Adobe Business Catalyst is an all-in-one cloud-hosted system for building and managing web content and on online store. It has a built-in CRM framework, and sales, service, and marketing features including eCommerce and Email Marketing tools. It was acquired by Adobe in 2009, five years after the original company was founded. for SpeedWe started using BusnessCatalyst across the organization as a solution for lower budget markets.,Webapps can be used for various content types and because the interface is simplified and standardized it's easy to give clients the ability to edit content without them having to modify html. The template engine makes adding templates into the system and setting them up very fast. This helps to speed up development time. Because BusinessCatalyst is a hosted solution, it removes the need for Server Management. Now that the BC API is more extensive and the content can be output via JSON, there seems to be nothing you can not do in the system.,BusinessCatalyst is a hosted solution and some can view this as a negative due to not having access directly to the server. Some of the BuisnessCatalyst modules seem to never be updated or improved upon and it seems almost impossible to extend them into solutions that don't exist. The Photo Gallery module is really easy to get setup however it is really difficult to extend due to the lack of access to do so. It lacks a tagging system that can be used to output content. Currently it has categories which can be used but I don't think the original intention was this due to there only being three tiers available for use.,9,It allows me to gain more customers by providing a more affordable website solution to them.,,Developer,100-1,000 pages,4,10,10Adobe Business Catalyst - the go-to choice for e-commerceAdobe Business Catalyst is a tool that we use for many of our clients. It simplifies the process of getting our clients online and making them look credible. It makes my life easier since I can manage many sites in one place.,The e-commerce module is the strength of Adobe Business Catalyst as I see it. It's easy to set up and establish a secure online store. I like using the "content holder" interface. There are building blocks that simplify the process of adding re-usable content to any page.,Pricing seems inflexible and many times it's what makes my clients turn to other CMS systems. How can I defend spending $40 just because I want to use the BC Apps but have no use for the e-commerce function? I used to have a plethora of templates that I could use as a starting point. They are now gone and I miss them.,6,I cannot say that BC had any impact on our ROI.,WordPress,Content Author / Administrator,10-100 pages,Implemented in-house,7,Yes,9Business Catalyst OverviewI am a small business owner and I decided to use Adobe Business Catalyst for my own website and to build websites for my clients using this platform. Using this platform I have been able to create eCommerce sites and introduce/train my clients to the CMS so they have been able to update their own content and products.,The ability to link a gateway to a shopping cart is simple and straightforward. There is a lot of documentation on how to use their tools and features The reports and statistics that are available through the admin portal is incredibly useful to be able to understand how to tighten up the usability of the created site. The ability to create simple websites with strong CMS tools.,Being able to use custom XML with web apps is non-existent even though they have been working on the issue for awhile. They even showed me a beta version of their web apps that would have done just that. That was about 2 years ago. It's email portal needs a lot of work.,8,The CMS has been a great tool to use to close a deal. Assists those who do not have much experience with back end programing. The platform is far more secure because of their closed source code than platforms like wordpress or joomla.,Joomla!,WordPress,1,1,10Adobe BC - Get your business online quicklyWe use Adobe Business Catalyst for our own website. We also help other companies get their businesses online using Adobe Business Catalyst.,Get a website online quickly Build small databases quickly Train end-users to use BC quickly Build web galleries quickly,Need to be able to build a relational database inside BC Need to be able to easily reference outside links in BC Cancelling a website isn't always easy,7,Faster website deployment Better organization since we can keep most clients under the same umbrella Adobe brand recognition,WordPress,Joomla!,Developer,10-100 pages,2,2,Real estate websites Charity website Online stores,Manage our own website,Integrating MLS solutions into websites Integrating other 3rd party solutions into our websites,9,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Existing Relationship with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,Wouldn't change anything with selection process,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Occasional issues creating databases Most issues are client-related,8,Online training Self-taught,9,Easy to use; we provide training to our clients,7,No,There have been times when there was a desperate situation (aren't they all) with clients and support chat has come to the rescue quickly.,Galleries Creating new pages Creating menus,Email campaigns Web apps can be complex depending on various factors,Yes,8,8,9,9,9,9,Billing, invoicing, and reselling,Yes,Better features Better organization,integrating with 3rd party products,Yes,No
Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued)
60 Ratings
Score 8.0 out of 101
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Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued) Reviews

Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued)
60 Ratings
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Score 8.0 out of 101
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WYSIWYG email editor (13)
Dynamic content (15)
Ability to test dynamic content (11)
Landing pages (11)
A/B testing (5)
Mobile optimization (13)
Email deliverability (13)
List management (13)
Triggered drip sequences (8)
Lead nurturing (11)
Lead scoring and grading (8)
Data quality management (9)
Automated sales alerts and tasks (10)
Calendaring (10)
Event/webinar marketing (9)
Social sharing and campaigns (7)
Social profile integration (8)
Dashboards (15)
Standard reports (15)
Custom reports (12)
API (11)
Role-based workflow & approvals (14)
Customizability (13)
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About Adobe Business Catalyst (Discontinued)

Adobe Business Catalyst is an all-in-one cloud-hosted system for building and managing web content and on online store. It has a built-in CRM framework, sales, service, and marketing features including eCommerce and Email Marketing tools. It was acquired by Adobe in 2009, five years after the original developers founded a company. It is a content management solution at minimum, and typical web content management features are present --themes, SEO, an editing interface, document management--, but with the built-in CRM and eCommerce it is targeted at businesses looking to sell online.

The yearly pricing plan for Adobe Business Catalyst starts at $10.99 per month with the narrower webBasics+ pack, which includes content management features and site analytics, as well as a hosted email. The $16.99 per month web marketing pack brings the CRM into the fold, as well as targeted email marketing and the blog. The $34.99 webCommerce pack adds the eCommerce solution, and for $52.99 and $71.99, you can expand access from 3 users to 5 and 10 users, respectively. Paying biyearly takes %5 further off the cost, paying month to month adds 10% to these prices.

Adobe has released an end-of-life announcement for Business Catalyst which can be accessed here. New sites will no longer be available for purchase as of June 2018 and Adobe will stop hosting existing sites on Business Catalyst in March of 2021.

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