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Adobe Presenter


What is Adobe Presenter?

Adobe Presenter is a PowerPoint plugin for converting PowerPoint presentations into elearning content. It allows for multimedia and interactive integrations and can be mobile accessible. Presenter can also integrate with standalone LMS products, including Adobe Captivate.

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What is Adobe Presenter?

Adobe Presenter is a PowerPoint plugin for converting PowerPoint presentations into elearning content. It allows for multimedia and interactive integrations and can be mobile accessible. Presenter can also integrate with standalone LMS products, including Adobe Captivate.

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Product Details

What is Adobe Presenter?

Adobe Presenter is a PowerPoint plugin used for creating elearning content. Presenter allows users to integrate assets, including quizzes, screen-capture video content, and in-course web browsing, into PowerPoint-based training presentations. Presenter content can be developed in a drag-and-drop interface and published in HTML5 for mobile access. It also integrates with standalone LMS products, including Adobe Captivate.

Adobe Presenter Technical Details

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Laura Gillenwater | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization generally uses this tool when what we're trying to create is the asynchronous, online version of someone getting up in front of a large group and making a presentation (rather than trying to do real "training"). As such, we've used it to announce new product features or give general overviews of new products (to be viewed as "pre-work" for an upcoming training session), do short overview demos of new systems (more of a "here's what it can do" than "here's how to do it," although it could be used for micro-learning, if the tasks are very short and simple), and to convey some basic on-boarding info, such as general benefits and compensation info. The vast majority of the Adobe Presenter users in our U.S. organization are in one of our learning and development departments, although, occasionally, it's been used by a few people in other departments (although I can't say exactly which, off-hand).
  • This tool is great for allowing anyone already familiar with PowerPoint to convey reasonably simple and short content asynchronously. It's quick and easy to learn how to use it and even allows for some basic types of quiz questions.
  • You can publish it to your company's Adobe server (if you have one) or as a SCORM package to upload to a traditional LMS.
  • It gives you the choice of recording audio within its own PowerPoint ribbon (not my method of choice) or to import and sync audio created outside of Presenter (which I prefer, because it's easier to edit and maintain.)
  • I also love that it comes with Adobe Presenter Video Express, which can be used within the Presenter ribbon or as a stand-alone application. It's a very easy way to create short system demos with narration, and allows for zooming and panning, as well as allowing you to intersperse, or even simultaneously show, webcam video.
  • I don't know if this qualifies as a "con," per se, but it's important not to try and use this as a full-fledged e-learning authoring tool, as the opportunities it affords for effective practice and feedback is minimal. It's a well-named product, since "Presenter" really is best used for "presentations," rather than bona fide training.
  • There's no real "programming" ability (like being able to use custom actions and variables).
  • I also wish that, when syncing animations to audio narration, if you make a mistake mid-way through a slide, you could re-do just from where you made the mistake on forward, rather than having to resync the whole slide.
  • Better audio editing capabilities within the product would make it feel less "necessary" to me to use an external audio editing product.
  • It's also not the cheapest of the tools that does this kind of thing. For example, SNAP, by Trivantis, does many of the same things at about a tenth the cost.

As I mentioned earlier, it's best used for "presentations," rather than bona fide "training." That's why we tend to use it when the information is relatively simple and/or doesn't need to be fully internalized or mastered (which would require providing opportunities for practice and feedback and a more engaging, interactive learning experience). However, it can be used as part of a blended-learning solution, with some information provided via an Adobe Presenter module first, and then some kind of instructor-led session as a follow-up, which would include more role-specific info, as well as practice and feedback opportunities.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, Adobe Presenter Video Express is great for creating quick overview demos about a new system -- more of a "see what it can do" type thing than a "here's how you do it" thing (unless the "it" is very simple and the video is used more as a microlearning/performance support type of offering).

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I make presentations as a subject matter expert in the area of banking regulatory remediation. In most cases training is required for the people attending in order to bring all to the same level. Adobe presenter enables incorporation of quiz material into the presentation. This promotes better understanding of the material.
  • Incorporates static files
  • Intuitive interface
  • Ability to add quiz
  • Eliminates need for flash programming
  • E learning news server could be more intuitive
  • Numerical indicator for updates is confusing
  • Organization of updates could be better organized
Adobe Presenter interface and its complete integration with Powerpoint eliminates the need for additional training or knowledge of Flash programming.While this saves time for the more sophisticated presenter it is less useful for day to day status presentations. There is no substitute for knowing your audience
Srinivasan V Iyer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Adobe Presenter for on out learning platform for the courses and study materials to keep updated with the latest developments and features. There are lots of new videos and classes that are updated frequently which helps in learning and being updated with the latest trends, company updates, threat details, etc.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fast and effective.
  • Simplified user interface.
  • Audio and Video Sync issues.
  • Video quality.
  • Option to download the courses.
  • Ability to add Notes and save them.
There is not much to complain or point out, but the platform itself is quite outdated and we have lots of new mediums, tools, and features that are much better and simplified. The modern day learning systems are much more better and effectiveness in tracking, keeping tabs on progress, reminding, calibrating, etc., which is not the best with it comes to Adobe Presenter. If you are a small organization and don't need lots of fancy and deep analysis then this is the go to platform.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The faculty currently uses Presenter as a way to take our already made PowerPoint presentations and turn them into interactive lessons to use with our students. It allows us to create a flipped classroom environment so we are able to work with specific students to address concerns and troubles as other students are working at their own pace.
  • It is very easy for faculty to use. Even those who have limited experience in creating online courses feel comfortable using Presenter.
  • It allows our faculty to have students working in different areas at the same time so we are able to individualize our instruction to meet student needs.
  • The quiz feature is fantastic to be able to quickly assess student learning to determine if they are ready to move forward.
  • We have faced some difficulty with Presenter and Adobe Flash. Some of our teachers have grown weary of constant messages of not having the correct Flash player, even though it is.
  • We wish we had the ability to use more than one quiz in a presentation in order to more accurately determine student success, but we are able to see the number of slides viewed along with the quiz score to help determine mastery.
I believe that Presenter is a handy tool for anyone who needs to create training experiences or lessons to allow learners flexibility in their learning. It does, however, seem to need updating to produce a more stable platform as Flash is phased out. It is relatively easy to use for those without much experience building online experiences, but some pop-up messages that appear could be troubling for users who are not expecting them.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Adobe Presenter is a great tool that is simple to use for anyone already familiar with any other presentation software. Basically, we use it for tracking the performance of our various corporate locations on a weekly to monthly basis. This tool comes really handy when you have a video conference with the large group and need to present a couple of different reports or train employees remotely.
  • A pro user can definitely generate an impressive presentation for exhibitions and other networking events.
  • Converts Powerpoints into learning courses effectively.
  • The option provided to chat during the presentation is quite useful, especially for trainees.
  • I feel it is a bit overpriced. That may be because of the Adobe name.
  • Our team has experienced a few technical issues over time which sometimes limit our use of the software.
  • Limited features available for our macOS users.
Although it's pricey and has some issue, Adobe Presenter has been an awesome solution for our business. If my opinion regarding presentation and training tools is required, my answer will be in favor of Adobe Presenter. I would certainly recommend to someone who can effectively use it to solve their problems.
Vicky Creasy, EdD | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We author content for our online courses. Presenter gives the opportunity for me to make my content come to life in a relatively easy fashion. I take the content from courses I have been teaching for years and then turn it into online courses using the Adobe Presenter software. I have older, stagnant material that I have transformed using Presenter.
  • The drag and drop method of Adobe Presenter makes the software really easy to learn and use. It allows me to create presentations that are much more powerful and creative.
  • I LOVE the YouTube help videos. I feel like there is a help video on every topic I have ever wanted to know more about. I have almost grown to be an expert based on the help videos posted. They are easy to access and user-friendly.
  • I use the scenario templates. Because I teach programming courses, students can go different ways based on the knowledge that they already have of the content in the courses. The built in scenario templats allow me to create dynamic courses that are different for every learner that uses the course I am teaching them.
  • Sometimes I feel like Presenter feels too much like Power Point. This may make some users not want to use the software.
  • I have a hard time when saving presentations and then pulling them up in other locations- it often takes longer than I want to wait, but I am a millennial (I think?).
I love using Presenter to turn old, boring, and stagnant material into interactive course material. The software is useful for educators looking to author online courses or to author courses with an online portion. If you need a software that will enable you to take content you already have and then to make it more dynamic, offer students options of which way to go with their learning, then this is the software for you. The tools are similar to the office suite, so there isn't a steep learning curve.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Adobe Presenter is the rapid development tool used by our government client to create web-based, asynchronous training. We are required to use this tool when developing training products using this delivery method, unless otherwise specified.
  • Adobe Presenter makes it easy to create online training if you do not have programming skills.
  • Adobe Presenter has good tools available to make an interactive training product, such as the Quiz Manager.
  • Adobe Presenter can support most of the options in an instructional design plan, including the opportunity to let different users explore different learning paths.
  • As a Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in, there can sometimes be odd conflicts with the settings used in PowerPoint and how they translate to Adobe Presenter. Often these bugs do not present until the product is published and are difficult to troubleshoot.
  • SWF files generated when content is published requires a Flash player. This is a problem for some users, particularly those who are viewing content at work and are prohibited from installing anything on their machine. This is also a problem for some mobile devices.
Adobe Presenter is a good option for instructional designers who want to develop online training but don't have the budget for a programmer. Most, if not all, of the elements of a good instructional design plan for online training can be accomplished with Adobe Presenter. There are also a lot of good online user forums and tutorials available through Adobe that can help you learn to use the tool properly. Adobe Presenter is not going to be easy for anyone with limited PowerPoint skills or limited patience with troubleshooting. Bugs do arise and it can take a lot of time to track down whether the issue is PowerPoint or Adobe Presenter based and determine a workaround.
Ronald Ray | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User

Adobe Presenter is an extraordinarily flexible and dynamic solution for creating learning output. At Ebix, Inc., we use it in two ways. One is as a hyper-rapid e-learning development solution for our internal audiences. In this capacity, the quality of output is excellent, though not at the level of, say Captivate or Storyline. It's advantage, however, is its speed. I developed a method for creating interactive on-demand e-learning training that goes from storyboard to final output in an unheard of 5-10 hour development turnaround. This creates obvious advantages, among them creating a multiplier effect that dramatically cut training costs while improving the efficiency of our training development resources.

The second use is external. We're able to create on-demand help that we can publish to HTML that has built-in Responsive Web Design capability. This means clients can view our training on any device of any size, anywhere they have an internet connection, and it looks great. Also, because it is originally built in PowerPoint (Presenter installs as an add-in), we can be more creative and engaging in our help content versus standard help modules.

  • Because it integrates with PowerPoint, it is possible to go from planning outline to storyboard to final output withing a single document and as part of a seamless and logical design process.
  • Its ability to create videos that capture screens along with web-cam recordings, then edit them within the solution means higher level training recordings can be created versus, say a recorded WebEx training session.
  • Presenter's ability to create quiz elements similar to Adobe Captivate, add interactions, and interface with Adobe's LMS means it is capable of functioning as a complete e-learning development environment. .
  • If up front cost is a consideration, Presenter wins hands down over many better known training development and e-learning solutions.
  • Among its strengths, Presenter is outstanding at demonstrating software. However, it has zero native simulation capability. For that, you also need Captivate. While it's designed to work with that solution, I've yet to find an efficient application in a real-world training environment.
  • Presenter is a deceptively unintuitive solution. If you know PowerPoint (and who doesn't?), it feels like home. However, it has nuances that aren't readily obvious. For example, it's video recording capability is both built into the PowerPoint add-in and is accessible as a standalone. How they behave is similar but not identical..
  • Support is surprisingly weak. The version I have is once removed from the latest. I recently discovered that it has a bug. I was surprised to learn that reporting it to Adobe is impossible since the web page where this occurs does not include Presenter as an option. Are they aware and was it corrected? I don’t know. Fortunately, it's not critical, but it does raise several concerns.
  • Training and on-demand help is also weak. While there are some standalone videos and other help resources on the internet, what’s freely available isn’t complete. As a result, ramp up took several months longer than it should have. Much of my learning was through experimentation and web searches. Those searches were at times frustrating since the community of users doesn't appear to be as great as other training development solutions. The best training I found was on I highly recommend either Lynda or a similar site if you get Adobe Presenter.

Its strength is its ability to develop on-demand content quickly. If good, fast and affordable are your main check boxes, this could be just what you need.

On the other hand, this is not your stop for "spit and polished" deliverables. Storyline and Captivate this is not. That said, Adobe Presenter is one of the most flexible, affordable and (once you understand it) easy to use solutions on the market, making it a 9.5 out of 10 when it comes to bang for the buck.

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