down so much lag time waiting for somebody to print and sign something by hand when most consumers are always close to their phones and don't have to bother with printing, signing and scanning.
  • Easy to use
  • Secure
  • Digital signature is approved for lenders & realtors/escrow offices
  • Identifies where to sign
  • Cost could be lowered/should be lowered given some of the competitors
  • Maybe instead of a monthly fee, just do a one time fee since it's not always used?
Adobe Acrobat Sign does exactly what its intentions are so there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's best suited for professionals who require more than just a digital signature, but rather a secure and verified digital signature that is often needed in real estate, law, and most professional settings. It's too easy to manipulate a standard signature using traditional pdf forms but with Adobe Acrobat Sign, similar to DocuSign you have an actual digital signature that is accepted. Probably best not suited for somebody that only does one or two signature requests a month due to the cost associated with the monthly or annual plans. Also not suited for anybody who doesn't have access to a smartphone or doesn't know how to use a smartphone well.
I have never contacted customer support. The app works great as-is.
It's so easy to use. The funny thing is, our clients tend to just skip to the signature lines now without reading anything which is exactly what happens with DocuSign- is this a good thing or a bad thing I don't know but usability is intuitive and easy. Some of Adobe's other tools such as converting from Word to PDF is also very easy (although I only use that function on an actual computer) and very helpful when it's time to convert a document for signature.
September 14, 2022

Gets the job done easily!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
In our organization, Adobe Acrobat Sign is used to gather signatures on important documents efficiently with very less turnaround time along with a more secure manner with great industry-standard security for data protection. Once the client signs the document the status is updated as accepted automatically which reduces manual effort.
  • Integration with other applications is very easy.
  • Highest security backed by Adobe's industry standard compliance.
  • Reduces the turnaround time as there is no need to send physical documents.
  • Initial setup requires a lot of time, only meant for larger teams which have integrated Adobe applications.
  • UI can be updated to look a little bit modern.
  • Pricing is on the higher side for the subscription.
Documents can be signed digitally with the top-of-the-line industry standards and secured by Abode, without having to print sign, and then upload which reduces the efforts in the whole process. Moreover, the status automatically updates to Accepted once the signatures are captured which makes it even more efficient.
It is a great tool to get signatures from the client and has reduced a lot of overhead that was caused before resulting in very long delays. With the integration of Adobe Acrobat Sign, we have reduced this delay making the process much smoother and more efficient.
Overall, usability is great. There are minor hiccups in initial integration but after that, it is pretty reliable. The downtime is also very less which increases productivity.
September 12, 2022

Review Adobe

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is widely used by the sales team for signing sales contracts.
  • Real time notification.
  • Mobile Application.
  • Quick and Easy to Send.
  • Should sign multiple pages of same agreement at one go.
We use it for contracts with clients, and it is best for control, speed, and audit trail. Also, as we have integrated it with Salesforce, it is easy to record and share with the sales team, finance team, and management.
Initially, for functionality, we had required support but now it's like auto, and no need for support as it is user-friendly.
Good to have.
Ashiqur Rahman Khan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Acrobat Sign has an easy-to-follow workflow. We rely on this for our approval requirements because it is much more effective. It has a robust feature set and covers all the essentials of e-signature creation and management. Many document and form templates are available to create digitally signed documents. Adobe Acrobat Sign is my go-to program for editing, completing, and signing documents. We're notified by email when a document is signed and can view online transaction logs. Easy use and color-coded signer names prevent misunderstandings.
  • Easy-to-use UI.
  • Including a comprehensive set of features.
  • The process is streamlined and fast.
  • Ensures compliance with industry regulations.
  • Extremely malleable and adaptable.
  • The mobile app is challenging to use.
  • It's part of a suite, so you can't get it alone.
  • High subscription cost relative to functionality.
Adobe Acrobat Sign's rich feature set is ideal for companies with strict e-signature requirements. It allows us to use electronic signatures. It applies to any sector that must adhere to stringent statutory and regulatory data requirements. Simple UI allows us to upload and drag and drop our signature. Adobe Acrobat Sign's features depend on your subscription plan.
Simple to use, save signatures, and save documents. The interface isn't intuitive for beginners. But signing and emailing electronic documents is easy. It avoids scanning, printing, filling out, and rescanning. Travelers or those without printers will love it. This platform's reliable security tools have helped the company grow.
Adobe Acrobat Sign has been a valuable resource for our company. Adobe Acrobat Sign is easy to use and integrates with Adobe Suite. It gives real-time access to all company files and data. Create a doc, convert it to pdf, and send it for signature. It's easy, works with standard products, and simplifies essential processes.
Jonathan Leong | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Acrobat Sign provides access to all PDF documents that are shared across the organization. It offers secure e-sign services that protect from unauthorized information alteration. Uploading documents is easy using either mobile or desktop applications. We have reduced cases of forging documents since we introduced this platform. It transfers files at high speed saving time and increasing production.
  • Easy access of PDF documents.
  • High speed transfer rates of documents.
  • Document scanning services.
  • All the services have been great.
  • It is easy to familiarize with all the set up features.
  • I have not identified any missing functionality.
It has enhanced the digitization of all document uses. The e-signature put on documents enables the members to identify easily official documents and fake documents within the organization. It offers a flexible platform for designing documents and editing areas with errors before submitting. Adobe Acrobat Sign offers a wide range of templates that gives employees an opportunity to select the most suitable design for any given project or task.
This platform has supported the progress of the company with reliable security tools that protect all documents. Collaboration across teams has been effective as members can easily share files and exchange business ideas. Protecting documents with e-signatures has been a great achievement since it has reduced cases of fraud in the company.
Adobe Acrobat Sign has offered great services across the enterprise. It has offered business solutions related to document handling and transfers. It gives real-time insights into all files and data that are shared in the entire organization. It quickly gives instant notification of all signed documents. Sending documents to multiple colleagues has been a great experience with Adobe Acrobat Sign.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
whenever we have a document that needs a digital signature, we use this validated and trusted platform. The days of faxing and getting a signature and then faxing it back and then couriering the original are long done with. Just compose the doc, process it and forward the doc for signature and store
  • send and send on behalf
  • standard for PDF
  • easy for end users to use
  • the initial set was hard, Adobe wiped our config and we had to start from scratch
  • the support is off shore so the language barrier was a huge issue
This is the defacto trusted platform for electronic signatures, everyone knows what a pdf is and can easily adapt it
it's hit and miss, the language barrier and time zone difference is a big problem, but we did luck out on a weekend and got a knowledgeable person that knew his stuff, but getting to that point was just the luck of the draw. prior calls just ended up being escalated and a waiting game for them to call back
usability is easy, create a doc, convert to pdf and send off for signature. it's self-contained and secure
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Adobe Acrobat Sign both in personal and professional environments. I started using it as a student to fill out forms and documents needed for administrative transactions and formal requests in my institution. In the professional field, it helps to make any exchange of important documents safer, faster, and smoother. With it, the need for multiple different tools is not necessary anymore.
  • The option of saving multiple signatures and data for autofill allows personalizing the use.
  • The process of creating the digital signature is simple and good.
  • It's really easy to jump from Adobe Acrobat Sign to sign or fill documents and send them again without hassle.
  • The mobile version lacks functionality.
  • The synchronization with the adobe cloud can fail or take a while to update.
  • I'd like to be able to change the view of the interface in the mobile version to see recent documents.
Everyone has to sign documents from time to time, not only at work. With Adobe Acrobat Sign it's way easier to fill or sign anything, even outside the office or on the way (with the mobile app). It's perfect to make sure all documents have the same signature, saves time because it can autofill information, and it works perfectly for remote work with colleagues when a single document has to be edited by multiple people in a very short time.
It has worked fine for me between different platforms, desktop or mobile. However, I have not needed to make use of the support, so at the moment I don't have experience with their Service Desk. I do think the interface is not intuitive enough for someone with no experience with this kind of tool, and it's difficult to find instructions integrated into the platform, let alone have contact support to learn to use it. This may discourage you when you first start using it.
From my experience, I'd say It has a lot of great functions, but the use across platforms and integration with other Adobe tools is limited to having a paid subscription. Other than that, it's very easy to use, works with common products like Microsoft Teams, and answers to simple yet indispensable processes.
Marisa Laycock | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use it to sign documents quickly and efficiently. When I am on the go out of the office is when it is the most helpful, as I can pull it up on my iPad and sign away. It will then email me the "receipt" so that I can keep track of what I've signed. I also like that I can save signatures to my account, making it even more simple to use.
  • Save signatures
  • Email notifications to track signed documents
  • Seamless UI on the mobile app
  • Cost is a little higher than other competitive platforms
When I am on the go (client meetings, on-site, work from home, traveling, etc.) it makes it simple to get documents signed and tracked. Sitting in the office it is just as efficient and makes things faster thus saving time, but it isn't as required.
I've never had to use the customer support, but there are help functions on the app and those are helpful.
Easy to use UI, simple to save signatures, clear on how to use it and pass it off to others.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Acrobat Sign is a suite of Adobe family and it is used by individuals to sign pdf files online. We found out about this tool about 2 years ago: as during the Covid period everybody worked at home remotely there was no possibility to sign manually the document. So we introduced a new way of the approval process. Instead of printing documents and putting signatures, we learned to use Adobe to transform documents into pdf, and then with Sign, we exchange these files by email for an electronic signature
  • Electronic signature functionality
  • reviews of signatures
  • keep log / audit of signatures
  • Edit document PDF is not easy
I think that the electronic signature process should be implemented in all companies, the manual signature on the printed documents is the past. In this scenario, Adobe Sign is one of the best tools.
Adobe Sign is very simple to use and it is userfriendly for most of my colleagues. So, at the moment I don't yet call or contact the ServiceDesk for help or any type of support.
Adobe Sign is very easy to install and work on my computer. Also from tablets or Ipad, we don't meet any issues. You can easily open the pdf files, set the destinations, and send for signatures. You get immediate feedback about signatures or missing ones.
  • No Training
At the beginning we assigned Adobe Acrobat Sign just to Purchase Office Department because at that moment we needed a tool that supported us to avoid manual signature and was compliance with remote working.
Now we are using it also in other situation because it help us with time and we can also reduce cost
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
On a daily basis, this device is relied upon to facilitate the swift and accurate signing of legal papers. As a result of COVID-19, the business environment and the way we do things have shifted. Sending documents back and forth to be signed in ink is a time-consuming and expensive practice that has seen better days. And then there's the whole question of getting those documents notarized. Adobe Acrobat Sign allows us to skip through unnecessary formalities.
  • With Adobe Acrobat Sign, you can monitor who has seen your documents and when.
  • When one signer completes their part of a document, Adobe Acrobat Sign notifies the next signer that their part is complete and sends the document to them.
  • In addition to sending confirmation emails, Adobe Acrobat Sign also sends out emails with updates on the status of your transaction.
  • The autofill function frequently makes mistakes, necessitating manual deletion and replacement with the right information.
  • Once you add boxes to a document, you can't go back and change who was included in the distribution.
  • You won't be able to drop the file in until you first choose the appropriate checkbox at the very bottom.
Adobe Acrobat Sign is useful for electronic signatures on papers that don't need physical ones. The same holds true for digitally notarized papers. Businesses who often carry out Purchase Orders, Contracts, and the like will find this quite helpful. If your document requires a physical notary's signature or seal, you cannot use Acrobat Adobe Sign.
I believe it's fantastic overall, although there are some little annoyances. When putting in the boxes, it's easy to forget a recipient, but after they've been placed, you can't change anything. Besides accounting for the possibility of human mistakes, I find it to be quite useful.
This software requires minimal effort to set up and operates smoothly on both my laptop and iPad. Documents may be electronically signed and returned to the sender in a matter of minutes. The portfolio feature makes it simple to gather individual papers and merge them once they have been signed by various parties. Managing, opening, and sending documents is a breeze.
Loren Lund | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Acrobat Sign is used at our organization to facilitate the execution of contracts, SOW, Order Forms, mNDAs, and Amendments. Finance primarily uses it to get sign-off on billing information or to quickly and easily get paperwork filled out in other departments as well. The majority of Adobe Acrobat Sign's use is from Sales to draw up contracts for signature. IT Security uses it for facilitating mNDAs. Legal can use it for redlines back and forth on business forms.
  • Templating
  • Paperless signature
  • Routing functionality
  • Formatting is rigid
  • Recall and amendment mid signature is rigid
  • Switching signature or reassigning is a pain
If a prospective customer wishes no redlines and just needs an order form for signature, this tool is a breeze. In my opinion, it is in the complexities, route for approval, rerouting mid signature, and customization that Adobe Acrobat Sign shows a struggle. You have to recall the total document when switching signers. This triggers notices for the other party that are unwanted.
Like many of Adobe's products, I feel their flagship is not in their support. The model is self-service from all of my experience. There was a significant learning curve where some rigidity of the system might have been mitigated. The platform itself was easy to use for its core, upload, assign fields, and send to a single signer. However, when it came to issuing a user to receive a copy or just be a viewer, there was always an issue with permissions and licensing. In my experience, the system was not very straightforward, or perhaps we only had a certain number of licenses?
I'm giving the rating of 5 for Adobe Acrobat Sign because the system worked. It just didn't work intuitively or extremely well, in my opinion. The integration with Salesforce was always broken, and the web app was just rigid. It was easy when it came to a straightforward contract that just needed to be read and signed by a single person. However, if you needed to do any more than that, it was very inconvenient to use.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Sign is being used by our contracts and legal department. The business problem it addresses is digitally routing contracts, forms for our authorized signers, clients, and vendors rather than sending/ signing paper copies. It also will send reminders for contracts that are outstanding/unsigned. We encourage all of our clients to use digital signing to expedite the contract signing process so we can get to work without having to wait for contracts to send through the mail or potentially get lost on someone's desk.
  • Some of its features on saving text/autofill for the contract fields are helpful.
  • The price point is reasonable for a company of our size.
  • Works well for its main function - digitally routing contracts and keeping them secure.
  • Search - their recent update has dumbed down the search capability of contracts. They need to take a note from Google or Apple on how they treat search. Instead, to get accurate results, one is forced to limit to the exactly unique identifiers of each contract.
  • When setting up a contract to be routed, you are presented with an email-like interface. Once you click to the next screen, you are not allowed to make changes to the initial screen or go back. This is more of an annoyance, but we have several abandoned contracts sitting on our account because we missed something on the initial screen and had to start over. For example, say I set it up to route to one signer first, then the other... but later I want to change it to either signer can sign first. I can't make that change with out starting completely over.
  • Being able to organize the different contracts beyond just their status's would help immensely with search. IE: if I want to search for my California contracts, unless there is "CA" in the title or something, I will not be likely to find it. If I could organize them in folders from the beginning, this would alleviate the next to type text in the search box. I'd just look in the folder.
Well suited for digitally routing signatures for contracts. Delegation and selecting signers works as expected. Checking status of signer, when they have viewed, opened, or signed a contract works well. Some signers experience trouble signing for one reason or another- could be related to browser or some other conflict. In those cases, I advise them to print, sign and scan & Adobe Sign allows you to upload the fully signed contract. Will allow you to manually set reminders or have them automatically send weekly or daily. Not the best suited for organizing contracts & searching could be improved as previously mentioned.
Support is about average. They have helped me from time to time, usually with my searching issues. The latest update made it especially difficult to search for contracts and we had to learn a new way to enter our searches in order to get the same results. Before this update, an Adobe support rep helped us by developing a universal feature for our historical contracts which worked very well. Unfortunately, this went away when Adobe forced the update.
Very easy to use except aforementioned search.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This product is used every day to ensure documents are executed in a timely and efficient manner. COVID-19 has changed the landscape in business and how we operate. Signing document via ink is really behind us in many ways and takes too much time and money to courier documents back and forth. Not to mention the issue of notarizing said documents. Adobe Acrobat Sign helps us avoid the extra nonsense.
  • Makes signing a document easy
  • Makes verifying signatures easy
  • Makes notarizing documents digitally easy
  • The format of the signatures
  • How the stamps appear
  • Different signature formats available
  • Multi-Signature packages
Adobe Acrobat Sign is great for documents that don't require ink signatures. This includes documents that can be digitally notarized. This is wonderful for businesses that execute many contracts, Purchase Orders, etcetera. Acrobat Adobe Sign is not valid for anything that needs ink signatures or needs to be notarized in person with an ink and seal stamp.
I have never really had to reach out for support. Luckily this product is very user-friendly. It is simple to install and use on my laptop. I can open documents on my iPad easily and I can forward documents ready to be signed easily. It is simple to add your signature and combine documents like a portfolio when multiple signatures are involved.
Same as previously stated in another question. This program is easy to install, and easy to utilize on both my laptop and iPad. It is easy to send documents for signature and receive them back via email. Even if there are multiple signors, it is easy to collect each document and combine them using the portfolio function to combine the documents. It is very easy to manage, open, and send documents.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Acrobat Sign is an easy-to-use, single-function application. You can simply sign your documents by uploading your signature and dragging it to the placeholder position. They have not complicated the UI which helps even first-time users to use it with ease.
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign helps me send documents across without taking an offline copy and signing them.
  • You can easily automate reminders.
  • It is easy to switch between users.
  • It is quite expensive as compared to its functionality.
  • You can sign with ease, but editing the document hence is very difficult.
Adobe Acrobat Sign helps to transfer documents across without taking an offline copy and signing them. It saves the hassle of scanning and uploading docs again and again. It helps me with document storage purposes - I store my signed files on the hard drive and avoid paper waste.
If you forget something, you can't go back and edit - you have to restart the entire process again. It has no room for error correction.
Adobe Acrobat Sign has a straightforward UI and doesn't require training a new user. You can save a lot of time and offline paperwork.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Adobe Sign for new hire paperwork, tax documents, and contracts (both hires and client-related contracts). Especially now that we are operating remotely, it allows us to stay legally compliant.
  • Tracks when everything is signed and by who.
  • Makes it easy to switch who is supposed to sign after a document has gone out.
  • Makes it easy to automate reminders.
  • You cannot go back and edit recipients once you have added boxes to the document.
  • The autofill feature is often wrong, so you have to go through and delete them before adding in the correct boxes.
  • If you forget to select one specific checkbox at the bottom before dropping the file in, you can't add it.
Adobe Sign is well suited if you ever need someone to fill out paperwork and they don't have printer access. It's also well suited if you need to trace timestamps/signatures.
I think it's really great, just has a few things that are annoying. Accidents happen and sometimes you forget a recipient after you put in the boxes, but have to restart the entire process because you can't go back and change it. Other than designing for human error, I think it's really helpful.
{in my experience], the autofill boxes are usually wrong, and having to delete them can annoying. Other than that, the drag and drop of specific boxes is very straightforward.
Sean Moore | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use this to review, validate, and track various documents for the organization.
  • Adobe Sign is good for creating a good signature for important documents.
  • Sign allows me to keep track of my documents.
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign is great for allowing others to review my material without compromising the quality of legality.
  • The ability to edit documents is not quite intuitive- sometimes I have to "hunt" for certain buttons.
  • Sometimes the documents have a difficult time displaying the correct fonts.
  • Documents do not translate well into other formats (i.e. a PDF to a word document.
Adobe Acrobat Sign is great for legal and regulatory documents, contracts, and checklists. Not as useful for graphic layouts or brochures.
I have yet to encounter major issues with the software.
Aside from a few issues here and there, the software is good.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
During Covid, we used Adobe Acrobat Sign to send family law documents to clients who did not wish to come into our office. We were even able to send documents that had to be notarized during the time period that Georgia allowed remote notarization. We were also able to track the progress of the signing. This is helpful when the documents are sent to an opposing party. We can tell if they viewed the documents and then did not sign.
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign tracks whether or not a signer has viewed a document
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign tracks when a signer has signed, and the document has been sent to the next signer
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign sends you confirmation emails and progress update emails along the way
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign provides a "confirmation of signing" page at the end of the document package you put together, to prove the signatures are authentic
  • There is a button that will auto add signature fields for you, but it can be finicky and put the signature fields in the wrong place, or not create a signature field at all where one is actually needed
  • Because Adobe does add a layer of protection to their documents, the documents have to be printed to PDF or printed and scanned in before we can e-file with the Court, so this is a double edged sword. It would be nice if the protection was still there and the document was sill in a format the the Courts would accept when e-filing
  • More assistance with auto-sizing the signature fields and other data fields in order to ensure they are legible would be nice
Adobe Acrobat Sign has been a great tool during Covid. We have been able to provide remote services to our clients. It's been especially convenient for clients that live far away from our office. Remote notarization has since ended in Georgia, so that creates a problem for documents that need to be signed AND notarized, but we are still able to utilize Adobe Acrobat Sign for documents that just need a signature.
I have never run into a technical error with Adobe Acrobat Sign. It's been great.
Adobe Acrobat Sign is user-friendly and easy to navigate. There isn't much I would change. I only previously provided a few suggestions.
Mj Toscano | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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I use this product for HR documents that need to be sent and signed electronically. It's much easier than printing a document and then trying to track down an employee to sign it and then having to scan it so that it is in an electronic format that can be sent.
  • Ease of use
  • Document change tracking
  • Electronic signatures
  • I'm very happy with the functionality of the product!
We have used this to sign legal documents quickly and more efficiently than the old method of sending documents via regular mail. An example of this would be our 401(k) document plans. It's quick and easy to use and provides a time stamp along with the signature.
Fortunately, I have not had to use support for this product!
User-friendly - very easy to use!
Score 9 out of 10
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In my firm, we have several use cases. When the pandemic started, we began doing the majority of our consultations and client intake online, so we started to have clients sign their representation agreements with Adobe Acrobat Sign. It was the natural choice because our agreement is a PDF form that only permits certain information to be filled in, which is what we use Adobe Acrobat for. We also use Adobe Acrobat Sign to gather signatures on agreed orders when all counsel and parties aren't present as well as to gather signatures for mediated settlement agreements when the mediation is performed remotely via Zoom or other video conferencing software.
  • Integrates with Adobe Acrobat
  • Simple to navigate and use even for inexperienced users.
  • Branding integration is simple and functional.
  • I've noticed if I am sent a link to sign through Adobe Acrobat Sign and I have several Acrobat windows open (especially if there is a prior sign window still open) the program freezes when it tries to open the new signature link (my firm uses Macs, so not sure how or if that is related to the glitch).
  • I have had times when one of the parties in the email string sent to gather signatures either encountered issues or are unable to sign and the integrated help menus don't seem to be sufficient to walk a novice through the process.
Adobe Acrobat Sign has been great for collecting verifiable legal signatures on documents for my firm. If you already use Adobe Acrobat then it is far easier to get the hang of using Adobe Acrobat Sign than it would be DocuSign or other software. Also, if you already use Adobe Acrobat, it is far more cost-effective to use Adobe Acrobat Sign, at least for our firm. When we added the cost to the Acrobat DC Pro we already used it was cheaper than adding DocuSign, though I am not sure if we received any type of special pricing for already maintaining several Acrobat DC Pro licenses. For the legal industry, I think the advanced security and verification of Adobe Acrobat Sign, when compared to the e-signature function of Acrobat DC, makes it worth the added cost.
While I personally haven't really needed to interact with Adobe Acrobat Sign support, I take the fact that my staff hasn't brought any issues they may have encountered to me to mean that they have been able to resolve any such issues by contacting Adobe Acrobat Sign support. Note: We don't have complex integrations with other software in our use of Adobe Acrobat Sign, so my ability to really judge Adobe Acrobat Sign support is somewhat limited.
I have found Adobe Acrobat Sign to be very easy to use and simple to learn how to use. the menus and functions are clear and intuitive - they do what the label says (which I have not always found to be true in Acrobat DC Pro) and the flow of starting with a document and sending it out for signatures is simple and fast.
Score 7 out of 10
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I use Adobe Acrobat Sign to sign documents, and send documents to be signed by other managers. It makes signing documents simple!
  • Easy to gather signatures/add signers
  • Easy to sign yourself
  • Provides feedback when document is signed
  • When sending to more than one person at a time, I wish it notified the other person when the first person signed.
It is well suited for remote companies that need to have documents approved and signed in a matter of minutes. It's maybe not ideal for multiple signatories.
The support provided from Adobe is minimal, it appears, although I've never explicitly gone looking for it. They have helpful hints around the app that make using some of their buttons/tabs easier.
Good! It's fairly simple and intuitive. It even allows you to highlight the portions of the document where the signatory will sign.
Score 7 out of 10
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Adobe Sign is user-friendly in terms of getting documents electronically signed by clients, especially during times when in-person signing is not easy. Clients usually reply in a reasonable time as well.
  • Connection with Salesforce - users can stay in Salesforce to view and manage documents
  • Signature tags are too long and not as easy as DocuSign
Adobe Sign is very good when sending "easy" documents for clients to sign. However, it is always difficult to use when combining it with Conga. Also, Adobe Sign does not seem to recognize the IF Statement very well. The signature tags are too long plus, sometimes it blocks the words and removes the lines.
Support is usually very helpful.
Adobe Sign does not work well with the IF statement.
Sandro Marc-Charles | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Adobe Sign to get purchase signatures on a few of our services. We also use it internally from time to time to onboard affiliate partners, etc. We use the template feature quite often and the clone feature helps tremendously for some forms that require repeat information. We’re pleased with the service and we’ve recommended it to several business acquaintances.
  • The ease of use on the customer’s end is particularly good. Frankly, that’s the most important part.
  • The ability to clone fields is extremely helpful and it’s a feature not available on some other platforms. I checked.
  • The process of sending is also very easy and fast.
  • The template feature works well, and it’s invaluable.
  • The sign-in process to our account could use some refining. [In my experience,] it can be difficult to find the right place to log in from the main Adobe site. I solved this issue by creating a bookmark. I’m guessing this issue happens because the software was originally part of another company.
  • It’s been a while since I tried, but [I feel that] using the app on an iPad can be frustrating when it comes to resizing the entry fields. Still, it’s good to have the mobile option.
Adobe Sign works great when you need to have a client sign a document remotely and, with the iPad app, it works pretty [well] to sign in a person as well. What it’s really fantastic for are those documents that need filling out and signing consistently. It’s easy to set up a template to reuse time after time. It really saves many valuable hours.
I only recall needing support one time. I learned that I was not entitled to phone support. So I had to communicate via email, which was more back and forth than I would have liked. Still, that was only once I needed to reach out in 4+ years, and they did resolve the issue.
Very simply, I find the product easy to use. The exception is that [I feel] the mobile application can be a little confusing and cumbersome.
January 29, 2022

King of signer

Shiva Teja Varma. N | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Adobe Sign is easy and accessible for signatures which or organization and I use in my daily workflow at least 10-15 times, and is a right and very useful tool for my company, It's always great to use tools like Adobe Sign in our workflow which will make our work easier with very low effort.
  • Internal managers are happy with Adobe Sign
  • Adobe Sign is easy accessible compared to other tools
  • Adobe Sign a unique way of usage which other tools don't have it
  • Easy Accusable and useful tool for sending the documents
  • Counter party signers are happy to use this tool compare to other tools
  • Internal team managers use this tool for signing the documents
  • We are using this tool since 5+ years
  • Adobe Sign is the best toll for our organization
Adobe Sign is an Overall, Adobe Sign has made my workflow much easier and simple and it has been so helpful and effective in my work. there are many great features within the tools so you can really make it work for you however you may need. Although pricey, the tool really optimizes workflow on another level.
Overall, Adobe Sign has made my work process much faster and simpler and it has been truly so helpful and effective. I think there are many great features within the software so you can really make it work for you however you may need it. Although pricey, the software really optimizes workflow on another level.
Score 8 out of 10
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We use AdobeSign to gather signatures from clients on documents that need to be HIPAA compliant. We also use it to sign contracts with vendors. We introduced AdobeSign to centralize our e-signing solutions and because of the potential integrations with the Microsoft suite. We have not used the integrations with Teams as much as we had hoped, but AdobeSign has consolidated all of our e-signing into one platform which is easier to administrate.
  • The template feature is useful and we save a lot of time with it.
  • The admin portal is relatively easy to use.
  • The integration with the rest of the Adobe Suite is a nightmare. We frequently have staff trying to sign an Adobe document opened through Acrobat, and when that doesn't work as expected they get frustrated/confused. This is the biggest pain point of AdobeSign and is a significant hassle.
  • The integrations with Microsoft Teams have issues for some employees, which is a bummer but not a huge issue.
AdobeSign is a good e-signature solution. The confusion between AdobeSign and AdobeAcrobat is unfortunate and creates a layer of unnecessary wrinkles. Being able to add users at no cost and paying per signature makes sense for medium- to large organizations. Smaller organizations with only a few individuals who will be collecting signatures might be better off using a cheaper platform that pays by the user rather than by envelope.
Whenever we have reached out to the AdobeSign team we have gotten a quick response and been able to schedule a call to get the issue resolved. Especially during the rollout process the AdobeSign team was great and went above and beyond to understand our situation and roll things out in a way that was easy for our end users and made sense for our organization.
AdobeSign is easy to use. However, users trying to log in through other Adobe products have issues, and that is what dings the star.
Score 9 out of 10
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Adobe Sign was initially researched for solving the need to go paperless at a membership office. The three biggest needs of the paperless transition were: Easy to use for members and employees. The ability to fill out documents and electronically sign them. Storage capacity and length of storage. After testing a few other products, Adobe Sign was selected as the software of use. Firstly, It was easy to set up between the use of Google Remote Desktop and a tablet for members to interact with the forms to fill out and sign. Secondly, it stored documents for an indefinite amount of time and documents were easily accessed to be downloaded or emailed. Finally, it was easy to use for both the employees and members. The only downside to this option, was sometimes the speeds to load the forms took a while, and if the Adobe service was down, we wouldn't be able to access the forms.
  • The indefinite storage time for files.
  • The ease of access that forms can be downloaded or emailed.
  • The ability to edit forms and fields from their own administrative backend.
  • The simplicity and functionality for employees and users.
  • The speed at which forms were loaded.
  • More available export options, such as Word or Excel.
  • A backend system that can be loaded if the main service is down.
  • More customer support options.
A scenario where is most well suited, would be a membership, sales, or receptionist environment where forms are consistently filled out, waivers need to be signed, or member/customer information is needed. A scenario where it is less suited would be a customer service or administrative position, where member/customer information isn't needed on a routine basis, and the need for phone calls or emails are prominent.
The Adobe Sign support team is very responsive and if you have an issue, they are able to take care of it in a very reasonable amount of time. The only downfall to their support is the lack of support options. While a support chat and email work for some people, it would be nice to have other means of communication on their end.
The usability of Adobe Sign is excellent. Firstly, the administrative backend is very user-friendly. It's quick to add sub-accounts to access the forms, it's easy to upload and edit forms for information needs, and the storage capacity is indefinite and easy to access to download or email documents. Secondly, the user side is very user-friendly. It interacts with any type of electronic/remote software and is easy to fill out documents that are uploaded. Finally, while sometimes the speeds can be slow and the service sometimes drops out, the stability is far better than other products that were tested.
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