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July 04, 2020
Chiyars Malhotra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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At our company. we are making android applications for our clients. The whole process of Android Application Development from start to end includes Designing, Development, Testing and deployment on play store. The most important and initial part is design of Android Application. For that purpose, nowadays companies are using Adobe XD as a tool for making a prototype of an android application, which will reflect that how android applications will look and what it will behave like with screens.

Adobe XD is used by our whole organization because Adobe XD is used in making prototypes of Android Application, iOS Application, and web development also.

By using Adobe XD, we can prevent most of the problems regarding design of our project. Implementing screen designs directly into particular IDEs may consume so much time later on if any problems or changes occur. Prototyping that design will make it easier to understand the behavior of that project down the line.
  • Prototypes of Android, iOS and web applications.
  • Can make wireframes of that project screen. After applying transition effects and animations, we can elaborate on the details to enhance the look and feel.
  • After the prototype has been made, we can actually run that app in different screen sizes all sizes of Android Mobiles, iOS Mobiles and also web applications.
  • Some basic designing particles are provided by Adobe XD library so that we can use it directly in our project.
  • While this process of prototyping the whole project in Adobe XD and then testing it can take a long time, it will decrease the chance of design failure to almost zero.
  • We can test android prototypes into Adobe XD's inbuilt system, but there is also one option to test that project on your real device. That option is only available on iOS devices only and that feature should also be available for android devices.
  • After so many improvements, Adobe XD is still lacking some designing features like real-time collaboration. Third-party plug-ins are also not available.
  • Adobe XD's User Interface is still a bit not so attractive compared to others like Sketch.
Earlier people used to design into Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and those software are really not made specifically for Android, iOS or web designing. To fulfill that purpose, Adobe made XD which is specifically for Android, iOS or web designing. It also has testing features built in so that people can actually test it in real time with real or demo devices. Prototyping and wireframing features are so good that it can actually put you one step ahead in the look and feel of your project.
I gave Adobe XD 9 out of 10 because of following points.
  • It is saving thousands of dollars by preventing constant and unrealistic changes by clients.
  • Adobe XD is living as a middle system between design and development of project.
  • After designing, we make prototypes and wireframes to prevent design failure and after, we develop the app.
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March 06, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We mainly use Adobe XD for website mock-ups. Using the interactive design tools it has makes demoing what a website could look like with the animations and assets a lot nicer and gets a better idea than the traditional Photoshop mock-ups. For example, you can demo a button on hover, or how a div can animate into the browser window all before someone has to code it up.
  • Easy and simple animations.
  • Good tool for website mock-ups.
  • Easy user interface and tools that are like most Adobe products.
  • You can share a dev link and it displays all assets for developers to download or user like it's very own style guide.
  • It is a bit simple, could add more complex animations, not really a fault though.
  • I wish there was a little more support for the platform.
Using Adobe XD for a website mockup on the latest project I've been working on, with designers and developers, is great in many ways. The designers mocked up buttons, animations to show what would happen if a user clicked a certain button to do an action, and to display that in the mockup with no code what so ever is nice to give the devs and idea on what it is exactly supposed to do base on the designer's eye. Also, having a development link where developers can grab assets, color codes, etc. Like a style guide that no one has to make, XD generates it and you can easily get what you need from it.
Since it's fairly new, the product is still growing. It does have good support but more can be added I feel, and it is over time. You can easily look up tutorials or documentation. I feel it will only get better as time goes on. It's not bad by any means.
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March 14, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Adobe XD is very useful due to the integration with other Adobe software like Photoshop and Illustrator. It is used across the design team, more for exploratory purposes rather than a full alternative to Sketch, Flinto, and InVision. While it has potential, moving the entire team to this new software is going to be a lot of work and resistance that could hinder our speed.
  • Compares all the prototyping features with Sketch.
  • Quick integrations with other Adobe software for quality asset creation.
  • Ability to prototype as we design is very attractive.
  • The interface isn't as friendly as Sketch, maybe because it takes a more minimal and Adobe systems approach.
  • Not much popularity among the design community and enough support for plugins.
  • Developer hand-off is not as smooth as Sketch or Zeplin.
  • Lack of or slow plugin support that designers rely on for their day-to-day jobs.
If someone is already in the Adobe ecosystem, this is going to be a great addition. But if you are already deep into using Sketch and other services, dip your toes before diving in to see if this suits your needs. It is very important since learning another tool might not be desirable in your team.
I never had to contact support. But there are tons of tutorials and FAQs in the community that can teach you potentially anything you want to do.
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February 14, 2020
Michael Berchak | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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I am using Adobe XD as part of my digital product development process. I work on the visual and strategy side of the process, and XD helps me develop ideas so that clients can understand and provide feedback to make sure the goals are being achieved. I can build both wireframe mockups quickly as well as prototypes that they can use to check the process out.
  • It's easy to use, similar to other Adobe products.
  • Connects well with the Adobe library and other applications
  • Given that it's still on the new-ish side, tools and add-ons are still being developed.
  • Because it is so similar to other Adobe products, I can forget and use the wrong commands from time to time.
Once you have moved past the pencil-sketch phase, Adobe XD is a great tool to start to build things in the digital realm. It's great at building multiple versions that can be used for testing with users and stakeholders. Adobe XD can produce quality prototypes that are great for helping people to understand your ideas.

It does not have any kind of coding option so you cannot build any kind of functioning asset. I have not discovered a great way to export it to a development arena as of yet but more research might show this.
I have not had a need to connect with the Adobe XD support team as of yet, but from past experience when dealing with the other products, the support has been very very good, and I would have no reason to think that this product would be any different. There are a good number of training videos on the Adobe site for this product as well as on other social media sites so a quick search should let you find the answers in several different ways.
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January 29, 2020
Craig West | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Our IT department is using Adobe XD to prototype user interactivity. We are revamping our website and possibly making it compatible with users on different devices. Adobe XD allows us to work with the new designs in a variety of different frame formats for watches, phones, desktops and print design. It is allowing us to review interactivity before launching the website and mobile applications live. We are still learning the software but overall it is fairly intuitive with the use of tutorials.
  • You can have multiple artboards open at the same time (Mobile displays, desktop, etc.).
  • You can drag and copy multiple assets directly into the design.
  • To view interactivity of the design on the iPhone, it must be directly connected to the PC.
  • Found it difficult to work with paragraph-styles.
Adobe XD is used to ensure continuity of design across multiple platforms and is targeted for UI and UX designers. IT is suitable for those looking to develop functional design prototypes. If you are looking for more control and functionality in your design work to ensure the application will work as expected, then this tool is for you.
Adobe has very nice videos, and depending on the subscription service you purchase, may offer direct consultation. Adobe XD has a "Learn & Support" site (, offering a "Get started" section, Tutorial Section and User Guide. Community forums are made available and also has a download and install solutions section. They are pretty good at assisting with general troubleshooting solutions if there are issues with the application functionality.
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January 24, 2020
Michael Prewitt | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Adobe XD is used for mocking up prototypes of websites and applications at our company. It is currently used across two departments, both for design proposals and as a reference system for production. Adobe XD allows us to quickly create interactive prototypes that demonstrate design goals, without requiring tedious coding by our designers.
  • Website and app prototypes are easy to create.
  • Users can easily apply a range of basic animation and transition effects.
  • Adobe XD supports plugins, but does not have as many as its competitor, Sketch.
  • The app does not support timeline animation, so its animation capability is elementary.
Adobe XD is a robust prototyping app with an aggressive development cycle. Adobe updates the app regularly, often once a month or more. On top of that, it is free, even to users who don't have a Creative Cloud subscription. However, users with a Creative Cloud subscription will benefit from its compatibility with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
Adobe XD is a good choice for creating websites and app mockups. Improvements to its responsive design capabilities make it a good choice for modern web and app development. Plugins, most of them free, greatly expand the app's functionality. You can also create shared libraries to sync resources between files and ensure consistency between users. Cloud publishing lets you share prototypes with stakeholders and developers.
The biggest frustration users may face is developer handoff. There is currently not a design-to-code export built into this app. Developers will need to code the design functions manually, although they can get sizes, colors, and other specs from the shared files. If creating animation prototypes is your thing, you may also be frustrated, as XD's capabilities are quite limited. However, it does sync full-circle with another app named ProtoPie which is capable of very advanced animations.
Many of the features I have requested have been implemented. Also, there is an active and supportive user community. The app's features are well documented. I have never had to contact support for help with any issue.
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January 21, 2020
Matt Railey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use XD in our practice for rapid design prototyping mainly for mobile design. It's great to have native prototyping elements in the app, unlike Sketch for example, but the drawing tools aren't as flexible as Sketch. We use a mix of products depending on what our clients like to use or just to see if there's a tool that might work better - Sketch, Figma, XD, InVision Studio, FramerX - they're all good at different things but they all allow for at least mid-fidelity prototype creation.
  • Natively flexible/responsive drawn elements.
  • Quick and easy to make a lot of progress on a design efficiently.
  • Good app for demoing prototypes.
  • I find the drawing tools a little limiting - Like they really want you to go over to Illustrator for some more complex things instead of staying in XD.
  • There isn't really any support for Design System integration.
  • XD's code export plugins are all either clunky or cost extra, and it's not native to the app itself.
It's very well suited for creating "throw away work". If you just need to create a prototype to demo to get buy-in or if you're not worried about needing to turn the designs into a full design system or need to worry about developer handoff - then XD works great. There is a time for that type of rapid prototyping in the beginning of large projects, but I haven't found a way to be able to transition the project into a development phase by only relying on XD instead of other tools like Sketch or Figma or InVision.
We've never reached out to Adobe for support on XD before. But we have for other creative cloud-related issues and their support was fine. I would imagine it would be the same if we needed something specifically XD related. I will say that XD has come a long way since it was first released in beta about 3 or 4 years ago, and they've done a good job listening to the community for feature requests and enhancements.
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January 20, 2020
Matthew Gardner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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Adobe XD is used by both our product and customer success orgs. Our product team uses it for quick, interactive mockups of both web and mobile experiences in order to complete internal and external testing before allocated development resources to a project or change. Our CS team uses it to create whitelabeled app mockups for our new customers so the look of apps we create is agreed upon before development takes over. This saves us time and cost for developers and allows us to more quickly iterate interfaces.
  • Mockups without code.
  • Fast to use.
  • Very different from other Adobe tools.
  • Learning curve.
Honestly, if everyone had Macbooks we would likely just purchase Sketch. XD is an okay tool for mockups and quick iteration, with interactive demo, but it's so different from other Adobe tools in how it works it might as well not be an Adobe product. We use it because some members have Windows machines and also because it's included in our Adobe suite. I wish it felt more like Photoshop and Illustrator.

As well, it sounds like some features will be spun out as ANOTHER upgrade when CC's price is already astronomical. That will likely be our breaking point if they paywall features we use.
Have not used support.
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December 05, 2019
Andrew Folts | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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When I was creating custom WordPress and custom coded sites, I would use Adobe XD to quickly create prototypes to show to clients when I was developing a design for their site. This saved time by allowing me to quickly edit designs instead of working with code to start.
  • Minimal, sleek UI.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Time-saving features like symbols and grids.
  • Switching between artboards and symbols is annoying.
  • Symbol styling can get hairy.
  • No dark mode.
XD is useful if you're planning a complex website or app with lots of pages/screens and interaction. Using a visual interface allows you to quickly get feedback and make revisions without diving into code, which can be costly. If you're doing something simple like Squarespace, then there's no need to use XD.
I haven't had many questions, but the few times I've contacted Adobe support they're been helpful and solved my problem very quickly.
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November 04, 2019
Russ Blackburn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Adobe XD. Before with Sketch, our team had to pay for InVision as well to share out our prototypes. Now, we share with XD and dropped the vendor.
  • Since we pay for Adobe, it's included. Sketch is an additional burden on the budget.
  • Syncs well with other Adobe products which many devs and designers have experience with.
  • Ease of use.
  • I like the "open" aspect of Sketch where users submit new tools and plugins.
Not for print layouts. It is our go-to product for UX wireframes.
Never had to use support.
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October 30, 2019
Aaron Goldstein | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Our organization is currently using Adobe XD across multiple departments. \

This software is primarily being utilized by our Creative Design team for the purpose of creating comprehensive software, website, mobile applications, and dashboard designs. XD is a very effective tool for these purposes because it gives the designers the ability to 'wire up' slides so that the UI/UX can be accurately modeled and demonstrated. These XD designs are then submitted to the development team who use them as a wireframe for building and designing websites and other software products.

Personally, I use Adobe XD for creating interactive business process flow diagrams for explaining complicated business processes to company executives and team members.
  • Super intuitive UI.
  • Very fun to use.
  • Complete creative freedom: there is very little that you cannot create within the XD suite.
  • Wiring/wireframing ability between slides, buttons - can design and map comprehensive software/app UI/UX.
  • Given my use of the platform and its ability to satisfy all my current requirements, there is not missing functionality that I can think of.
  • Creating wireframes for websites, other software programs, mobile applications.
  • creating interactive presentations and process flow diagrams.
I have never had an issue that required me to contact Adobe support.
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February 26, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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I am using Adobe XD within the Communications department of our school and I believe I am the only one using it here. There are several schools and departments across our university and I am sure there are a lot of other developers using as well. I manage all things web at our school and the biggest benefit I have seen is the time savings. I currently use Adobe CC and having XD be a part of that means they all interact together and the interfaces are similar, also there is no switching between different software.
  • Amount of plugins available.
  • Interactive prototypes.
  • Even more plugins.
  • I need to be able to prototype on all devices not just MacOS.
For mocking up current pages with new features, it is great. I can create components and add or subtract whatever I like in order to see what a page will look like, in several variations, in a small amount of time. Prototyping without having to write any code is great as I can just switch over to prototype and you can see how different elements react.
It is less appropriate for exporting my CSS from my designs.
Sometimes it is hard to find answers on for seemingly simple questions.
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January 17, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Adobe XD is being used by our design team (me) to build prototypes of our software before handing off to the development team for building. Currently, I am the only one who uses it, as I am the lead UI designer at our company.
  • Integrates with other Adobe products.
  • Easy to use.
  • Not as scaleable as some other prototyping tools.
  • Strong in wire-framing, but lacking in other areas.
Adobe XD is great because it has a free version. Wire-framing is one of the things they do best, however, I've found that the more complex the software is that I'm prototyping, the less practical Adobe XD becomes. It's great for making high-level wireframes, but the more you get into the weeds with a design, it becomes obvious that other tools may be better suited for the job.
I've never had any reason to reach out to support with Adobe XD, the product is pretty intuitive, and it's very widely used so it's not hard to find training videos on YouTube to learn more and get better at using it.
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December 02, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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It is not being used by my organization.
  • I like being able to create components easily.
  • I like that the initial plan is free so you can learn to use the tool.
  • Importing designs from sketch and other development tools is easy.
  • Integration with creative cloud is plus since you can get easy access to photos and make quick illustrations and import them to your workspace
  • I think Adobe XD, like other adobe products, has learning curve. it doesn't follow the same mental model as Figma and sketch
  • It's difficult to collaborate with just anyone.
  • Testing prototypes could be better too.
I think Adobe XD is fine in most scenarios, such as school or work projects where you are already using Adobe Suite.
I haven't asked for help yet.
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November 20, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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It has addressed various things in development and Ideas to elaborate or visualize websites so that the end-user or organization can understand how it will be. Mostly UI Design was used.
  • Best for designing websites.
  • Kind of a website flowchart or pictorial view.
  • Export websites in various formats.
  • Import files.
  • More visualization and templates.
  • WebGL Support and TwinMaxjs.
For an IT Development company, where they have to give mock of website and some demo rather than preferring ppt or any image adobeXD performs well. For an agency or freelancer, where time is a crucial thing, they have to produce something to the customer at once in such a scenario it is best.
I, myself, used this software so I rated it a 9.
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October 05, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
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I am using it from time to time on my freelancing gigs because that's what some of my clients have forced it upon me. I get design specs in XD and then use it to convert style into the frontend code. It basically does what a tool like InVision does but in a less user-friendly manner (at least to the developer).
  • Adobe XD is an okay tool if you want to work offline, as it lets you download the files and view them offline.
  • Commenting on the design and being able to pin and comment on the design is pretty useful.
  • The inability to download design specs when someone restricts access to certain content. You should at least be able to download the content that's accessible to you. This is terrible for people like me on slow internet connections.
  • It just feels too clunky when compared to InVision because it lacks better organization.
  • It would be nice if there was some sort of Trello or Github integration wherein you could create issues through XD and export them to other tools.
Adobe XD is well suited if:
  • You are a designer and need integration with other tools in the Adobe ecosystem.
  • Access to Adobe fonts seems to be nice but I am not sure if it helps people like me.
  • Team collaboration using comments is pretty useful in case you have a small team.
Support is alright and available when needed.
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July 17, 2019
Jason Wilkinson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Adobe XD is used as our go-to design program for laying out and prototyping web experiences, email and mobile games. Either designed from scratch or recreating existing layouts. It’s particularly useful when stuck using and archaic platform, it gives you the tools to visualize layout within the limitations of the software.
  • Super fast workflow.
  • Automatic animations.
  • Pixel perfect designs.
  • Missing horizontal scrolling.
  • Master pages would be useful.
  • HTML export features.
It's the perfect program for fast coding. It also offers free visualizations of anything web-based. From apps, websites to emails and game UI it’s super easy to use and pickup with the smallest of experience with anything Adobe. Yes, it’s missing some features you might see from the likes of Sketch or incision, but makes up for this with continued updates and creative cloud support.
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April 16, 2019
Raphael Sanguinete | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe XD is used by us to make interactive wireframes and our prototypes of the User Interface of applications, sites and games that we make. It solves our problems in the design phase, because it helps us to try multiple possible solutions for our UI/UX design, without having to code it and test it live.
  • The software is light and fast
  • It integrates well with other design softwares from Adobe
  • The phone app lets you test your wireframe directly in your phone
  • It could be more complex features in the animations/transitions area
  • The need of having all your pages in a project in the same view sometimes get things messy
  • It could have more images/fonts/icons already available for rapid prototyping with low fidelity
Adobe XD is well suited for those people or companies that need wireframing or prototyping for some project and already pay for the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and know well the Adobe suite softwares. In that case, and if you don't have heavy needs, Adobe XD is the best choice. For those who don't have Adobe CC membership and/or have needs for animations, transitions and other complex features for their protoypes, maybe there are better solutions on the market.
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April 22, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Adobe XD is currently used by two people in our organization, our lead designer and the person who does our usability testing (me). We’ve been working hard to get fully comfortable using it so we can onboard others to Adobe XD. Our company generally prefers Adobe products, so we’ve been really eager to get fully up to speed on Adobe XD.
  • Ease of use and familiar interface for people familiar with Adobe design products.
  • Voice prototyping capability that feels intuitive and natural.
  • Highly accurate content recognition (e.g. Dragging and dropping an image creates an image mask for the object).
  • Doesn’t have image editing tools, so having to go back to Photoshop or Lightroom just to make a sight edit can be a pain.
  • Could add some text editing functionality. It feels silly that I have to draw a line under text when I should just be able to underline.
  • Would be nice to have some real-time collaboration functionality.
Adobe XD is really great for designers who are already familiar and comfortable with Adobe interfaces and other Adobe tools. The integration between Adobe products is spectacular, and the low cognitive lift of using XD for the first time for Adobe fanatics can really save time and help avoid mistakes that might occur when learning a new product from absolute scratch. I wouldn’t recommend this product for people who need to collaborate in real time, as there is no built-in real-time collaboration functionality.
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November 26, 2018
D Walwyn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Adobe XD is used to create mock ups of software before being sent to our application development team. The applications are typically simple information and links to resources for nurses and staff in clinical environments. As educators we have found that our internal customers are very receptive to accessing resources via apps on their mobile devices, much more so than on a designated work computer. XD has been integral to our development of this.
  • User friendly, dissimilar to many adobe products that have a steep learning curve.
  • Simplifies Application development with interactive prototypes.
  • Gives you the ability to create really attractive prototypes and integrates with Photoshop / Illustrator seamlessly.
  • It would be great if the software helped to generate usable code. It does not.
  • Only allows for simple transitions and not many effects.
  • Image editing within the application is limited. Should at least be able to crop images.
Many times in the past the needs of the users weren't necessarily conveyed properly to the application development team which resulted in a lot of unusable work. By having the requester utilize Adobe XD to create a mock up of the software with the intended functionality has been a very successful way of alleviating the aforementioned miscommunication issues.
We have never used support for Adobe XD but I'm sure it would be as good as it is for the other Adobe Products.
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February 03, 2019
Dan Talvi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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The organization I work for is a career and technical education facility where I teach a digital media communications program for high school juniors and seniors. Students in our program are proficient with Adobe's graphics creation software (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator). Adobe XD allows our students to create user interfaces, web utilities, and simple web pages using a graphics-based interface similar to that software without extensive knowledge of code required.

  • Similar features and functionality as found in other Adobe applications allows for easy transition from other Adobe software.
  • Integration with other Adobe software (such as Adobe Illustrator)
  • Included with Adobe CC subscription (all apps option)
  • Plug-ins and Extensions available to integrate XD creations with other software / web utilities
  • Unable to outright purchase Adobe XD software, or select a subscription option for only Adobe XD
  • Constant crashing
  • No image editing functionality, so XD still relies on a photo manipulation software (like Photoshop) for some aspects.
Adobe XD is a great software for individuals looking to create an interactive UI for digital platforms including smart device apps and web interfaces. Adobe XD relies heavily on graphic design rather than coding to create interfaces, which allows users unfamiliar with coding to jump in and start creating quickly and easily.
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November 01, 2018
Brandon Zell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
Adobe XD has been a great tool for creating high fidelity mockups of website designs. The tools and interface are very intuitive to use, and the "repeat" feature is one of my favorites. It's usually the feature I miss most when using a different tool.

Although Adobe XD has good prototyping functionality built in, I haven't used it very much at this point. From the little bit I have used it, I'd say it works great.
  • Adobe XD keeps shapes aligned to a grid properly. Coming from Adobe Illustrator, this was very refreshing. This makes it much easier to get everything pixel perfect.
  • Adobe XD's file sizes are small! Illustrator has an unfortunate habit of creating files that are quite large. Adobe XD was built from the ground up to be light and streamlined. In addition to the interface, etc. they did a great job at making the saved files nice and light too.
  • It's easy to export designs, or even just design assets. In Illustrator, I had to separate assets from other design elements in order to export them. In Adobe XD, you can export something in isolation, just by having the item selected.
  • The area I usually run into problems with Adobe XD is when I'm trying to accomplish a complicated or intricate object alteration. This usually happens when I'm designing icons or logos. Logo design should be done in Illustrator and moved over to Adobe XD once it's finished.
  • There are a couple odd things here and there that make things tricky. In Illustrator, locked layers can't be selected. They're visible to you, but invisible to your mouse. In Adobe XD, locked layers are still selectable. This makes it harder to select a layer under another layer (example: a photo under a gradient layer).
  • Adobe XD has been a little slow in rolling out new features (such as underlined text). They're taking their time to get things right, but it can still be frustrating at times. There are still areas where we're waiting for additional functionality to be added such as better control over shadows, and the ability to have multiple shadows. Breaking the borders into individual sides would be great too. It's strange to have something easily accomplished in html/css, but not in the design program. Unfortunately, some of these things are typical of design programs, not just Adobe XD.
Adobe XD is excellent for designing apps, websites, any interface really. Not great for icon or logo design.
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January 14, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We are using XD for wireframes, website mockups, and interactive prototyping. It's being used by our Marketing Department. XD allows us to quickly wireframe ideas, reuse components from existing designs and get fully functioning prototypes to stakeholders faster than we've ever been able to iterate before. By integrating natively with the creative cloud, our existing catalog of assets work flawlessly.
  • Wireframing/high fidelity mockups. We're using it for both responsive websites and apps.
  • Prototyping. It just gets better with each update, especially with auto-automate.
  • Ridiculously small learning curve. In my opinion, everything seems to be just where I would expect it to be, especially being familiar with other Adobe products.
  • Rulers and other basic design elements. You can get plugins, but I feel this should be native.
  • Better handling of symbols. I feel they will get to near Sketch-level sooner than later.
  • Online collaboration for teams working on the same project. My guess is this will be coming very soon with the new cloud save feature.
From the novice designer just getting their feet wet on UX/UI design to teams of scale, this software is a good fit. At the rate they are improving it, there is a chance XD can replace so many tools to fit almost any workflow (esp. Sketch/InVision/Abstract). However, it may be missing some key features at the moment for complex prototyping where Axure is still king.
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What is Adobe XD?

Adobe XD is a prototyping and UX/UI option for website and mobile application design, featuring a range of UI tools and and templates, a versatile artboard and contextual layer panels, and deep integration with Adobe's creative suite of products for fast import of objects from these applications.
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Individual$9.99 ($119.88)per month (annual, prepaid)
Business - All Apps$79.99per month per license
Business - Single App$33.99per month per license
Students & Teachers - All Apps$19.99 ($239.88)per month, annual plan (for the year)
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Adobe XD Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
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