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Sampsa Suoninen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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I consult in implementing and taking advantage of Digital Analytix for my customers from basic website tracking to application tracking. This includes both planning, documenting and creating code for tracking.
  • Flexibility on data collection, namely on ability to customize the implementation.
  • Integration and ability to access data in multiple ways.
  • Ability to modify data: On-the-fly and post processing to fix issues or enrich it.
  • Streaming measurement is excellent.
  • Cross platform tracking with Multiplatform tracking.
  • The user interface currently is lacking, but the new version that is currently in beta is far more user friendly.
  • Resources: Sometimes the latest documentation and libraries are hard to find.
  • Part of the flexibility with variables (labels) brings complexity, as there is no list to choose from, you need to know what variable name you are looking for.
If you are looking for a tool that provides great potential for customization, impressive ability to connect data to different sources, impressive streaming measurement and a flexible way to see data, then Digital Analytix might be for you. You basically need an in house analyst and good planning (consulting) to get the most out of the tool.
Tanja Wisskirchen-Curtis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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  • Extremely flexible with the ability to customize metrics and dimension to meet business needs. While the tool has common default metrics (Page views, visits, visitors, link clicks etc.) and dimensions (Time, URL, Page Domain, Referral etc.) we are often requesting custom dimensions or metrics based on business logic, lookup tables and/or certain labels/parameters.
  • Ability to separate very large sites into separate entities or data sets to allow for more accurate and quicker reporting of large sites.
  • Meets the needs of both power analysts, as well as, basic users through different UI capabilities that are simply on different tabs next to each other, for each access.
  • An interface for the more basic user that is similar to a Google Analytics or other web analytics tool. One that allows quick viewing of key high level metrics with drill down capability and/or lead to similar reports for further analysis with just a click.
  • Of course I haven't see a tool do this well in the UI yet, but a hover over data dictionary for metrics and dimensions and link to a pop-up with a more detailed business and technical description. Should be a attribute of a new metric or dimension and editable by admins. As opposed to having to maintain a data dictionary separately.
DAx has the features, very advanced features (mentioned later) that a power user needs, and is highly customizable, but doesn't require software or hardware ownership. For those capabilities that are not currently there, the customer reporting team often finds a workable solution that we can present to our client. For the more basic users and executives, the dashboard often meets their needs; else the report tab can help with quick access to metrics that have already been built by analysts. Lastly, the level of complex analysis in the tool still impresses. You can analyze web events at the event level, visit level and visitor level. You can apply filters at the report level (for all three - event, visit and visitor) or metric level (again for all three levels). On top of that, they have a concept of scope and rules which, combined with the 3 levels, can really allow a power analyst to ask just about any question and get an answer.
Score 10 out of 10
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I recommend Digital Analytix over its competitors because it was built with the future in mind. The company is moving toward the total measurement of video content on all platforms including linear TV. This is exciting as it more accurately reflects how people are viewing content, particularly the younger generation. Their tech teams are always one step ahead with monitoring additional technologies. This greatly helps serve a generation that is everywhere. Both the product and those developing it are flexible to customer needs. I have enjoyed working with Digital Analytix.
  • In working for an innovative company that is constantly evolving, it is important to use a product that can accommodate new products and offerings.
  • The product is so flexible that it takes a while to become comfortable with its use and formats. They are currently working on a new release that should simplify things considerably.
They will build things to a clients needs. They offer great customer support. They work with you on your goals.
Score 9 out of 10
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Digital Analytix is used across numerous departments within our organization. It was implemented initially as a replacement for Google Analytics across a number of marketing websites, and also installed fresh on some mobile apps. It is used both as a regular reporting platform as well as for deep-dive, user-level analysis.
  • Data is stored at a raw user level and easily extracted via tools in the user interface as well as through export APIs, which for our company is extremely important in order to keep our Digital Analytics data married to our other company data.
  • The implementation is extremely easy for developers, particularly given the open platform that allows for a completely custom schema.
  • The platform is capable of reporting and segmenting all in real-time - having used other comparable tools in this space (admittedly not in two years now), I was extremely impressed with how well Digital Analytics was able to handle this given that other tools struggle with it.
  • While I know they are making strides in this area, Digital Analytix is definitely built with power users in mind. The learning curve can be steep.
  • Because the platform is non-restrictive in terms of label/variable naming, power users need to have intimate knowledge of their schema in order to build reports on their custom variables.
This tool is most useful to users to whom visitor-level data is important, and for organizations that want to be able to do real-time deep-dive analysis on their digital properties. I also see exceptional value for users that may want to bring in additional data sets. In addition, comScore provides outstanding customer support. On the opposite side, for big-traffic, not-logged-in content sites like a newspaper site or something similar, I could see Digital Analytix being a bit more of an awkward fit.
Score 7 out of 10
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  • DAx has a really flexible user interface and if implemented correctly has the potential for great reporting.
  • StreamSense is an excellent video counting add on for DAx. Gets very granular data.
  • The virtual sites concept really makes segmenting data very efficient and logical.
  • Customer Support could certainly be better.
  • Need to extend support for more platforms, i.e. AppleTV, XBOX One, Windows 8, etc.
Key questions to ask include:

Do we need video tracking? If so, StreamSense is one of the best tools for tracking video.
Do we have a team of analysts capable of learning on the fly? This is important because DAx is quite different from other tools.
How many server calls do we estimate we will have per year? DAx contracts are based on yearly server calls, going over this number incurs harsh overage costs.

DAx doesn't cost a lot up front. However, they make up for it with "consulting" fees. It's still a bargain compared to Adobe SiteCatalyst.

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What is comScore Digital Analytix (discontinued)?

comScore's Digital Analytix Enterprise (DAX) product was acquired by Adobe in 2015 largely for its European customer base, with the goal of migrating former DAX customers to the Adobe Analytics cloud. Thus, DAX is no longer available.

Formerly, it helped users optimize content for visibility and engagement and utilizes its expertise in audience measurement to integrate demographics, attitudinal, and behavioral data into an organization's entire dataset.

comScore Digital Analytix (discontinued) Integrations

  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Tag Management
  • Content Management Systems
  • Multivariate & A/B Testing
  • Data Visualization

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