Adobe Business Catalyst is an all-in-one cloud-hosted system for building and managing web content and on online store. It has a built-in CRM framework, and sales, service, and marketing features including eCommerce and Email Marketing tools. It was acquired by Adobe in 2009, five years after the original company was founded. Business Catalyst Review From a Frequent User of Adobe BCWe using Adobe Business Catalyst to create websites for our clients. It helps to create dynamic websites.,Webapps is superb Liquid Code Access is great Documentation can be found easily,Phone Support Not Available Can't add your own SSL Certificate Blog System is not so good.,10,,Developer,More than 10,000 pages,13,5,10,Yes,Price Product Features Prior Experience with the Product Third-party Reviews,Depends on requirements,Implemented in-house,Yes,8,No,8,Yes,Holidays Like Christmas. Emergency support is available.,Yes,9Business Catalyst: The Chemistry Between Designer and ClientI currently use Adobe Business Catalyst in my personal business in multiple roles. As I develop web sites for clients I will upload test designs to BC for their test and approval. This workflow allows me to keep control of the design until it's finally approved. After it is approved I use BC as a resellable product to offer clients. Their analytic platform as well as their online editing capabilities make a great experience for my clients.,Analytics: I am able to see on multiple levels traffic, clicks, and most importantly search terms for improving SEO. The reports are easy to generate as well as read, especially for small inexperienced business owners. Marketing: When using the BC platform businesses are able to link up easily with Adobe Marketing to automatically send out emails and newsletters. Its a very smooth and painless process. Online Editing: This is probably the best part of BC. Once a design is approved and launched on the platform, my clients do not have to contact me for small content updates. This frees me up as a small business owner to concentrate on design, new clients, and larger projects for existing clients.,Multi Client Management: The dashboard for managing multiple clients as a reseller is a little difficult to get to. There is also no very easy way for me to manage multiple clients at once. I have to log into and out of individual client accounts to do billing or management. Lack of Server support: There are certain server protocols and languages that are not supported using BC. For example I cannot build a custom php database and upload to BC. I am required to use their tools.,9,The biggest returns I have seen come from using BC as an individual product in my offerings. I see that it is also growing as a product and Adobe is growing it as a lead generation platform. The second biggest positive impact to my business comes from the time saved in development. My target demographic is small to medium sized businesses and BC is perfect for marketing to this demographic. My biggest complaint is that there is a lack of server side customization. When clients ask me if a certain type of website or application can be done I automatically know that I cannot put that site on the BC platform.,,Adobe Photoshop,Content Author / Administrator,1-10 pages,1,1,Full Website Implementation Marketing campaigns Online Editing,When combined with Adobe Muse I can quickly create fully functional test mockups for clients within a few hours.,As my organization grows I would like to either see Adobe expand Marketing Cloud or make BC compatible with lead generation or tracking.,10,No,Price Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation,We did not go through a selection process with this software. We began using it when Adobe moved to the subscription model. This changed a lot about how we did business and what we could offer our clients. BC started as an add on service but then quickly moved to an integral part of our overall business model.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,The biggest issue was realizing that I was unable to use this platform exclusively. I still have clients that require technology not offered by the BC platform.,10,No,9,No,Publishing to BC through Adobe Dreamweaver or Muse are the main reason I use the platform. This is done very well overall between the different software platforms. Integration with many of the widgets in Muse make the platform very usable for many different situations.,PHP or MySQL implementations are impossible with BC. BC requires that you use their custom database software. This is great but has less customization opportunity.,10Adobe BC - Get your business online quicklyWe use Adobe Business Catalyst for our own website. We also help other companies get their businesses online using Adobe Business Catalyst.,Get a website online quickly Build small databases quickly Train end-users to use BC quickly Build web galleries quickly,Need to be able to build a relational database inside BC Need to be able to easily reference outside links in BC Cancelling a website isn't always easy,7,Faster website deployment Better organization since we can keep most clients under the same umbrella Adobe brand recognition,WordPress,Joomla!,Developer,10-100 pages,2,2,Real estate websites Charity website Online stores,Manage our own website,Integrating MLS solutions into websites Integrating other 3rd party solutions into our websites,9,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Existing Relationship with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,Wouldn't change anything with selection process,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Occasional issues creating databases Most issues are client-related,8,Online training Self-taught,9,Easy to use; we provide training to our clients,7,No,There have been times when there was a desperate situation (aren't they all) with clients and support chat has come to the rescue quickly.,Galleries Creating new pages Creating menus,Email campaigns Web apps can be complex depending on various factors,Yes,8,8,9,9,9,9,Billing, invoicing, and reselling,Yes,Better features Better organization,integrating with 3rd party products,Yes,No
Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued)
60 Ratings
Score 8.0 out of 101
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Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued) Reviews

Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued)
60 Ratings
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Score 8.0 out of 101
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WYSIWYG email editor (13)
Dynamic content (15)
Ability to test dynamic content (11)
Landing pages (11)
A/B testing (5)
Mobile optimization (13)
Email deliverability (13)
List management (13)
Triggered drip sequences (8)
Lead nurturing (11)
Lead scoring and grading (8)
Data quality management (9)
Automated sales alerts and tasks (10)
Calendaring (10)
Event/webinar marketing (9)
Social sharing and campaigns (7)
Social profile integration (8)
Dashboards (15)
Standard reports (15)
Custom reports (12)
API (11)
Role-based workflow & approvals (14)
Customizability (13)
Integration with (2)

About Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued)

Adobe Business Catalyst is an all-in-one cloud-hosted system for building and managing web content and on online store. It has a built-in CRM framework, sales, service, and marketing features including eCommerce and Email Marketing tools. It was acquired by Adobe in 2009, five years after the original developers founded a company. It is a content management solution at minimum, and typical web content management features are present --themes, SEO, an editing interface, document management--, but with the built-in CRM and eCommerce it is targeted at businesses looking to sell online.

The yearly pricing plan for Adobe Business Catalyst starts at $10.99 per month with the narrower webBasics+ pack, which includes content management features and site analytics, as well as a hosted email. The $16.99 per month web marketing pack brings the CRM into the fold, as well as targeted email marketing and the blog. The $34.99 webCommerce pack adds the eCommerce solution, and for $52.99 and $71.99, you can expand access from 3 users to 5 and 10 users, respectively. Paying biyearly takes %5 further off the cost, paying month to month adds 10% to these prices.

Adobe has released an end-of-life announcement for Business Catalyst which can be accessed here. New sites will no longer be available for purchase as of June 2018 and Adobe will stop hosting existing sites on Business Catalyst in March of 2021.

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