Adobe Photoshop is the best known graphics product on the market.The industry standardPhotoshop is essential in my workflow. When I wake up it’s the first software that I open on my pc. I work all day on my PC drawing and designing characters, and environments and props for video games and films. That’s why Photoshop is so important. The software gives me total freedom thanks to the performance and tools to draw without restrictions. Some examples include things like the actions that help you to be faster at work; the smart objects that make less destructive workflow and of course the huge list of plugins to help me to create better and faster assets in Photoshop. You can find everything that you need for Photoshop from a simple plugin that makea few color adjustments to color wheels and advanced photo filters. The resources are endless. That’s why Photoshop is for me the best software for someone who spends all day long on a PC.,The price is just great with the new subscription so i can rent the software for a year and all the updates, even the major ones like major versions (cc 2014 to cc 2015) are included in the subscription. The huge amount of resources for Photoshop The compatibility with other software The experience using photoshop is smooth,Lack of symmetry tools They need to improve the 3D texturing inside photoshop You need a good PC to run the software,10,If you work as a concept artist, you'll have the investment as fast as you work, in my case it was less than a month with the new year subscription plan.,corel painter, paint tool SAI and clip paint studio,1,1,I implement Photoshop for every project that I do.,The use for mobile devices apps,To develop tools to be faster at work,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product,Well I'd check the brush engine that the software has and the plugins.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Less problems when the client sends files.,10,No,9,I don't remember any specific time, the support is always great.,Smart objects Actions Brush creation,Maybe if you're a total beginner, you must learn the shortcuts and how to use the layers and the blending options.,Yes, but I don't use it,10Powerful and/but TechnicalAdobe Photoshop almost makes you have better images and graphics. Due to the technical nature and toolset provided (or hidden) Photoshop makes a beginner dig around and look deep into its features for just the right utensil for the job. What ends up happening, at least for me, is that I discover new sets of editors by accident and keep them in my memory for my next project OR... apply them to what I'm working on to add some flare.,Photoshop can do just about everything, but for now going beyond the simple tasks proves to be tough. Easy logo/graphic work. Web design is easily accomplished. Filtering and adding additional details to existing projects.,Because it does so much a lot of tools are lost in menus and hidden buttons. It is far tougher than I ever thought. I use YouTube videos for solving new problems. Have a "basic" mode - I could go into assuming I won't use 90% of the advanced toolsets. Add icon support...not through an additional patch.,10,90% personal use / 10% business. For personal I work with both graphics (logos and fonts) and also with photographs from vacations. With work it is to make graphics and infocharts. ROI - Not using for any big ROI, mostly for infographics and personal site creation. We have designers in house that are more fluent, so as a very "green" user it works for the amount I need it. I still get really excited when I figure out a new tool.,Aperture,GIMP,3,4,8Adobe Photoshop - A Designer's DreamAdobe Photoshop is used on a daily basis at Issuer Direct. As head of the Graphic Design department, I rely on Photoshop for all of my image editing. I find the program superior to other editors that are in the market today. Whether I'm doing minor editing or creating in-depth graphics, Photoshop never lets me down. Ever since Photoshop has been introduced into the organization, the response has gone through the roof. Gone are the days of boring text and plain images!,Excellent image resizing. Never are the company images pixelated, distorted, or blurry. Clients are always pleased with the level of work that they receive. Produces clean, crisp graphics that can be used on a daily basis. Anything from designing brochures and flyers, to creating full-color Annual Reports. The possibilities are endless. Your only barrier is your imagination.,I wish Adobe Photoshop implemented some sort of Spelling / Grammar check. Adding a feature to create a gradient, similar to Adobe Illustrator, would be very helpful.,10,Positive - Print materials are much more engaging with the help of Photoshop. Positive - Photoshop was crucial in building a new website, as it made everything more visually stimulating. Negative / Positive - Colleagues and clients now expect nothing but the best!,1,,Creating supporting, engaging images for the corporate website. Creating original, eye-catching brochures. Designing covers for Annual Reports. Building and maintaining strong brand recognition.,Creating Stock Transfer Certificates. Setting up and maintaining a strong social media presence. Used for opening and editing PDF documents.,Designing templates for various products. Creating secure PDF documents. Creating mock-ups for various services.,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product,I would not change a thing. Selecting Adobe Photoshop has proven to be very profitable, and provides me all the options that I could ever imagine. Photoshop is well worth the purchase, or at the very least, using on a trial basis. If I had to choose one thing to do differently, I would have started with the cloud-based offering as opposed to purchasing the creative suite separately.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Long downloads There were no other issues At all,9,9,No,After Purchasing the Adobe Cloud-Based product I was having trouble installing it onto my machine (Mac). I gave Adobe Customer Support a phone call, and they were able to quickly and accurately walk me through the installation process, giving me access to Photoshop in a matter of minutes. Everything has been great since then.,Resizing Images. Making quick edits to photos or pictures. Batch-Processing comes in handy when dealing with multiple images.,Creating gradients Converting a smaller image into a larger one without losing quality. Text editing can be cumbersome without spell check or grammar check.,Yes, but I don't use it,9,9Adobe Photoshop has been my go-to image editor for many years.Adobe Photoshop is our go-to image editor for our Marketing and Design department at the university website, image editing, etc. Photoshop is used across campus on an as-needed basis depending on user and department needs.,Adobe Photoshop is the best image editor on the market. We can easily update image quality for the website and print publications using Photoshop. Photoshop is by-far the best program for image optimization for the web. With multiple tools to use for the best quality without large file-size, I couldn't do without it.,Although I have no major changes suggested for Photoshop, I would love to have images open with a smaller screen instead of taking up the entire screen upon opening. Photoshop it not a program for the inexperienced. I have been using the product for almost 20 years, and still learn techniques that are new to me.,9,With the ease of use, we can edit images quickly to the best available quality (look and feel) needed for our website. Images can easily be updated and saved directly to our server with administrative rights. The program is more expensive than many image editing programs. However, the end-result for experienced users brings the best quality available. Photoshop does have a learning curve.,,10,20,2,Image editing for the website Image editing for graphic design Image editing for billboards,Photoshop is a solution we use to edit images for faculty members when requested. Adobe Photoshop comes with Adobe Bridge. This part of the program has allowed us to organize our photos, add metadata and keywords.,New web techniques.,No,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation,I wouldn't,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Photoshop is a simple-to-install software program.,10,No,8,No,Yes. When I needed to re-install the program upon a computer crash. The support person I ran across was very helpful and quick to assist me.,The tool-bar is easy to use and easy to find. Editing image size is easy to use.,Anything above minor photo edits do require time. But the end-result is worth it.,9Photoshop is Pixel Perfect!Bitmapped image manipulation and creation. Also rasterizes vector based images and converts to any color mode needed, ie. CMYK to RGB to Index or Black & White. The tool is also used for photographers post production.,It creates a cache file and you need a ton of disk space when editing large files.,We keep production cost in house and keep control of our digital assets.,10,10,1,1,This is the #1 design and production tool of bitmapped images. It is very possible it's too much for your most basic image editing, and there are FOR SURE easier to use applications, but you will never be under powered with Photoshop.,No,Implemented in-house,10,In-person training,10,No,10,10,10,10,The files you create in Photoshop are integrated into other packages for many different purposes.,No,,NoPhantastic photoshopAdobe Photoshop is used in the engineering department only. It helps with prototype mock-ups before full CAD drawings.,Lighting and shading are easy to use and powerful Select feature is clever and helps with difficult cutting operations Clone feature is really great if you can match the scales and tones right.,The menus are not intuitive but you learn them eventually. The undo button is limited,8,Increased product delivery Faster decisions from management,picassa,7,3,Clone Contrast Tone,Canvas resize JPEG saving Paintbrush tool,5,4
Adobe Photoshop
1287 Ratings
Score 9.1 out of 101
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Adobe Photoshop Reviews

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Adobe Photoshop
1287 Ratings
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Score 9.1 out of 101
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Maxx Krueger profile photo
April 27, 2016

Adobe Photoshop Review: "Powerful and/but Technical"

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PS is a super powerful tool, but there is so much it can do that it has to have 100s of menus. Things can get a little lost. Lucky for us we can google/youtube answers on the fly. PS is something that after you have used it for a year you become familiar with the main uses that are applicable to your work, but to know everything would be impossible.
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Kris Bram profile photo
March 18, 2015

User Review: "Adobe Photoshop - A Designer's Dream"

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The overall usability of Adobe Photoshop is a nine. I say this because if you know what you are doing, great. If not, there are more than enough tutorials or examples online that can help you get on your way. Upon first glance, it can be intimidating, but you get adjusted quickly after a few trial runs.
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Adobe Photoshop is the best known graphics product on the market.
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